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TitleSeason numberAiring rankProduction rankAiring dateAnimation company
The promised land111September 28, 1999Alltime entertainment
Home on the down122October 05, 1999Alltime entertainment
The easy life122October 12, 1999Alltime entertainment
Strawberry fayre144October 19, 1999Alltime entertainment
The shadow of Efrafa155October 26, 1999Alltime entertainment
The raid166November 02, 1999Alltime entertainment
Challenge to Efrafa177November 09, 1999Alltime entertainment
Escape from Efrafa188November 16, 1999Alltime entertainment
The vision199November 23, 1999Alltime entertainment
A tale of a mouse11010November 30, 1999Alltime entertainment
Lost11111December 07, 1999Alltime entertainment
Friend and Enemy11212December 14, 1999Alltime entertainment
Kidnapped11313December 21, 1999Alltime entertainment
Prisoner of Efrafa21414August 03, 2000Alltime entertainment
The roundabout21515August 10, 2000Alltime entertainment
The market21616August 17, 2000Alltime entertainment
The great water21717August 24, 2000Alltime entertainment
The stand21818August 31, 2000Alltime entertainment
The orchard21919September 07, 2000Alltime entertainment
The great game22020September 14, 2000Alltime entertainment
Christmas on Watership down 122121September 21, 2000Alltime entertainment
Christmas on Watership down 222222September 28, 2000Alltime entertainment
The Mysterious Visitors22323October 05, 2000Alltime entertainment
The invasion22424October 12, 2000Alltime entertainment
Bigwig's Way22525October 19, 2000Alltime entertainment
The Homecoming22626October 26, 2000Alltime entertainment
The Last Battle32727September 11, 2001Alltime entertainment
A New World 32828September 18, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Wanderer32929September 25, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Nestling33030October 02, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Secret of Redstone33131October 09, 2001Alltime entertainment
My Fair Gull33232October 16, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Dark Deal33333October 23, 2001Alltime entertainment
Darkhaven33434October 30, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Eyes of Silverweed33535November 06, 2001Alltime entertainment
The spy33636November 13, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Betrayal 33737November 20, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Beginning of The End33838November 27, 2001Alltime entertainment
The Magic33939December 04, 2001Alltime entertainment

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August 11, 2016
Is not currently on the site
Hello, I'm dplutonium13 and I would like to share my views on the show. Personally, I found the show fantastic and it was uniquely different adaptation towards the book Watership Down, yet I did find it was funny, exciting, and enjoyable when watching, yet if needed, it could get seriously realistic when it needed to be. My favorite quote from the show was in the episode Bigwigs Way, and how in the morning, he woke everyone, and the rabbits started complaining about being hungry, in which Bigwig responded that being hungry is good for the Owsla sharpness. In which Hawkbit quoted my favorite line in the Show, " A Hungry Owsla is a sharper Owsla." while trying to imitate Bigwig. The first two seasons were awesome and very pleasantly enjoyable, but something must have happened to the production company, for in season 3, it was quite different and in turn a little more realistically dark, yet it was till enjoyable. It is kind of Ironic that season 3 started on 9/11 which either I thought was coincidental or they did to fit the mood of the show with how changed the world was, either way, the show is awesome and will rewatch it when the opportunity comes up. Chao and May the Luck of El-Ahrairah be with us all, including me for I will need it.

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