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August 11, 2016
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Hello, my name is dplutonium13 and I would also like to share how I first saw the movie and because of it, I entered the Fandom/Community of Watership Down.
I found out about the movie through a youtube video of most disturbing animated movies. And then after seeing the trailer, I decided to give it a shot
On one evening, I watched it for the first time and discovered something unexpected . At first, I thought this was going to bad graphic movie, but after the credits, I could literally not stop saying wow, for wow that was the beautifully realistic story I've ever seen and discovered. And all this had happened this very year, and from then on I've been a part of the fandom of Watership Down ever since. I have since rewatched and rewatched the movie and read the book which in my opinion was a truly magical piece of literature that will surely go down in history as one of greatest stories ever written, and I discovered the 1999 series which I thought was a uniquely different adaptation towards Watership Down, never the less it's still a good show. And Then I read the entire book of the Tales of Watership Down which was just as awesome as the first book, and I have even started to become more involved in the community/fandom by making myself known for I have even taken the steps of writing my first fanfic "The Battle Of Watership Down" which has unique writing style of mine that has made the story unique.
:icon47: :icon40: I'm deeply in love with Watership Down because of that movie, for It was nothing I've ever seen. I hope I can soon make a significant impact towards the fandom, and I will hope you will enjoy the movie and let it change your life the way it has to me.
I wish all the Luck of El-Ahrairah with us all, including me for I will need it. Chao;) :icon35:

August 28, 2014
Usa Is not currently on the site
I was about 10 years old when this movie first came out and I remember being pretty shocked by it. I don't know if my parents were aware that it was no Disney movie. It was in San Fransisco that I saw it and I remember there was a newcaster outside asking people what they thought about the movie. I said I like it because...well, it was 'bloody'. Perhaps I meant bloody good.

Some years later when I was attending summer school, our teacher at the time had us read the book and watch the movie again, and thankfully by reading the book I had a much greater understanding and appreciation of the story. I had bought the film picture book and even illustrated a very long comic/graphic novel of my own for another school project.

About a year and a half ago my interest was renewed by re-reading the book and then I started to collect a lot of things. I never got into the 'new series' Watership Down, the series that was on tv and had a whole new type of character illustration. My love will always be for the 1978 film. I even lucked out and found on a WSD Yahoo group someone who sold me the original 4 stuffed plush animals that were being marketed at the time. There were really not a lot of collectibles that went hand in hand with the film but they're out there on Ebay thankfully, and through private sources. I'm currently trying to find a seller on UK EBAY who will ship to the US for the other WSD 1978 collectible I want, which is a Waddington jigsaw puzzle set depicting scenes/characters from the movie. I think that's probably the only other collectible merchandise the movie had bought.

It's wonderful to see that over 36 years later people still enjoy this film! I know I could watch it over and over again and I have. :)

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