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Whistler Mackenzie

Whistler Mackenzie


Created by : Big buffy Mothwing

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Whistler Mackenzie

Name: Whistler Mackenzie

Nickname: Whis

Species: Grey wolf

Age: Late 30s

Voice: Paul Brandt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GOscHRPC-k)

Eye color: Orange

Parents: Unknown

Sibling: Rachel Mackenzie-Wilde, Christopher Mackenzie (deceased)

Orientation: Homosexual

Love interest: None

Friends: Rangi Lyca, Judy, Nick; Open

Likes: Reading, helping others, listening to music (Barry Antelope is his favorite), being a police officer, watching police dramas on TV, drawing, writing in his diary, the few friends he has

Dislikes: Being treated like an outsider by many of his colleagues, anyone looking through his diary, being interrupted while reading

Personality: Both at work and in public, he may seem cold, bitter, jaded, and anti-social, but it's just a façade; in truth, he's hiding intense feelings of sadness, anger, and loneliness. Don't get me wrong, he loves his job, it's just that he's tired of being treated differently because of his orientation.

History: When he was younger, he loved watching police dramas on TV, and so began his dream of becoming a police officer. His mother, a former ZPD officer, supported him, and encouraged him to follow that dream no matter what.  Many years later, he joined the ZPD, and completed training much quicker than the other trainees in his class.

     For years after becoming an officer, he tried to hide the fact that he was gay, but word eventually got out. Whistler's diary fell out of his locker as he was packing up to go home one evening, and Wolford grabbed it before Whistler could pick it up. They read through it and found an entry in which he wrote about coming out of the closet about his orientation. Whistler tried to grab his diary back from them, but they held it out of his reach, and proceeded to toss it around the locker room to a couple other officers, who also saw Whistler's diary entry. When Mackenzie returned to work the next day, word was slowly spreading through the police station. Since that day, he has been treated differently. Other officers don't talk to him as much, they're wary of him in the locker room, he's often slandered (usually during breaks or behind closed doors), his pay was reduced, someone once keyed his car (not his police car) with the word "Fleabag", and both Fangmire and Wolford (and the other wolf officers) frequently gang up on him and start a fight. After one such incident, ZPD IT department head Rangi (who had started to pick up on the fights), came into the break room, picked Mackenzie off the floor, then cleaned him up a bit, wiping some blood from his face. Later that day, Rangi took him out to eat, talk, and clear his head. And so began their friendship.

     Late one night during the savage predator scare, Whistler had just gone off-duty. He was en route to the station to return his cruiser, and had his window rolled down. As he stopped at a red light on a seemingly empty Zootopia city street, a sheep took aim at him from behind a parked car, and fired. The serum-filled bullet hit Mackenzie, who immediately grabbed his radio and called in a 10-00 (officer down - all patrols respond) to the ZPD just before the serum took effect. His friend Rangi was the first to show up. Seeing Mackenzie raging in his cruiser, mistaking it for him cracking under the pressure of work, she ran over and tried to calm him down, but was bitten by him in the process. Because of the wound, and the fact that he clearly wasn't himself, Rangi called for an ambulance. After one arrived, the savage Mackenzie was subdued and rushed to the hospital, where he was sedated and monitored until the cause of his savage behavior could be determined and a treatment could be found, and Rangi's wound was tended to. When the other officers heard about the bite, it gave them another "reason" for why Mackenzie was wrong for his orientation.

     After Judy and Nick cracked the missing mammals case, and found they had been deliberately targeted and shot with nighthowler serum, one of the first batches of antidote was shipped to the hospital, where Whistler was given a dose and later made a full recovery. After he returned to work, Rangi forgave him for biting her after hearing about the successful treatments on the news. As well, for some time afterwards, Rangi was ignored by the other officers for being sympathetic to Whistler's choice, and was pressured into leaving because of the attack. She debated it for a while, and decided to stay. 

     He would endure more pain before the mistreatment stopped. 

     Whistler responded to a report of a mentally disturbed individual behaving erratically and threatening others at a strip mall around 8:15 PM. When Whistler approached him, the suspect, who he did not know was armed, turned around and fired several times at him. Two bullets hit Whistler in the face, taking him down. The shooter fled the scene. A witness to the shooting called an ambulance, which arrived a few minutes later. Another officer responding to the reports pulled up just as Whistler was being loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher. When the officer saw Whistler being loaded into the ambulance, he ran to the paramedics and asked what happened. After the reply, he radioed back to the station and notified that Whistler had been shot, and to get to the hospital immediately. Whistler was taken to the hospital, where he was rushed to the intensive care unit.

     His friend Rangi was first to show up at the hospital to visit, followed by several other ZPD officers, including those who had bullied him. They were all told to sit in the waiting room while doctors worked to remove the bullets from his face. Once they were out and Whistler was moved to recovery were his visitors given the okay to see him. They would have to be patient though, as two visitors were allowed into the room at a time. Rangi was one of the first two to visit. Even in recovery Whistler still looked in rough shape, with his face bandaged up.

     When visiting hours were over, Rangi and the other officers returned to the waiting room. They were tired but couldn't bring themselves to sleep. 

     Whistler later made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital, returning to work soon after. After his return, the bullying promptly stopped.


Relation to Zootopia: His mother was a Zootopia police officer; he works for the ZPD, where his three friends also work; was shot with the nighthowler serum by Doug while off-duty; lives in the same apartment building as Judy.

Other info:

*Lives in the Grand Pangolin Arms apartment building, across the hall and a few rooms over from Judy.

*When not in uniform, he wears a bracelet on his right wrist.



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April 24, 2016
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Oh my gosh this guy is great! Awesome job Junichi, he's the best :icon47:

April 24, 2016
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Aw, poor guy. At least he can always find a friend in Rangi. ^^

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