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Amanda Meadows

Amanda Meadows


Created by : Cabover Pete

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Animal/Human type : ---------


Detail Amanda Meadows

Name: Amanda Meadows

Species: Whitetail deer

Age: 47

Voice: Pink

Eye color: Sage green

Parents: Mike and Jennifer Meadows

Siblings: One sister

Love interest: Charles Clawhinney (in progress)

Current mate: None, but will eventually be Clawhinney

Past mate: Eric Meadows

Adopted children: Sarah, age 4; swift fox

Friend(s): Charles; Open

Personality: She's practical, and has a cool and collected manner. Is also sincere, frank, and forthcoming. She's usually reserved but can be talkative at times, if it's with someone she knows and trusts. She can also be described as easy going, or conservative. Isn't openly flirty. She can seem a little cold at first, but acts better once she knows you. She's less outgoing and excitable than others, but that doesn't prevent her from being upbeat. She's been a bit cynical since she lost her husband, thanks to the town that called her and the other widows "greedy" and "disgusting". Also thanks to Arroyo, she doesn't take criticism very well.

History: She was born in the Desertlands town of Arroyo. Her parents owned the local Desert Winds Diner, a pretty popular restaurant on Tumbleweed Drive, the town's main street. When Amanda was 18 she became a waitress in the diner. It was difficult at first, but she got better over time.

     In 1995, she met and fell for a rather handsome coyote named Eric, who worked as a wildland firefighter. He and his crewmates would always come in after working a fire. Soon after, Eric and Amanda started dating; Amanda's parents were happy for her, and they approved of Eric. Several months went by before Eric proposed to Amanda during her shift, in front of customers as well as her parents; Amanda happily said yes. In 1995 the two got married. They moved out of their respective homes, and bought a house by the mountains, where they lived until 2013.

     On the morning of June 30, 2013, Amanda's husband Eric got a phone call about a fire in Furnell. He hugged and kissed her, told her "I love you.", and headed out to his crew's station. At 5pm, Amanda got ready for her 6 to 11 shift at the Desert Winds Diner.

     Amanda was on break checking her smartphone when she got a call from the Arroyo Fire Department, saying her husband and most of his crew had been killed in a wildfire. She was devastated, and broke out in tears. Amanda was inconsolable for the rest of the night, and didn't get any sleep after she got home.

     A few weeks after Eric's death, Amanda complained that she was being denied benefits; soon other widows did so too. Because Arroyo deemed some of its firefighters to be temporary or seasonal, those victims’ families were denied the benefits that were being received by the families of permanent or full-time employees. Some surviving family members also sued the town for three hundred million dollars in damages. The dispute soon grew more bitter, more complicated, and more political. When some of the widows sought the benefits that were being denied them, town officials fueled only hostility, telling residents and municipal workers that taxes might need to go up and raises be delayed for another year because of what the deaths had already cost. Amanda was one of the more vocal widows, and was called "greedy" and "disgusting" in online forums and letters to the editors. Having had enough of the whispers and glares, she sold her house and moved to the Meadowlands, and got a room in an extended-stay hotel until she could find a new house. A couple months later, she got a job at the Arrow Diner, a restored 1950s railroad dining car.

     A few months after getting the diner job, Amanda found a house, bought it, and moved out of the hotel. A couple months later she adopted a young swift fox, who had lost her parents during a home invasion.

     A couple years later, Amanda hired a wolf named Charles to repaint a room in her house. The painting took longer than expected, and she offered him some dinner when it got to be a bit late. Charles didn't really talk much, and Amanda could tell he was troubled. After dinner, he finished painting the room, Amanda paid him, and he left. The next time she saw Charles was at the Arrow, about a week later, during a morning shift. Amanda poured him a cup of coffee. She tried to start a conversation, but Charles didn't say much. He thanked Amanda on his way out, after paying.

     Amanda started seeing Charles around town more, and gave him stuff to do around her house, after noticing his sad and quiet nature. The two are starting to grow closer.


Relation to Zootopia: Whistler and Rachel's brother Chris was on her husband's crew; Rachel is married to Nick; Whistler lives in the same building as Judy, is friends with Nick and Judy, and was shot by Doug during the savage predator scare; Amanda's current love interest used to work with Wolford and Fangmeyer at the ZPD.

Other info:

*Lives in Antlerton, a small town in the Meadowlands.

*Doesn't care if she sets foot in Arroyo ever again.


Fun facts:

*Her first name was originally Jackie, but I renamed her after watching Only the Brave and decided to make a character based on Eric Marsh (leader/superintendent of the Granite Mountain Hotshots), as his wife's name was Amanda.

*Her necklace is based on that in a photo of the real Amanda and Eric.

*Though a couple details have been changed, the events of the benefits denial after the fire have been kept the same.

*I named the Arrow Diner after a Milwaukee Road passenger train called the Arrow that ran between Chicago, Illinois and Omaha, Nebraska; it operated from 1926 to 1967.


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