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Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps


Voice actor : Ginnifer Goodwin

Main type : Official character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps is a young rabbit with a bright, enthusiastic and sunny outlook on life, and a fierce desire to be independent and successful.  From a very young age, she set her sights on being a police officer, and hoped to one day join the Zootopia Police Department.  However, she faced an uphill battle, as no rabbit had ever made such a career choice, and nobody (even in her home town of Bunnyburrow) expected her to succeed.

When Judy finally reached young adulthood, she determined to break with family tradition (carrot farming), and fulfill her life's dream of becoming a Zootopia police officer.  Bidding her family goodbye, she began her training at the police academy and, after many trials and errors, did indeed graduate, setting a new record as the city's first rabbit police officer. 

Her first day on the force, however, was far less than she had hoped for.  Right away she ran afoul of her commanding officer, Chief Bogo, who also didn't think very much of a rabbit serving as a police officer.  He very unceremoniously assigned her to parking duty, challenging her to write 100 tickets in one day, or resign.  But Judy proved equal to the task, turning in a record 100 tickets by the end of her first day.  Unfortunately, it would not be the last time she upset Chief Bogo.  When she offered to help Mrs. Otterton find her missing husband, the chief fired her.  Judy was saved at the last minute, however, when Assistant Mayor Bellwether learned of Judy's willingess to help, and quickly informed Mayor Lionheart over the objections of Chief Bogo.  When Bellwether left Bogo's office, he was fuming, and gave Judy just forty-eight hours to solve the mystery or she'd have to resign.  Judy agreed, eager to prove herself to her commander and her fellow officers.

This lead, during her investigation, to encountering Nick Wilde, and pushing him into teaming up with her to solve the case, as she desperately needed his knowledge of Zootopia city and its inhabitants to expedite her investigation.

Her eagerness and enthusiasm sometimes get her into trouble, or lead her into sobering wake-up calls.  And, occasionally, some heart-wrenching mistakes.  However, all of this will help her to unravel Zootopia's greatest mystery as well as the underlying problem which nobody in the city wants to acknowledge.

In addition to her standard equipment, Judy always carries a personal item which has come in handy during investigations: her carrot-shaped pen, which also serves as an audio recording and playback device.  She used it not only to pull a fast one on Nick, but also to get evidence against Assistant Mayor Bellwether.


Above: Judy Hopps, as a child, play acting as a police officer.

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Full Name: Judith Hopps

Species: Rabbit

Design Inspiration/Influences: Leslie Knope, Superman

Appearance: Slim build and average height (for her species), gray fur, pink nose and purple eyes.  Wears a variety of civilian clothes when not on duty; her police uniform consists of a light blue long-sleeve shirt, dark blue pants with gray knee pads, a black flak vest (with metal police badge), dark blue arm bracelets (with gray stripes) and a standard-issue police utility belt.  When assigned to parking duty, she also wears a meter maid cap and a bright orange safety vest with reflective yellow stripes.  Eventually, after solving her first case, she receives the full dark blue officer's uniform.  She usually has her iPod and ear buds with her whenever she's off duty, so she can listen to her favorite music.

Personality: Perky and extremely optimistic, but also can be emotionally-vulnerable.  Persistent (bordering on stubborn), resourceful and intelligent, ambitious, loyal, dedicated and detail-oriented, with a good sense of humor and a wry wit.  Very caring and forgiving.  Has a tendency to be high-strung when stressed, and (unlike Nick Wilde) usually over minor things which get in the way of her daily tasks and assignments.  But she is also courageous in dangerous circumstances, and able to maintain a decent amount of composure at those times.

Favorite Quotes: "Ready to make the world a better place?"  /  "Oh sweet cheese 'n crackers!"



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