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Lesedi Miershooptier

Lesedi Miershooptier


Created by : Big buffy Mothwing

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Lesedi Miershooptier

Name: Lesedi Miershooptier

Nicknames: Sedi, Sese, Lessie

Species: Black-footed cat

Age: Early 30s

Height: 23.5 in. (less than half as tall as Nick, just a couple inches above his elbows; Judy is about 6 inches taller than her)

Weight: About 37 lbs.

Occupation: Works the night shift at a copy and print shop.

Voice: Zolani Mahola (https://youtu.be/u8nahAK0-M4)

Eye color: FS 34151

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Love interest: Deceased

Friends: Vivica Wilde; Not many others.

Personality: She is quiet and unsociable, tenacious, very persistent, and has a strong mistrust of police and law enforcement. Is also a bit insane, cunning, and vengeful. On the other hand, she is honest and has a good sense of humor.

History: When Lesedi was a bit younger she was rambunctious, playful, and naive. In her teens she was somewhat rebellious. She got her first job at age 20, working at an auto repair shop for several years, until the owner was arrested for arson. After months of searching for a new job, she was hired by a copy and print shop in downtown Zootopia.

     In late 2015, Lesedi started to have a crush on a jackal who came in one night. His name was Justin, nice guy, a bit shy though, not much of a talker. As weeks went by and he came in more and more, he came out of his shell, and soon fell for Lesedi, who introduced him to her parents; they approved of him and were happy for their daughter.

     In early 2016, after several months of dating, Lesedi and Justin were on their way back from a late movie and had just stopped at a red light on the empty street. Suddenly a masked wolf showed up at Justin's door (he was driving), held up a gun, ordered him out of the car, and ordered them to give him the keys. Justin pushed the wolf away in an attempt to protect Lesedi, and the wolf shot him several times point-blank. The wolf got in the car, ordered Lesedi out at gunpoint, and sped away, leaving Justin lying in the street. Lesedi, horrified and in shock, called emergency services in tears. An ambulance soon arrived, but the paramedics could do nothing to save Justin. Police tried to talk to Lesedi, ask her what happened, but she was inconsolable. After she had calmed down enough to talk, she told officers about the carjacking that left her boyfriend dead.

     Their car was later found behind an abandoned building, with its rear window shattered. The carjacker had already gotten away by the time police arrived.

     Following Justin's senseless death, friends and family tried to help Lesedi through this difficult time in her life. Instead of feeling better, however, she became more reclusive and withdrawn, not really talking to anyone.

     Months passed with no news about the case of Justin's death. No leads, no witnesses (other than Lesedi herself). Months turned into a year, and the case went cold.

     After more than a year with no progress, Lesedi started feeling more and more like the police had just given up on the case. Driven insane by grief and frustrated at the apparent unwillingness of the ZPD to solve it, she took matters into her own hands and started sending threats and taunting letters to the police, calling them incompetent, as well as asking "Why did you give up?"

     Soon she resorted to hand-delivering threatening letters to police officers (including Nick and Whistler) at their homes and apartments, leaving them at the door after they had gone inside for the night. If that doesn't work, she is planning to start carrying out the threats in her letters. All she wants is for the ZPD to re-open the case and solve it, no matter what happens to her; she doesn't care if she ends up in jail.


Relation to Zootopia: Has hand-delivered threatening letters to Nick's home, as well as to Whistler Mackenzie's apartment; Whistler's sister Rachel is currently married to Nick; Lesedi used to be friends with Nick; she is also friends with Nick's mother. 

Other info:

*Sometimes listens to Mauler, a heavy metal band her boyfriend liked.


Fun fact:

*Her last name means "anthill tiger" in Afrikaans; it's the nickname for the black-footed cat in parts of the South African Karoo.


*Pic done by Meemee*


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