Government bureaucracy

Government bureaucracy

Hello there, everyone!

The Rebel's here. Long time no see, my dear watchers of many genders and sexes. Let me explain why I was absent in my DeviantArt profile for a long time.

As you can see, I had two jobs since uploading the last picture. The first one, which was at the petrol station, lasted three last months of the year 2017. The second and current one is the outsourcing office one in the Łódź, involving documents, payments, clients and the other stuff. The job is satisfying, but commuting to the workplace is tiresome and incredibly time - consuming. But enough of me, let's talk about the origins of the picture above I'm uploading right now. 😅

When I initially sketched it, I wanted then to create a fast and eye - pleasing fanart of the another Disney's Zootopia character, Judy Hopps and also put the topic of the picture, which was saved in one of the helpful apps, WhatToDraw. What is the WhatToDraw? It's the helpful app for artists and illustrators who run out of ideas and / or inspiration and provides lots of useful and funny ideas and tropes to draw, no matter if you create fanart or original pieces of art. I was searching for the random art - related app in Google Store and when I saw it, I was curious enough to give it a try. I saved lots of ideas in WhatToDraw in Favourites category in case of lack of artistic mood. The first topic I wanted to create of is "Government bureaucracy". And police is one of the branches of national security and is the state institution. (And I wanted to put a piece of memories linked with the university - related training at local police station in my city and give the intrepetation of one of the most memorable scenes from Zootopia, but whatever...)

When the sketch was ready, I did the first lineart attempt in now defunct and put off the Google Store version of Sketchbook Xpress - that's why you notice the handwritten date of finishing the first lineart, 16th April 2017.

And it was laying down in the digital and mobile depths of the forgotten medias and put into the unknown future...

Until the moment after the September 2018, when I bought the tablet and I was cleaning off my mobile phone to get rid of the useless and cluttered stuff. And I wanted to finish what I started earlier. In fact, it was just correcting and making lineart thicker in the full version of Sketchbook by Autodesk. After it and basic colouring (actually, colouring is my favourite phase of creating art - I feel then like a little happy girl again! 💖), I decided to use a trick used by many artists of using warm and cold shadings. I decided to use the simple, blue - coloured shading, to enhance being lonely and misunderstood by Judy, our police rabbit. And voila! Here it's my first picture in 2019, done for incredibly long time. Enjoy it and write a feedback on comment section.

The Rebel's out.

PS: I know the popularity of Zootopia after cinematic release had declined a while ago, but maybe, just maybe there are still fans of of this Disney animated movie who appreciate every tribute and fanart of their beloved piece of media.

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