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Rachel Mackenzie-Wilde

Rachel Mackenzie-Wilde


Created by : Big buffy Mothwing

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Black

Specific type : ---------


Detail Rachel Mackenzie-Wilde

Name: Rachel Mackenzie-Wilde

Species: Grey wolf

Age: Late 30s

Voice: Naomi Striemer (https://youtu.be/thn9Dz0PCVs)

Eye color: Olive green

Parents: Unknown

Sibling: Whistler Mackenzie, Christopher Mackenzie (deceased)

Mate: Nick Wilde

Friends: Nick, Elizabeth Denning, Vivica Wilde; Open

Personality: Very blunt and will not beat around the bush; she doesn't tolerate small talk or niceties and much prefers to get to the point of a conversation. Naturally indifferent. Values generosity. Is quite emotional but keeps it inside most of the time. She may seem a bit cold and keep too much to herself at first, but when you get to know her better, she's like a volcano. Doesn't feel easy about talking to strangers on the street.

History: She and her brother Whistler were born in Howlberta. Their mother was a former ZPD officer, and their father was a sanitation worker. At age 6, Rachel became part of a TV show on which she sang, danced and did comedy routines. She remained part of the show for about six years. When the show ended, her parents encouraged her to begin preparing for a more realistic life. That included going to college and working for her father at the Zootopia Department of Sanitation. Rachel didn't really like her job much at first, but over time she came to like it and decided to make it her career. When she'd saved up enough money, she moved out of her parents' place, and into an apartment in the city.

     A couple months later, Nick moved into the building, and Rachel was instantly attracted to him. He wasn't interested in her at first, but eventually started to like her more than he thought. Rachel sometimes had him over at her apartment if she saw he looked a bit down. Nick got used to her bluntness as well as her unprejudiced attitude, and he began to feel comfortable and safe around her. Soon after, the two started dating.

     After Nick and Judy solved the missing mammals case, Nick decided to leave his con-artist life behind and join the ZPD. As well, he introduced Rachel to his mother after he had graduated from the police academy. A couple months later, Rachel was injured on the job. She was riding on the back of the garbage truck, the driver took a turn a bit too quickly, and she punctured her eye on a metal rod sticking out of a recycling can. She was quickly taken to the hospital. When Nick heard, he went to visit her. As well as her brother Whistler, the new mayor also visited her; she had just returned from medical leave, and heard about it on the news.

Later, after Rachel had recovered from her injury and was able to return to work, Nick proposed to her, and she said yes. They got married February 4, 2018.


Relation to Zootopia: Doug shot her brother Whistler with nighthowler serum during the savage predator scare; She and Nick live in the same building, and are now married.


Base by LullabyPrince on dA.


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You're welcome.

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Interesting. I rarely see OCs paired up with Nick.

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