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Kelly Panthera

Kelly Panthera


Created by : Cabover Pete

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Orange

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Kelly Panthera

Name: Kelly Panthera

Species: Leopard

Age: 37 yrs.

Occupation: Fire lieutenant

Assigned to: Firehouse 7, Engine Company 26

Voice: Jessica Chastain (https://youtu.be/kKNsRXTp_zY)

Eye color: Brown

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Former love interest: Deceased

Current love interest: None

Friends: Mitch McClawsky (firefighter; tiger), Rico Pawson (firefighter; panther), Todd Rennard (fire captain; red fox), and several other firefighters; Elizabeth Denning

Likes: Her job (there's nothing else she'd rather do more), saving lives, the excitement and unpredictability of her job, watching TV in the day room, showing kids around the firehouse, going to career day at local schools, her friends, cleaning and maintaining the trucks, the sound of sirens (as well as the air horn on the trucks)

Dislikes: Slow days, BS calls, backtalk, losing a crew member

Personality type: ISFJ (https://www.16personalities.com/isfj-personality)

History: She didn't originally plan to be a firefighter; when she was younger, she wanted to be an actress, so she went to drama school. It would take one fateful night to lead her to where she is today. Kelly (25 at the time) and a few friends were driving to the mountains for a weekend camping trip. The driver of the car was approaching a blind corner, and the next thing Kelly knew the car was on it's side, having spun off the road and rolled down a small embankment. Kelly and her boyfriend had been in the back seat kissing at the time, and he died on impact.

     During her grief, she thought more and more about the crash, replayed it time and time again. Seeing her boyfriend's motionless body, hearing her friend screaming in pain, feeling paralyzed and useless, how guilty she felt that she did nothing.

     Every time she heard sirens on the street she felt safe. She would think back to that night, about the firefighters who climbed into the wreckage to save them despite there being crushed metal and plastic, fuel, blood, and other stuff all over the place. They were so calm and reassuring, "Just keep your eyes on me, kid, I've got you now. You're safe."

     It took Kelly some time to realize there was only one real option for her: the only way she was ever going to come to terms with her grief was to be the one to tell others they were safe.

     She started training at age 29, and became a full-fledged firefighter at 31; she was also Zootopia's first female firefighter. She was assigned to Firehouse 7, Engine Company 26. A few days after being assigned, she started to notice some of her new colleagues spying on her in the shower. She tried to ignore them at first, but when it led to grabbing, she complained to the fire captain in charge of the station. He brushed it off at first, but eventually started to take Kelly's complaints seriously; he quickly put a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior in place. But that didn't stop them, even as Kelly rose through the ranks. A couple times the screws on her mask were loosened so it would fall apart when she put it on at the scene, and in another instance, a fellow firefighter walked past her at a fire carrying a pike pole and told her "This looks like it would hurt." Those responsible were promptly fired (no pun intended).

     Despite the continuing behavior, Kelly kept up the hard work, taking any and all calls, and cleaning the firehouse, as well as her usual responsibilities.

     Several months later, Kelly and her crew were battling an intense blaze in an apartment building in downtown Zootopia. A couple hours later, when the fire was under control but not yet out, a few firefighters were inside looking for anyone else who might still be trapped. Several minutes later, Kelly heard the sound of multiple PASS devices (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PASS_device) going off. Since the rest of her crew was busy with the hoses, that meant she had to go in and get them out herself. Kelly strapped on her oxygen tank, put on her respirator, and ran inside the burning building. She found two of her crew members on the third floor, pinned under a collapsed section of the fourth. She carried them out one by one, then went back inside to look for the others. The other two were on the fourth floor, stuck at the end of a hallway, with a large hole in the floor. The ceiling was starting to give way, so she had to hurry. The hole was too large to lay a door or bed across, so Kelly went back to the third floor, found where the two firefighters were trapped, stood underneath, and told them to jump. After she caught them, the ceiling above where they had been collapsed. She then led them out of the building to safety.

     In the following weeks, the firefighters that had been pinned under the floor section recovered from their injuries and returned to work. Kelly was praised by the station for her actions, and the misogynistic behavior against her stopped.

     A couple months later, Kelly and her crew responded to a 10-50 (vehicle accident) at the intersection of 10th and Banyan Street, one individual trapped. The drivers of both vehicles (one of them being a city government vehicle) had gotten out. Upon arriving at the scene, Kelly and her crew got right to work. Responding to car accidents was always difficult for Kelly to deal with, given that she had been in one once, as well as lose her boyfriend in it, but she couldn't let bad memories get in the way of her job. Kelly used the jaws of life to cut open the mangled back door of the city government car, then got the trapped individual out; it was the mayor of Zootopia, Elizabeth Denning. An ambulance arrived on scene shortly after and took Denning to the hospital. Later, after the mayor had recovered, she paid a visit to Kelly's fire station to personally thank her and the other firefighters for saving her life. They have been friends ever since.


Relation to Zootopia: The new mayor paid a visit to her fire station after Kelly saved her; the mayor is friends with Nick's mother as well as Whistler Mackenzie, who lives in the same building as Judy, is friends with Judy and Nick, and was shot by Doug during the savage predator scare.


Other info:

*As lieutenant, Kelly works under the fire captain, and is responsible for supervising other firefighters and fire engineers when working at a fire scene or other emergency. She organizes and supervises the day-to-day tasks at the fire station, and also provides training on safety procedures and fire equipment to firefighters and engineers. When an emergency arises, Kelly is responsible for utilizing the fire and rescue equipment, as well as providing emergency medical treatment to victims as necessary. She also assists with employee training and evaluation, and is responsible for preparing and presenting educational lectures for the public as well.

*Car she'd drive in real life: Jeep Grand Cherokee

*License plate - LIFESAVR

*Has two bumper stickers on her car - "I fight what you fear", and "Busting ours to save yours".

*In her downtime she sometimes practices putting on her uniform and gear, trying to shave seconds off her response time.

*The hardest calls for her to deal with are car accidents, for obvious reasons.

*Number on helmet - Z41


Fun fact:

*Her ZFD uniform and helmet are German-style.


Pic by Meemee


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May 14, 2018
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Very nice work on this character. The part about her past and her boyfriend dying really gutted me. Very impactful, and an excellent story of perseverance. She is undoubtedly worthy of all that was best about Zootopia, and I think she and Judy would get along great. Well-done.

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