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Large-scale masterpiece from the 70s.,

I will start from afar. I watched this masterpiece when I was  6 years old. And this film brutally impressed me. It was a fresh breath. Cartoon, which breaks all the stereotypes about rabbits and animations, shows the reality and unpredictability. And it's just gorgeous!

Lovely smooth animation, great characters, brutal story and exciting fights. This is what is lacking in most American cartoons. The UK, Germany, Japan, Canada and France in the old days had the courage to challenge the "family picture for the kids." I'm serious. American cartoons (of course, in the 90th Disney began producing cartoons for adults and teenagers) I do not recall such courage (except Ralph Bakshi).

This is one of my favorite movies (including "Felidae", "Plague Dogs", "Animal Farm" and the rest of cartoons). You're worried for each character. But what I liked most ... fights! And it's awesome! You will never feel a coolness, only here. Heck, is stunningly! But what may surprise most strongly, the rabbits fight to the death to the blood. Drawn gorgeous, gorgeous shot, shown chic. The atmosphere is oppressive and frightening. I like that! The images in the cartoon are perfectly combined with the environment. Here there is some fantasy and mysticism, but the reality prevails in this world.

Finally, the main villain. Hardened powerful leader, General Woundwort. Damn, it's right terminator with the manners of Darth Vader, but in rabbit's skin! And he's really dangerous. He will tear apart anyone who wants to oppose him. Bloodied sharp teeth and claws, one survivor eye, unforgettable hatred and cruelty.

It is ambiguous, deep, beautiful and underrated cartoon. It's very big masterpiece.

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