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Nick Wilde

Nick Wilde


Voice actor : Jason Bateman

Main type : Official character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Nick Wilde

Nick Wilde is a red fox of approximate middle age, who lives on the fringes of society in the city of Zootopia.  Coming from a poor background, he apparently lived alone with his mother when he was just a boy.  Back then, he was a happy and eager young kit, who dreamed of becoming a Junior Ranger Scout.  His mother scrimped and saved up enough money so that, by the time Nick was about eight or nine years old, she was able to purchase him a Junior Ranger Scout uniform, and membership into the local unit.  Though he was the only predator in the unit, he attended his initiation with pride and excitement, not realizing that the other boys were setting a trap for him.  Instead of an initiation into the unit, Nick was brutally hazed by the young boys, who slapped a muzzle on him, cruelly teased him for being a "dangerous" predator, and beat him up (showing the darker nature of the mammals of Zootopia, and their many prejudices; especially against foxes, who are--in the world of Zootopia--considered the most untrustworthy and low of all the mammal species). 

Above: Nick, as a boy, posing proudly before a mirror while his mother helps him put the final touches on his new Junior Ranger Scouts uniform, for what he hopes will be his successful initiation into the local troop.

Young Nick broke free of his tormentors and ran outside, where he broke into tears.  This event gave rise to a fear of muzzles in Nick, as well as a general dislike of prey animals, and a very strong hatred of bigots.  Nick also developed a cynical outlook on life, as he continued to be treated prejudicially by other mammals throughout his life, and well into his adulthood.  He views Zootopia not as a place where dreams come true, but as one where dreams remain out of reach--that those who strive to be all that they can be are only fooling themselves.  However, he still manages to channel that cynicism and his pain into the sly and slick charisma which currently defines him.

So, a result of these events and his cynical outlook, Nick resigned himself to the notion that if everyone was going to view foxes as cunning scoundrels, he would not fight it--he would live it.  He became a master con man and hustler, a fast talker with a clever gimmick for swindling other mammals out of their money with the assistance of his partner-in-crime, Finnick.  And, knowing these two, they probably developed several unique hustles, just to keep things fresh and to throw off the Zootopia police.  Nick knows the ins and outs of the city like few others do...including the dark criminal underworld.  And he has connections (and those who want his head on a platter) all over the city.

But underneath it all beats the heart of a good fox.  One who secretly wants to be more than what he is, and carries deep emotional scars from his past, and all that he's been through.  When the chips are down, Nick won't turn his back on a friend in need, even if he'd never admit to it.

However, it is the unexpected attentions of rookie ZPD officer Judy Hopps which are going to turn Nick's life on its head, and completely around.  And pretty much for the better.  Judy needs his help in solving a case within the forty-eight hour limit set by her commander, and she discovers that Nick has the resources to help her achieve that goal.  But she's going to need to really keep a close eye on Nick in order to get there, as he's not too terribly excited that she's managed to out-hustle the hustler!

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Full Name: Nicholas Piberius Wilde

Species: Red Fox

Design Inspiration/Influences: Robin Hood, Han Solo, Cary Grant

Appearance: Average height for his species, slim build, reddish-orange fur and green eyes; wears a light green Hawaiian shirt, a dark indigo tie with red and blue alternating stripes, and khaki pants.

Personality: Charismatic and cunning; generally cynical and a wise-cracker (and occasionally even sarcastic); opinionated; has a penchant for mischief.  Also capable of showing kindness, sympathy, and surprising vulnerability (when caught off-guard, which isn't very often).  Has traumatic memories of his past, and a deep and abiding hatred of bigotry, and a general mistrust and dislike of prey mammals.  In spite of his usual charismatic cool and chill personality, Nick does not handle dangerous or stressful situations well, and can become very stressed, hesitant and even a bit cowardly when exposed to unexpected and dangerous situations.  But under less stressful circumstances, when other animals try to throw him a curve or knock him off balance, he is generally able to cunningly adapt, with a very blasé attitude.

Favorite Quotes: "You know you love me."  /  "I know everybody." 


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