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Beir TU

Beir TU


Created by : ThankU

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Beir TU

Beir.TU is a resident of the Zootopia forest region,
Occupation is an amateur artist,
Meet ClawHauser at a donut shop in the city center,
Because also like donuts,become a friend.


Beir TU is raised by the mother,
his father left when he was young.

Originally living in the outskirts of the mountains,
when he was 10 years old, he heard his father in Zootopia,
they moved to the Zootopia forest area.

But in Zootopia need another expertise to live,
TU and his mother is growing up in the forest,
They do not have the skills to live in the city.

TU suddenly remembered that he had in the trees with claws carved patterns,
they began to sell woodcut works in the streets,
was the mother said to be graffiti things,
in Zootopia has been called works of art ,
this makes TU very happy,
Since then, TU will be the identity of the artist living in Zootopia.

His father work in a flower shop in the city center,
But the two did not meet.

History 2:
Nick and Judy received a new mission,
the content is a search for a bear named Peir.Sunny,
He was involved in a contraband trade.
TU inadvertently saw this file,
mistake to Peir as Beir,
then followed Nick and Judy to the port.

Nick and Judy wait for support in the time,
TU because it is too nervous to go fall,
So alerted Sunny, causing him to escape.

Because of this incident, making TU very self-blame,
In the comfort of Judy, TU decided to find traces of Sunny,
With a strong memory, and tireless perseverance,
Found Sunny lurking in the prairie area, and told Nick and Judy to arrest him,
But the TU has been running for a few days, eventually tired down.

In the ward,
TU and Judy talked about their own in order to find his father came to Zootopia,
Judy suggested that if the TU when the police,
have more opportunities to find his father.

So TU be in the ClawHauser's recommendation to enter the forest areas of the police school.
And at the 46th graduation, entered city center precinct one.

Full Name:  Kenny.Beir.TU
Species: Bear
Design Inspiration/Influences: Self-image
height: 100cm
Weight: 130 pounds
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: March 9th
Occupation: amateur artist
Appearance: Short and fat,ear below has the hair,
chest has a light-colored hair,
often wearing dark green shirts and khaki shorts,
Shirt front has a dark blue lines,behind has brown bear's palm pattern.
Personality:Cheerful, optimistic, lazy, Good memory, carry snacks.
Favorite Quotes:I am tired, I can not move.
Like something: Sleep, Eat.
Hate something: Work.
Interests: Painting.


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