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Zootopia characters

Judy Hopps is a young rabbit with a bright, enthusiastic and sunny outlook on life, and a fierce desire to be independent and successful.  From a very young age, she set her sights on being a police officer, and hoped to one day join the Zootopia Police Department.  However, she faced an uphill battle, as no rabbit had ever made such a career choice, and nobody (even in her home town of Bunnyburrow) expected her to succeed.

When Judy finally reached young adulthood, she determined to break with family tradition (carrot farming), and fulfill her life's dream of becoming a Zootopia police officer.  Bidding her family goodbye, she began her training at the police academy and, after many trials and errors, did indeed graduate, setting a new record as the city's first rabbit police officer. 

Her first day on the force, however, was far less than she had hoped for.  Right away she ran afoul of her commanding officer, Chief Bogo, who also didn't think very much of a rabbit serving as a police officer.  He very unceremoniously assigned her to parking duty, challenging her to write 100 tickets in one day, or resign.  But Judy proved equal to the task, turning in a record 100 tickets by the end of her first day.  Unfortunately, it would not be the last time she upset Chief Bogo.  When she offered to help Mrs. Otterton find her missing husband, the chief fired her.  Judy was saved at the last minute, however, when Assistant Mayor Bellwether learned of Judy's willingess to help, and quickly informed Mayor Lionheart over the objections of Chief Bogo.  When Bellwether left Bogo's office, he was fuming, and gave Judy just forty-eight hours to solve the mystery or she'd have to resign.  Judy agreed, eager to prove herself to her commander and her fellow officers.

This lead, during her investigation, to encountering Nick Wilde, and pushing him into teaming up with her to solve the case, as she desperately needed his knowledge of Zootopia city and its inhabitants to expedite her investigation.

Her eagerness and enthusiasm sometimes get her into trouble, or lead her into sobering wake-up calls.  And, occasionally, some heart-wrenching mistakes.  However, all of this will help her to unravel Zootopia's greatest mystery as well as the underlying problem which nobody in the city wants to acknowledge.

In addition to her standard equipment, Judy always carries a personal item which has come in handy during investigations: her carrot-shaped pen, which also serves as an audio recording and playback device.  She used it not only to pull a fast one on Nick, but also to get evidence against Assistant Mayor Bellwether.


Above: Judy Hopps, as a child, play acting as a police officer.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Judith Hopps

Species: Rabbit

Design Inspiration/Influences: Leslie Knope, Superman

Appearance: Slim build and average height (for her species), gray fur, pink nose and purple eyes.  Wears a variety of civilian clothes when not on duty; her police uniform consists of a light blue long-sleeve shirt, dark blue pants with gray knee pads, a black flak vest (with metal police badge), dark blue arm bracelets (with gray stripes) and a standard-issue police utility belt.  When assigned to parking duty, she also wears a meter maid cap and a bright orange safety vest with reflective yellow stripes.  Eventually, after solving her first case, she receives the full dark blue officer's uniform.  She usually has her iPod and ear buds with her whenever she's off duty, so she can listen to her favorite music.

Personality: Perky and extremely optimistic, but also can be emotionally-vulnerable.  Persistent (bordering on stubborn), resourceful and intelligent, ambitious, loyal, dedicated and detail-oriented, with a good sense of humor and a wry wit.  Very caring and forgiving.  Has a tendency to be high-strung when stressed, and (unlike Nick Wilde) usually over minor things which get in the way of her daily tasks and assignments.  But she is also courageous in dangerous circumstances, and able to maintain a decent amount of composure at those times.

Favorite Quotes: "Ready to make the world a better place?"  /  "Oh sweet cheese 'n crackers!"


Voice actor : Ginnifer Goodwin

Nick Wilde is a red fox of approximate middle age, who lives on the fringes of society in the city of Zootopia.  Coming from a poor background, he apparently lived alone with his mother when he was just a boy.  Back then, he was a happy and eager young kit, who dreamed of becoming a Junior Ranger Scout.  His mother scrimped and saved up enough money so that, by the time Nick was about eight or nine years old, she was able to purchase him a Junior Ranger Scout uniform, and membership into the local unit.  Though he was the only predator in the unit, he attended his initiation with pride and excitement, not realizing that the other boys were setting a trap for him.  Instead of an initiation into the unit, Nick was brutally hazed by the young boys, who slapped a muzzle on him, cruelly teased him for being a "dangerous" predator, and beat him up (showing the darker nature of the mammals of Zootopia, and their many prejudices; especially against foxes, who are--in the world of Zootopia--considered the most untrustworthy and low of all the mammal species). 

Above: Nick, as a boy, posing proudly before a mirror while his mother helps him put the final touches on his new Junior Ranger Scouts uniform, for what he hopes will be his successful initiation into the local troop.

Young Nick broke free of his tormentors and ran outside, where he broke into tears.  This event gave rise to a fear of muzzles in Nick, as well as a general dislike of prey animals, and a very strong hatred of bigots.  Nick also developed a cynical outlook on life, as he continued to be treated prejudicially by other mammals throughout his life, and well into his adulthood.  He views Zootopia not as a place where dreams come true, but as one where dreams remain out of reach--that those who strive to be all that they can be are only fooling themselves.  However, he still manages to channel that cynicism and his pain into the sly and slick charisma which currently defines him.

So, a result of these events and his cynical outlook, Nick resigned himself to the notion that if everyone was going to view foxes as cunning scoundrels, he would not fight it--he would live it.  He became a master con man and hustler, a fast talker with a clever gimmick for swindling other mammals out of their money with the assistance of his partner-in-crime, Finnick.  And, knowing these two, they probably developed several unique hustles, just to keep things fresh and to throw off the Zootopia police.  Nick knows the ins and outs of the city like few others do...including the dark criminal underworld.  And he has connections (and those who want his head on a platter) all over the city.

But underneath it all beats the heart of a good fox.  One who secretly wants to be more than what he is, and carries deep emotional scars from his past, and all that he's been through.  When the chips are down, Nick won't turn his back on a friend in need, even if he'd never admit to it.

However, it is the unexpected attentions of rookie ZPD officer Judy Hopps which are going to turn Nick's life on its head, and completely around.  And pretty much for the better.  Judy needs his help in solving a case within the forty-eight hour limit set by her commander, and she discovers that Nick has the resources to help her achieve that goal.  But she's going to need to really keep a close eye on Nick in order to get there, as he's not too terribly excited that she's managed to out-hustle the hustler!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Nicholas Piberius Wilde

Species: Red Fox

Design Inspiration/Influences: Robin Hood, Han Solo, Cary Grant

Appearance: Average height for his species, slim build, reddish-orange fur and green eyes; wears a light green Hawaiian shirt, a dark indigo tie with red and blue alternating stripes, and khaki pants.

Personality: Charismatic and cunning; generally cynical and a wise-cracker (and occasionally even sarcastic); opinionated; has a penchant for mischief.  Also capable of showing kindness, sympathy, and surprising vulnerability (when caught off-guard, which isn't very often).  Has traumatic memories of his past, and a deep and abiding hatred of bigotry, and a general mistrust and dislike of prey mammals.  In spite of his usual charismatic cool and chill personality, Nick does not handle dangerous or stressful situations well, and can become very stressed, hesitant and even a bit cowardly when exposed to unexpected and dangerous situations.  But under less stressful circumstances, when other animals try to throw him a curve or knock him off balance, he is generally able to cunningly adapt, with a very blasé attitude.

Favorite Quotes: "You know you love me."  /  "I know everybody." 

Voice actor : Jason Bateman

Chief Bogo is a large, muscular cape buffalo, who is the commander (and chief) of the Zootopia Police Department.  Tough as nails and rough around the edges (and pretty much all over), Chief Bogo doesn't suffer fools gladly.  He's a stern, unforgiving, hard-bitten veteran of the police force who expects all of his officers to be as tough as he is.  And he can be very hard on those whom he feels don't measure up to his exacting standards...among them the department's newest rookie officer, Judy Hopps.  Like almost everyone who lives in Zootopia, he simply does not feel that a rabbit has what it takes to be a police officer, and he really treats Judy quite badly starting from her very first day on the job.  He just wants to be rid of her, and so he assigns her to the inglorious job of "parking duty" (checking for vehicles parked next to expired parking meters on the city streets).  He issues her a very unreasonable demand: issue 100 parking tickets by the end of her first day, or resign from the police force.  But Judy actually manages to call his bluff, and issues two hundred tickets before returning to the station to end her first day's shift.  So it seems that Chief Bogo is going to have a tougher time being rid of the little rabbit than he first thought.

While Chief Bogo is, actually, an upright and honorable public servant, and does have the city's best interests at heart, he is somewhat jaded by many years on the force, and seeing the uglier side of it...even to the point of succumbing to that himself: an underlying prejudice and spite towards anyone who either upsets him or doesn't live up to his expectations.  However, he is utterly without fear (except for being intimidated by Mayor Lionheart, his boss), and he does have a softer, wiser side.  When Judy becomes depressed over the mistakes she's made in trying to solve her first case, Chief Bogo gives her some sage advice to help lift her spirits.  And then, when she ultimately solves that case (with the help of Nick Wilde), the chief warms up to her and accepts her as a valued member of his department.

He is also a closet fan of the pop singer Gazelle, and often watches videos of hers on his smart phone when he assumes no one is watching.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Chief Bogo

Species: Cape Buffalo

Design Inspiration/Influences: Police officers who are avid body builders; tough, no-nonsense senior police department division commanders.

Appearance: Tall, with a muscular build, dark gray fur and brown eyes.  His police uniform consists of a dark blue long-sleeve shirt with epaulets, gold rank insignia on the collar, name tag, metal police badge and cloth department badge on the upper right and left sleeves, dark blue pants, a standard-issue police utility belt.

Personality: Stern, short-tempered and abrasive.  Has a no-nonsense and deliberate approach to all matters pertaining to his job and the duties of the police department, and can be very impatient and occasionally arrogant, and sometimes rude to others (including his employees).  He is also honorable and occasionally wise, and can be very charming to civilians who come to him for help (even if, occasionally, he feels he has little time to be bothered by them).  Likes to engage in teasing and play insults with his favorite officers.

Voice actor : Idris Elba

Leodore Lionheart is the current mayor of the city of Zootopia.  For the most part, he is a popular and likeable fellow, with a proud and strong bearing.  He has a gift for public speaking (befitting a politician) and, in spite of his profession, actually seems to have a sense of honor and dignity about him.

Mayor Lionheart's popularity with the citizens of Zootopia rose significantly after he initiated his "Mammal Inclusion Initiative", a program designed to encourage all mammals in Zootopia to follow and live their dreams, whatever they may be.  This program is also designed to give each mammal, be they predator or prey, equal share at all possible jobs and positions in the city, and it is through this initiative that Judy Hopps, a rabbit, was able to enroll in and eventually graduate from the Zootopia Police Academy, and become a member of the Zootopia Police Department.  Mayor Lionheart, of course, used this opportunity to promote the value of his program by making a speech at the graduation of Judy's class, and having her on stage with him as an example of the program's efffectiveness.

However, Mayor Lionheart is not above one significant scandal which he has been trying to keep secret from his constituents--that he has been locking away any predators which have "gone wild" as a result of the epidemic plaguing Zootopia, and putting them through a course of injections and medical/scientific evaluation in the desperate attempt to discover a cure and prevent a catastrophy.  This epidemic seems to have only affected predatory mammals, who are greatly outnumbered by the prey mammals, so there is a significant degree of self interest in the mayor's efforts.  When the scandal finally sees the light of day, he protests any inference of dishonesty or criminal intent, but that he was doing it for the greater good of Zootopia and its citizens.  Eventually, of course, he was exonerated and reinstated as mayor, thanks to the efforts of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

For all of Mayor Lionheart's positive charisma, leadership ability and sense of honor, he is not without his flaws.  He tends to have a short temper and an impatience for bumbling and incompetence, which traits generally tend to come out only when working with those directly under him, rather than out in public (where he prefers to maintain his positive public image).  He can be especially intimidating during these times, enough to intimidate even Zootopia Police Chief Bogo, but also Assistant Mayor Bellwether, whom he loves to verbally bully (even calling her by the demeaning pet name of "Smellwether").

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Leodore Lionheart

Species: African Lion

Design Inspiration/Influences: Mufasa

Appearance: Tall, regal bearing, light brown/sandy fur with a full brown mane and brown eyes; always seen wearing a dark blue business suit (with a gold Zootopia city political pin), a light blue dress shirt, a red patterned silk tie with gold tie clip and a black smooth leather belt with a dressy gold buckle.

Personality: Charismatic, commanding and eloquent, prideful but occasionally boastful.  A basically honorable lion, but has the capacity to be pompous, gruff, short-tempered, dismissive and insensitive.  Likes to occasionally bully underlings with demeaning pet names and bossiness.

Favorite Quotes: "SMELLWETHER!"

Voice actor : J.K. Simmons

Bellwether is a young adult female sheep who serves as the assistant mayor of the city of Zootopia.  From her point of view, she is performing a vital function on behalf of the citizens.  However, she has also come to the realization that, to her boss (Mayor Leodore Lionheart), she is little more than "a glorified secretary".  And nothing drives that point home for her more than having been given an office space that is nothing more than a narrow, relatively dark closet containing a large water heater and shelving (probably a modified janitorial closet).  Her work space is fairly orderly, though she has little yellow Post-It notes all around her desk and on the walls around it...including the phone number for Doug, her felonious associate (and one of several rams on her henchman payroll, also including Woolter and Jesse).  There are file boxes everywhere, file cabinets taking up the space of one wall next to the water heater, and a small rolling cart with an automatic-drip coffee maker near the desk.  On her desk sits a coffee mug, given to her by Mayor Lionheart, which says "World's Greatest Dad", with "dad" scribbled out by a red marker, and the words "Assistant Mayor" written in above it...which demonstrates the rather infintessimal amount of concern and respect the mayor has for her.  Bellwether uses it as a place to store pens, markers and pencils.

Bellwether believes that Mayor Lionheart brought her onto his staff just "because he wanted the sheep vote".  All of this, including her perception of being viewed as nothing more than a glorified secretary, is probably at least mostly true, as Lionheart enjoys bullying and bossing her around.  He even has a demeaning pet name for her: "Smellwether" (she made the mistake, one day, of referring to him in jest as "Lionfart".  It ended up not being a good day for her!).  Lionheart routinely gives her mundane duties that usually amount to little more than secretarial work.  At public appearances, she is often shoved into the background.

Bellwether wants to do good things for the city and its citizens in spite of being hampered by the unfortunate realities of her working relationship with her boss, but underneath her shy, bumbling and often perky exterior boils a dangerous bitterness.  Bellwether is determined to do whatever it takes to see the Zootopia citizens who are prey mammals reign supreme over the predators, and has been working behind the scenes not only to discredit Mayor Lionheart, and implicate him in illegal activities, but to use chemical bioagents to revert the predator mammal citizens back into their more primitive and dangerous predatory habits.  This, she hopes, will convince the prey mammals that the dangerous predators need to be locked up or driven out of Zootopia forever.  Clearly Bellwether has some deep-seated emotional issues with predator mammals.  And she's worked out a very clever and dangerous scheme to achieve that goal, throwing all suspicion on Mayor Lionheart while making her look like a heroine.  And she'll gladly manipulate any other mammal along the way in order to achieve her goals, including Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and the entire Zootopia Police Department.

Bellwether uses other sheep (rams, mostly) as her minions, including Doug, who is an accomplished chemist.  He has a secret underground laboratory hidden in an old subway rail car underneath Zootopia.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Dawn Bellwether

Species: Sheep

Design Inspiration/Influences: Maria Bamford, Tina Fey

Appearance: Short stature, with white wool fur and gray eyes.  Wears a white floral print dress, a dark gray/green sport jacket, and large tortoiseshell eyeglasses.  Her clothing, however, varies from day to day (as you might expect), and she augments her clothing with coordinated jewelry (she has a preference for bracelets and necklaces).

Personality: Perky, timid, meek, self-effacing, fidgety, clumsy and paranoid.  Also bitter, selfish, calculating and extremely prejudiced (against predators).  Voice occassionally cracks when she speaks (especially when she's nervous or paranoid).  She also speaks with a "vocal fry" affectation.

Favorite Quotes: "Oh muttonchops..."  /  "Oh, I'm more of a glorified secretary."


Voice actor : Jenny Slate

Clawhauser is an overweight cheetah who serves as the receptionist and radio dispatcher for the Zootopia Police Department.  He is a veteran member of the force, but his excessive weight keeps him confined to his current desk job.

Clawhauser is a very social, outgoing and friendly mammal, with a bit of a flamboyant flair to his personality, and a marked obsession for binge snacking.  He always keeps a quantity of junk food in and around his work station.  Another obsession of his is the pop singer Gazelle, and he can often be seen on his smart phone, where he is keeping up with his fandom and watching videos of the singer.

Despite his tendency to become distracted, however, Clawhauser is a good and dedicated police officer who appears to know the ins and outs of the Zootopia Police Department, and probably keeps up with all the gossip.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Benjamin Clawhauser

Species: Cheetah

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Overweight, with orange and black-spotted fur and brown eyes.  His police uniform consists of a dark blue long-sleeve shirt with epaulets, black tie with gold tie clip, gold rank insignia, name tag, metal police badge and cloth department badge on the upper right and left sleeves, dark blue pants, a standard-issue police utility belt.  His uniform is often covered in the crumbs of whatever he happens to be eating at the time.

Personality: Jovial, outgoing, friendly, bubbly, sensitive, caring, considerate, flamboyant, gluttonous, obsessive-compulsive but occasionally forgetful.  Is an obsessive fan of Gazelle.  Loves to constantly snack on junk food, and keeps a lot of it in the various drawers and cubby holes in and around his work station.

Favorite Quotes: "O...M...Goodness!"


Voice actor : Nate Torrence

Flash is a three-toed sloth who works for Zootopia's Department of Mammal Vehicles.  A very friendly, easy-going (and outgoing) fellow, who takes his job very seriously, he has developed a substantial network of friends from many mammal species, in spite of his working for a municipal department which gets bogged down by the bureaucracy of the department, and the relatively slow and deliberate speed of its employees (which are all sloths).  And, as it turns out, he is very close friends with Nick Wilde, who has a nickname for him: "Flash Flash Hundred-Yard Dash", which is a playful dig at how slow he is...even though ol' Flash is considered to be the fastest worker in the whole department.  His work station is immaculate, and he likes to keep his favorite coffee mug close at hand (which has the snarky phrase "You want it WHEN?" printed on it).

Flash helps ZPD officer Judy Hopps (on Nick's recommendation) to run a license plate number, which she needs assistance with because she is unable to access that information herself in the police station.  It is a key piece of information she needs to uncover during her investigation of the disappearance of Emmitt Otterton.

But Flash also has a guilty pleasure he often partakes of: drag racing.  He has a fast muscle car which he is often seen racing around the city with (though the citizens rarely see him in the car, as it has heavily-tinted windows).  For a sloth, racing around at high speed in a fast car must be like moving at light speed!

Flash also appears to have a borderline romantic relationship with his co-worker, Priscilla.  At Gazelle's concert, he is seen dancing with her, and the two of them are very social at work.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Flash Slothmore

Species: Three-toed Sloth

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Flash has the average body dimensions and posture (a constantly stooped posture) for a three-toed sloth.  He has rough, dark gray fur (which is intermingled with light gray fur)...including a parted tuft of very dark gray fur on his head, parted down the middle; face has light gray fur except for a dark gray mask and muzzle.  Also, typical of his species, he has long, heavy and sharp claws on all his paws.  His facial expression is friendly and genial, though he has a perpetually droopy eyelids (another common trait of his species).  Flash wears very typical "business casual" attire, which probably changes from day to day: in the movie, he is seen wearing a light green, short-sleeved dress shirt, a silk tie (with alternating dark blue, orange and yellow stripes) with a gold tie pin, khaki dress pants and a light blue cloth belt with dark blue border stripes.

Personality: Outgoing, charming and very professional in his demeanor at work (at the Department of Mammal Vehicles), affable, gentle and soft-spoken.  As with all sloths, he moves and speaks at a very slow and deliberate pace, which can frustrate and confuse other mammals.

Favorite Quotes: "I am...on...break."


Voice actor : Raymond S. Perci

Gazelle is the stage name for an incredibly-popular pop singer who lives in Zootopia (nobody knows her birth name).  She has a deeply loyal and diverse fan base among the citizens of the city, and appears in concert there quite often.  Her stage name also, rather conveniently, also identifies her species.  She has a backup team of dancers who are all tall, muscular male tigers.

Gazelle is such a well-established celebrity in Zootopia that she appears in advertisements, billboards, posters and even on a Jumbotron outside of the city's mail rail station, where she is seen welcoming visitors to the city.

During the course of the movie, as things get out of hand, Gazelle appears before the public leading a peaceful protest, using her fame as a means of calling for a restoration of the harmony that she always loved about Zootopia.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Gazelle

Species: Gazelle

Design Inspiration/Influences: Shakira

Appearance: Lithe and beautiful, with yellow-tinted fur and white facial markings with thin black highlights (typical of her species), long ribbed horns, and soulful brown eyes.  On stage, her usual clothing consists of a tassled fuschia bikini (studded with sequins), which has a silver tassled (and sequined) belt; gold hoop bracelets; matching fuschia sequined leggings, and fuschia high-heeled, open-toed shoes.

Personality: Sultry, upbeat, charismatic, mildly sassy, and quite socially-conscious.

Favorite Quotes: "Come on, everybody!  Put your paws up!"

Voice actor : Shakira

Mr. Big is the most powerful and infamous crime boss in Tundratown, and arguably in all of Zootopia.  He runs the Tundratown Mob, and has amassed a considerable fortune over the years by organizing and overseeing many different illegal and subversive enterprises and schemes.  He is greatly feared throughout Zootopia, even by the rest of the criminal underworld of the city.  Despite his small size, he commands unequaled respect from all who either speak of him, or come into contact with him or his henchmen...those of the type you would expect to see in the Italian Mafia in our world: made men (or "wiseguys") and consiglieri.  He also has many lesser employees working for him, such as his limousine driver, Mr. Manchas, who fell prey to the strange night howler epidemic plaguing Zootopia's predatory mammal citizens.

Most of Mr. Big's henchmen (the made men) are polar bears...effective muscle to handle his dirty work.  Guys like Raymond and Kevin, as well as his bodyguard and right-hand man--an especially large and intimidating polar bear by the name of Koslov.  His daughter, Fru Fru, lives with him in his palatial estate, and seems to hold great sway over him (she's daddy's little girl after all).  From time to time, she can even convince him to rethink his decisions (as when he was ready to dump Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde into Tundratown's fast-flowing, ice-choked river, which passes directly under his estate).  He also has a fleet of luxurious limousines in his service, and very likely has managed to bribe some government officials and police officers into either doing his bidding or into "looking the other way" whenever he and/or his henchmen act.

Mr. Big likes to think very big.  He can afford to.  And he makes a big impression in spite of his small size.  His favorite method of dispatching enemies, and those who annoy or offend him, is to have them dumped, by his henchmen, through a trapdoor in the floor of his study, into the aforementioned icy river, with the command "ice 'em" (or "him"/"her", etc.).

While supremely overconfident and vain, Mr. Big can also be very easily angered or offended (or both simultaneously), and anyone who does so is playing a very dangerous game, gambling with their very lives.  Nick Wilde himself took such a dangerous risk when he sold Mr. Big a rug for his study, which Nick described to Judy as having been "made from a skunk's butt".  This made Nick a marked target.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Mr. Big (alias in the criminal underworld; real name unknown)

Species: Arctic Shrew

Design Inspiration/Influences: Vito Corleone, Tony Montana

Appearance: Slightly aged appearance.  Heavy black eyebrows (meticulously-groomed) almost fully concealing his eyes; light gray fur (and a tuft of black fur on the top of his head, swept back with hair gel).  Large pink nose and slightly-protruding teeth.  Wears an expensive, tailored black suit, black patterned silk vest, black silk bow tie, white tuxedo shirt and white spats.  Also wears a gold ring, set with an emerald, on his right pinky finger, and a red boutonnière on left lapel of his suit jacket.

Personality: Megalomaniac; vain and supremely overconfident.  Practically fearless.  Speaks with a raspy voice, and in a very deliberate and calculating manner.  Can be merciless and cruel, but also has a tendency to show wisdom and cunning, and has a keen eye for business.  Absolutely smitten with his daughter, whom he is very protective of.  While he is a criminal overlord, he also has a sense of honor and dignity, and will honor contracts made with him, and spare the lives of those who have done him great honor or service, especially at great personal risk and sacrifice.  Lives by a strict organized criminal code, and demands that all who serve him do likewise.  Also has strong family attachments and respect for his parents.  A picture of his deceased mother hangs in his study, over a fireplace mantle, flanked by two candles in decorative glasses.

Favorite Quotes: "Ice 'em!"


Voice actor : Maurice LaMarche

Gideon Grey is a slighty-overweight red fox, who lives in the Zootopia suburb of Bunnyburrow.  As a boy, he was a mean-spirited bully, who frequently persecuted Judy Hopps (when she was also a child).  This bullying left some scars in Judy's psyche, which all came flooding back into her conscious mind when she learned, from Nick Wilde, that he was the victim of some terrible bullying when he was a child.

When Judy left Bunnyburrow, to pursue her dream of becoming a Zootopia police officer, Gideon lost track of her.  However, as he grew into adulthood, he mellowed a lot, and wisened up.  Eventually, he partnered up with Judy's parents, who run a carrot farm.  Gideon had since become an accomplished baker and pastry chef, and brought his skills to their farm stand, adding new and tasty items to sell to the citizens of Bunnyburrow and its visitors.

When Judy returned, for a short time, to Bunnyburrow, trying to run away from a terrible mistake she made while serving in Zootopia's police force (and then going to work for her parents), Gideon saw his opportunity to approach Judy and humbly apologize for his terrible treatment of her when they were both children.  It was a defining moment in their relationship as former opponents, and made things a lot better for Judy, for Gideon and for Judy's family.

Above: Gideon Grey, as a child, bullying Judy Hopps while his friend, Travis, looks on in delight.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Gideon Grey

Species: Red Fox

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Slightly overweight, with reddish-orange fur and blue eyes.  He has a big tuft of fur on top of his head, which he parts down the middle.  Normally wears average country-style clothing...plaid shirts (either flannel or cotton), jeans (or jean overalls).

Personality: Meek and outgoing as an adult, and soft-spoken, with a fair business sense.  As a child, he was a neighborhood bully, and frequently persecuted Judy Hopps when she too was a child.  Speaks with a pronounced southern American accent.



Voice actor : Phil Johnston

Bonnie Hopps is the mother of Judy Hopps, and the wife of Stu Hopps.  With her husband and children, she runs a carrot farm in the vicinity of Bunnyburrow.  She and her husband have multiple children of various ages (pictured above), many of which help out on the farm and at their stand where they sell their crops.

Some time after Judy left for Zootopia to become a police officer, Gideon Grey established a working partnership with Bonnie and Stu to sell his pastries and other baked goods at their farm stand, which was a boon for each of them.

Bonnie is a very caring and supportive mother, who is eager to see Judy pursue her dreams, even if she hates to see her leave the family and the farm.  She is also wiser than her husband.

However, what Bonnie and her husband don't realize is that they are unwitting stooges in a scheme hatched by Assistant Mayor Bellwether to cause the predatory mammals of Zootopia to revert into their primitive, aggressive and violent forms, through the use of the "night howler" flowers they grow on their farm.  The Hopps family doesn't realize that the night howler flowers contain a powerful psychotropic chemical that, when refined into an injectible drug, causes the violent transformation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Bonnie Hopps

Species: Rabbit

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Average build and height for a middle-aged female rabbit; gray fur and purple eyes.  Ears are a bit shorter than some other rabbits (including those of some of her children).  Bonnie wears plain and simple dresses common to country folk, usually in pastel colors.

Personality: Sweet, caring and supportive of her family.


Voice actor : Bonnie Hunt

Stu Hopps is the father of Judy Hopps and the husband of Bonnie Hopps.  With his wife and children, he runs a carrot farm in the vicinity of Bunnyburrow.  He and his wife have multiple children of various ages (pictured above)), many of which help out on the farm and at their stand where they sell their crops.

Some time after Judy left for Zootopia to become a police officer, Gideon Grey established a working partnership with Bonnie and Stu to sell his pastries and other baked goods at their farm stand, which was a boon for each of them.

Stu loves his daughter, and is proud of her strength and her desire to become a police officer, but is deeply bothered by her desire to leave the farm and the family business, and worries constantly about whether or not she'll succeed in the larger and more dangerous world out there (especially in the big city).  He tried repeatedly, as the date of Judy's departure for Zootopia approached, to play a not-so-subtle game of trying to convince her of the value and importance of staying in Bunnyburrow and participating in the family business.  It didn't work.

However, what Stu and his wife don't realize is that they are unwitting stooges in a scheme hatched by Assistant Mayor Bellwether to cause the predatory mammals of Zootopia to revert into their primitive, aggressive and violent forms, through the use of the "night howler" flowers they grow on their farm.  The Hopps family doesn't realize that the night howler flowers contain a powerful psychotropic chemical that, when refined into an injectible drug, causes the violent transformation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Stuart Hopps

Species: Rabbit

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Slightly overweight, with ears that are a bit shorter than some other rabbits (including some of his own children); brown fur and brown eyes.  He prefers simple clothes for working on the farm...plaid shirts (of flannel or cotton), a white undershirt, and jean overalls.  Always has his baseball cap on...dark green in the front (including a dark green bill) and a sewn patch on the crown picturing a carrot, and light green in the back.

Personality: Cautious and protective (and occasionally a bit on the nervous side), but a bit scatterbrained and prejudiced.  Fully expects all of his children to take up the family tradition of working the carrot farm, and at the stand where they sell their crops.



Voice actor : Don Lake

Yax is the receptionist for the Mystic Springs Oasis, a secluded naturalist/nudist club located in the Sahara Square section of Zootopia city.  He is a totally unabashed free spirit, fully embracing a naturalist philosophy, one which embraces peace, harmony, yoga, meditation and, rather disturbingly to the other residents of Zootopia, full nudity.  As such, he is often the public face of his community (for better or worse).

Being completely and happily engulfed in the lifestyle, Yax is very welcoming and social with anyone who visits the club, and is very willing to show them around and encourage their inclusion.  He sees absolutely no irony or controversy in the naturalist lifestyle and philosophy, and displays a remarkable comfort with it.

Yax is person of substantial and very ironic contrasts.  Usually, he comes off as rather slow-witted and out of touch with reality.  When first encountered in the club's reception room, he can be seen sitting at the reception desk lost in meditation.  And when he realizes someone is present, he snaps out of it and into a seemingly dopey personality.  But the more he is engaged in conversation, the more he is given the opportunity to reveal an occasionally insightful mind, and a remarkable memory.

Of course, most citizens of Zootopia have trouble getting past the constant buzz of flies around his unkempt, moppy hair, and his stark nudity!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Yax

Species: Yak

Design Inspiration/Influences: Millennials (and probably hippies)

Appearance: Brown fur, somewhat unkempt.  The more extensive fur on his head forms a massive and very unkempt mop, which completely conceals his eyes, and into which he has stuffed flowers, but which also is constantly encircled by flies (which also seem to nest in it).  Wears no clothing, but does keep a string of Hindu prayer beads around his neck, as well as a couple of gold bracelets on his right wrist.  Unlike the typical yak, he is very scrawny, except for his pot belly.

Personality: Laid back, unabashed (about his nudity), spiritual, helpful but somewhat dopey.  And yet, on rare occasions, surprisingly insightful.

Favorite Quotes: "Oh for sure!"

Voice actor : Tommy Chong

Fru Fru is the sweet and sassy, and much beloved, daughter of the Tundratown crime boss known as Mr. Big.  She is a frequent visitor to the Zootopia neighborhood of Little Rodentia, where she spends a great deal of time shopping and dining with friends.  On one such trip, she was nearly crushed by a giant donut (which the petty criminal Duke Weaselton kicked off of the top of a donut shop), but was saved at the very last moment by ZPD officer Judy Hopps, who also complimented Fru Fru on her hairdo (events which Fru Fru remembered and appreciated, very critically for Judy and Nick Wilde, shortly thereafter).

During her wedding night, she walked into her father's study just as he was about to have his henchmen, Raymond and Kevin, drop Judy and Nick through a trap door in the floor and into the icy river below.  Upset by this, she sharply reminded him that they agreed that he "wouldn't ice anyone" on her wedding night.  When Mr. Big tried to explain that he had to, Fru Fru recognized Judy, and remembered how she had been saved by the ZPD officer.  She recounted the incident to her father, who had a change of heart about Judy and Nick, pointing out that Judy had done him a great service.  Mr. Big later assisted Judy (and Nick) in solving the case they were working on, by providing them with some key information, and also threatening to "ice" Duke Weaselton if he didn't do likewise.

At Fru Fru's wedding, not only did Judy and Nick receive places of honor, but Mr. Big named Judy as his future granddaughter's godmother.  And Fru Fru told Judy that she was going to name her baby after her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Fru Fru (possibly a nickname given by her father or friends)

Species: Arctic Shrew

Design Inspiration/Influences: Constanzia "Connie" Corleone

Appearance: Shapely and slender (though, in most of her scenes in the movie, it turns out that she's pregnant), with tan fur and a substantial black, bun-style hairdo on top of her head (very meticulously groomed); bluish-gray eyes, pink nose.  Always dresses in style or to stand out in a crowd.

Personality: Sweet and sassy, but rather spoiled.  Still has a good heart and a caring personality.  She speaks with a pronounced Brooklyn New York accent, and tends to accentuate and stress whatever she feels passionate about when she's talking.

Favorite Quotes: "Oh my GAWD!"

Voice actor : Leah Latham

Finnick is a small, tough and smart-talking little fennec fox who is an expert con man and Nick Wilde's occasional partner in crime.  When the two of them work together, they run a scam involving the sale of "pawpsicles", which they make after bilking ordinary citizens into purchasing frozen jumbo pops, from Jerry Jumbeaux's Café, and melting them down while they are in the very hot Sahara Square section of Zootopia.  They then remold the giant liquified pops into much smaller ones shaped like a paw print (which Finnick forms by stepping into wet snow in Tundratown).  Once the pops are refrozen, they are gathered up, packaged and sold downtown as "pawpsicles", which enable both Finnick and Nick to earn a small but enticing profit.  It all hinges on Finnick's acting abilities, and his baby elephant disguise, while Nick pretends to be his adoptive father, pushing him around in a stroller.  When they play up to sympathies of the citizens, they are usually able to deceive somebody into purchasing a jumbo pop for them.

Finnick, however, is not to be underestimated.  He's a tough and mean little fennec fox, with an unexpectedly deep voice and an attitude to match.  He's also quite sensitive about any cracks made about his disguises and his own small size (or his very large ears), and is quick to take revenge for any perceived slight...even if he decides to simply throw some insulting quip back at those who irritate him. 

Finnick drives around in a tricked-out van and loves to listen to French rap music.  And loves trading insults with Nick.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Finnick

Species: Fennec Fox

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Slender, very large ears (typical of his species), sandy-colored fur and brown eyes.  Black, short-sleeved collared shirt with bright red stripe down the right front side, olive green shorts and sunglasses.  Sometimes dresses in a variety of disguises (including his oft-used baby elephant disguise).

Personality: Temperamental and dour, cunning and ambitious but also deceitful.  Often sarcastic and enjoys "talking smack".  Has a very dry wit, and also carries a chip on his shoulder (he has an aggressive attitude).  Somewhat hypersensitive about his size and appearance.  Talks with an uncharacteristically deep voice.


Voice actor : Tommy "Tiny" Lister

Duke Weaselton is a petty thief operating in the criminal underworld of the city of Zootopia, and out on its streets.  He's a hustler, a con man and a burglar.  And he sells bootleg DVD copies of popular movies out on the street.  But he also has teamed up, in secret, with Assistant Mayor Bellwether and her henchman, Doug, to ship in quantities of the dangerous night howler flowers.  They contain a powerful psychotropic chemical which Doug is converting into a serum.  When that serum is shot at a predatory mammal (where the chemical serum is encased in a pellet that bursts upon contact with the skin...the serum then being absorbed into the skin of the target), it can cause him or her to revert to dangerous primitive urges and violent predatory behavior.  It can even adversely affect prey mammals, even turning them primitively aggressive.  For this, it is assumed that Weaselton is being well-paid.  However, he's little more than a stooge in a larger and darker scheme.

As ZPD officer Judy Hopps, with the assistance of Nick Wilde, begin to have trouble getting to the source of the strange and violent behavior of many predatory mammal citizens who have gone missing, they gain some unexpected help from Mr. Big, who threatens to "ice" Duke if he doesn't reveal the secret of the night howlers.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Duke Weaselton

Species: Weasel

Design Inspiration/Influences: James Cagney

Appearance: Very slim and lanky, with brown fur, a dark brown nose and red eyes.  Routinely wears a white, ribbed tank-top t-shirt (which is too short for his tall frame) and black athletic shorts with a double white stripe on the outer side of each leg.

Personality: Slick, sneaky and wily.  A petty thief with almost no morality.  Speaks with a Brooklyn New York accent, and is a smart-aleck and a wisecracker, even if he's generally not all that bright in conversation or the execution of some of his capers.

Favorite Quotes: "Have a donut, copper!"  /  "Bon voyagee, flatfoot!"

Voice actor : Alan Tudyk

Mrs. Otterton, an American river otter, appears at the Zootopia Police Station one day to report that her husband has gone missing, and to seek the help of the police in finding him (and to be kept updated on any news of his whereabouts).  She loves her husband very much, and keeps a recent photograph of him posing with her and their kids on her during the crisis.  Assistant Mayor Bellwether brings her to see Chief Bogo, who is not eager to be confronted by desperate and emotional family members of the missing mammals.

Chief Bogo tells her that he will do everything in his power to find her husband and, just as he is escorting her out of his office, Judy Hopps (who was already in the office having a discussion with the chief), turns to Mrs. Otterton offers to help her.  Chief Bogo shows Mrs. Otterton out of his office and closes the door, turns around, and tells Judy that she's fired for insubordination.  Just as the chief is showing Judy out the door to have her pack up her things and leave, Assistant Mayor Bellwether shows up at his door, with Mrs. Otterton in tow, and explains that she's pleased to hear that Judy has offered to help Mrs. Otterton, and then says she's going to text Mayor Lionheart to let him know.  The chief tries to stop her, but fails.  He has no choice but to give Judy a chance.  Closing the door to his office after Bellwether and Mrs. Otterton leave, he angrily tells her she has just forty-eight hours to solve the case, or she must resign.  Hesitantly, she agrees.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Mrs. Otterton (No first name given)

Species: North American River Otter

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Slender and middle-aged, with brown fur, and green eyes.  Wears a periwinkle-colored shirt, black pants, and a lavendar patterned button-down sweater.  She carries a yellow purse and, while Mr. Otterton is missing, always carries a photograph of her entire family (she, her husband and her kids) with her.

Personality: Meek, demure, sweet, sensitive, caring and emotional.  Desperate to find her husband and to hear news of his whereabouts.

Favorite Quotes: "Bless you!"

Voice actor : Octavia Spencer

Mr. Manchas is one of the limousine drivers who works for Mr. Big.  He's a pretty nice and laid back fellow, who takes his job very seriously.  ZPD officer Judy Hopps, accompanied by Nick Wilde, visits Mr. Manchas at his home in the Rainforest District of Zootopia, where she seeks answers to some questions regarding Emmitt Otterton, who Mr. Manchas had given a limo ride just before his disappearance.  While in the limousine, Mr Otterton succumbed to the effects of the night howler drug, and went violent in the passenger compartment, damaging its interior with claw marks. 

During their discussion he is shot (by someone hiding out of sight) with a pellet containing the night howler drug, which turns him into a violent predator.  He then chases Judy and Nick through the tangles of the Rainforest District, and onto a narrow bridge, where he very nearly kills Nick.  Judy appears just in the last second to whisk Nick away, clinging to a swinging vine.  The two of them then look down to find Mr. Manchas has mysteriously disappeared.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Renato Manchas

Species: Black Panther

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Average build for his species; black fur and green eyes.  Wears a uniform suit and hat typical for a limousine driver.

Personality: Calm and dignified.

Voice actor : Jesse Corti

Officer McHorn is a veteran of the Zootopia Police Department, and a fairly proficient one at that.  Though he tends to come off as very serious and somewhat blasé, with a very dry sense of humor.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: McHorn (no first name given)

Species: Black Rhinoceros

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Large and bulky; prominent nose horn and thick, rough gray skin; wears the standard uniform on the job: a dark blue long-sleeve shirt with epaulets, black tie, gold rank insignia, name tag, metal police badge and cloth department badge on the upper right and left sleeves, dark blue pants, a standard-issue police utility belt.  Speaks with a very pronounced southern American accent.

Personality: Laid back and a bit blasé, with a generally serious demeanor and a very dry sense of humor.  An efficient officer on the job.


Voice actor : Mark Rhino Smith

Priscilla is an employee in Zootopia's Department of Mammal Vehicles, and takes her job as seriously as her coworkers do (even if it takes them forever to do it).  Her work station is right next to Flash's, and the two of them have developed a social relationship in as well as outside of work, being occasionally seen together in the evenings in town.  It may very well be that the two of them are forming a budding romantic relationship.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Priscilla Tripletoe

Species: Three-toed Sloth

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Priscilla has the average body dimensions and posture (a constantly stooped posture) for a three-toed sloth.  She has rough, light brown fur (which is intermingled with blond fur)...including a tuft of long fur on her head, which she likes to color with highlights to match her clothing of the day; her face has blond fur except for a light brown mask and muzzle.  Also, typical of her species, she has long, heavy and sharp claws on all her paws.  Her facial expression is soft friendly, though she has a perpetually droopy eyelids (another common trait of her species).  She wears a pair of lavendar horn-rimmed eyeglasses, but her clothing changes from day to day, usually featuring pastel colors...she probably also has a few other pairs of eyeglasses to match various outfits.

Personality: Friendly, gentle and outgoing.  Very professional and deliberate in her work (at the Department of Mammal Vehicles).  As with all sloths, he moves and speaks at a very slow and deliberate pace, which can frustrate and confuse other mammals.


Voice actor : Kristen Bell

Koslov is Mr. Big's most trusted henchman and, thus, ranks very high in his crime syndicate as a made man.  He serves not only as a bodyguard for the crime boss, but also carries him around in his well-appointed, high-backed leather office chair. 

Koslov never speaks.  He doesn't need to.  His sheer size (including his height as well as his bulk), and his ability to cast a very intimidating, grimacing stare, are more than enough to convey his power and his influence.  He shows very little emotion when in the presence of Mr. Big (except when invoking divine protection by making the sign of the cross whenever Mr. Big makes a monumental decision).

Like many residents of Zootopia, Koslov loves espresso drinks, and can often be seen with a cup from the local coffee shop in hand.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Koslov

Species: Polar Bear

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: Tall and burly, with blue eyes and heavy eyebrows.  Wears a black suit, but prefers to wear mock turtleneck shirts underneath (usually black or blue).  Also wears a gold chain (with a medallion) around his neck, and a gold ring on his right index finger with a red stone (possibly a garnet or ruby).

Personality: Extremely dour and taciturn, and unquestioningly loyal to Mr. Big.  Has a very intimidating stare, but occasionally can show a bit of emotion, and appears to be somewhat religious.

Voice actor : (none)

Doug is one of Assistant Mayor Bellwether's henchmen.  He is an expert chemist and weapons specialist, and works for Bellwether in secret, from an abandoned subway rail car which he has converted into a chemical laboratory.  He is practically amoral, and does not seem to have any problem with the work he is doing for the assistant mayor.

It is Doug who has developed and refined the night howler pellets, taking the psychotropic compound from those flowers (which have been grown, quite innocently, by Stu and Bonnie Hopps on their carrot farm, as insect repellents.  They become unwitting stooges in Bellwether's schemes by selling the nighthowler flowers and bulbs to her henchmen) into a concentrated serum.  When that serum is shot at a predatory mammal (where it is encased in a pellet that bursts upon contact with the skin...the serum then being absorbed into the skin of the target), it can cause him or her to revert to dangerous primitive urges and violent predatory behavior.  It can even adversely affect prey mammals, even turning them primitively aggressive.

Doug is assisted by two of Bellwether's other henchmen, Woolter and Jesse (two other rams).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Doug Ramses

Species: Sheep

Design Inspiration/Influences: None

Appearance: No horns (despite being a ram), but has full light brown wool fur and gray eyes (with the slit pupils common to his species) and a pink nose.  Wears a zippered yellow haz-mat suit (without gloves or boots), and always keeps a gas mask handy in his lab for working on the night howler pellets and darts.

Personality: Calculating, conniving and dispassionate, but an accomplished chemist and weapons specialist.

Voice actor : Rich Moore

Peter Moosebridge is the head anchor for the Zootopia News Network*, and appears on their prime time news programs.  He has an air of authority and professionalism, and excellent diction.


* This character appears in the version of this movie which was broadcast in North America, and France. He appears the same in the UK version but is renamed "Moosos Alexander", Voiced by Vassos Alexander. The character changes depending upon which country the movie/region has been broadcast in.In Brazil, he is replaced by a male jaguar named "Onçardo Boi Chá", voiced by Brazilian journalist Ricardo Boechat; in Japan, he is replaced by a male tanuki named "Michael Tanuyama", voiced by Japanese comedian and choreographer Kazumasa Kōra who goes under the stage name Imoaraizakakakarichō; in the Chinese version, he is replaced by an as-yet unidentified male panda; in Australia and New Zealand, he is replaced by a male koala named "David Koalabell", voiced by Australian entertainer David Campbell. 

The character's unnamed female snow leopard co-anchor remains the same in each country/region.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Peter Moosebridge

Species: Moose

Design Inspiration/Influences: Peter Mansbridge

Appearance: Tall and with an impressive set of antlers.  Has rough brown fur, a tan face and gray eyes.  When on-camera, he routinely wears a suit and tie (with a gold tie clip), with a dress shirt.

Personality: Professional and dignified, very dry and formal delivery.

Voice actor : Peter Mansbridge

Emmitt Otterton is a very kindly, meek and mild-mannered otter who owns a florist shop in the city, and is married with two kids.  He is one of the "missing mammal cases" that Chief Bogo mentions during one morning briefing at the Zootopia Police Station.  When Mrs. Otterton later shows up at the station, looking for help in finding her husband, rookie officer Judy Hopps offers to help find him (and very nearly gets fired for it...being saved only by the timely arrival of Assistant Mayor Bellwether).

Mr. Otterton, it turns out, is one of the predator mammals who has been affected by the mysterious night howler epidemic which turns mammals savage.  During her investigations, with the help of Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps learns of Mr. Otterton's fate.  He was being given a ride by one of Mr. Big's limousine drivers, Mr. Manchas, when he went savage (having been shot by a night howler pellet), damaging the interior of limousine with claw marks during a chaotic rampage.  Like the other mammals who were also shot by an unknown assailant, Mr. Otterton was then whisked away in secret to Cliffside Asylum, on the edge of Tundratown, and confined there while attempts were being made to find a cure.

Judy and Nick do eventually unravel the mystery and solve the case.  As a result, Mr. Otterton and the other missing mammals are all restored to their normal selves, and happily reunited with their families.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full Name: Emmitt Otterton

Species: North American River Otter

Design Inspiration/Influences: None (though his name is a reference to the primary character in Jim Henson's 1977 movie Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas)

Appearance: Slender and middle-aged, with brown fur, and gray eyes.  Dresses very conservatively, usually with a collared, long-sleeved dress shirt and tie, perhaps a sweater vest and slacks.    Wears a pair of glasses with red frames.

Personality: Mild-mannered and polite


Voice actor : (Uncredited)

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