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Hazel is the main character of Watership Down. After catastrophical visions of his brother, Fiver, he gathers a few other rabbits from Sandleford Warren and leads them out to seach for a new land. After many adventures they set up in Watership Down where he becomes a loved and respected Chief Rabbit.



(Hazel in the miniseries)

Voice actor : John Hurt, Ian Shaw

Fiver is the main character of Watership Down. He was born in Sandleford Warren, but after having terryfying visions of his home being destroyed, he convinved his brother Hazel to gather some other rabbits and escape. Physicaly weak, he has an ability of foreseeing upcoming events by mysterious visions. Other rabbits may think he's crazy, but he was never proved wrong in his predictions.



(Fiver in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Richard Briers; Andrew Falvey

Bigwig is a brave and stubborn rabbit. He was a part of Sandleford Owsla, but he left with Hazel, Fiver and several other rabbits to seach for a new home. He proved to be a very valuable member of the team. Bigwig becomes Hazel's right-hand and Captain of the Wadership Down Owsla.



(Bigwig in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Michael Graham Cox; Stephen Mangan

This is a profile for female Blackberry from TV series.

Blackberry in TV series has been changed into a female, making her the only doe that escaped from Sandleford Warren. She is skilled with herbs and digging and later became Campion's love interest.

Voice actor : Sue Elliott-Nichols

Dandelion is one of the survivors form Sandleford Warren. He's a joker and storyteller and is the fastest runner next to blackberry.



(Dandelion  in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Richard O'Callaghan; Phill Jupitus

Hawkbit is one of the rabbits that excaped from Sandleford Warren. He is rather serious and pessimistic, but is loyal and dependable.



(Hawkbit in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Lee Ross

Keehar is a seagull that was found injured near Watership warren. The rabbits took care of him and he befriended Bigwig. Keehar helped rabbits to look for does for their warren and then helped Bigwig escape with the does from Efrafa.

After this Keehar set off to the big water, promising he'll come back at winter.



(Keehar in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Zero Mostel; Rik Mayall; Anthony Jackson

Captain Broom is the last survivor from mysterious sickness in Redstone Warren. He now lives in Watership Down. He talks often about his past and is seen as a wise rabbit. He once used his witness to trick woundwort away from the newly set up Redstone Warren by pretending to be ill.

Voice actor : Richard Briers

He was a captain of of the Sandleford Owsla. He wanted to arrest Hazel and his group when they were trying to escape, but after they threatened to kill him, he let them go.

Holly was later seen joining Hazel's group after he escaped from destroyed warren.



(Holly in the miniseries)

Voice actor : John Bennett

Hannah appeared only in TV series. She's a friend of Keehar and was living in Nuthanger Farm. Along with Keehar she helps the rabbits and now lives in Watership Down.

Voice actor : Jane Horrocks; Maria Darling

Pipkin is small, chubby and rather cowardly rabbit from Sandleford Warren. He escapes with Hazel and his group, but he doesn't play a big role as he's afraid of danger.

While in the book and the movie Pipkin is an adolescent, but a runt, in the TV series he appears to be still a young rabbit and he plays much bigger role there, for example helping Campion to heal or being a captain of Junior Owsla in season 3.

Voice actor : Roy Kinnear; Elliot Henderson-Boyle

A large, cruel rabbit who is the Chief Rabbit of Efrafa. He took his leadership over his warren by killing the past Chief Rabbit and all the rivals. Woundwort applies a strict military system on overcrowded Efrafa. After Bigwig liberates many does from from Efrara, Woundwort sworn a reverge against Wathership rabbit. He is never found after Battle of Watership Down, assuming he was killed by the farm guard dog, Bob.

Nobody knows if he survived, and it's said that does use Woundwort legend to scare their disobedient kittens, saying that if they won't be good, General Woundwort will come for them.

In TV series he survives destroying of Efrafa and later he claims leadership over his past home - Darkhaven. In the end he leads his army against Watership Down, but is taken by the Black Rabbit of Inle summoned by Silverweed.



( in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Harry Andrews; John Hurt

Name - (Captain) Campion
Gender - Male
Species - Rabbit

Resourceful, loyal, dutiful, skillful

Campion first appears as a Captain of the Efrafan Owsla.

In the Movie, he plays a minor role and is often seen next to Woundowrt. It's unknown if he survived the battle of Watership Down.

In the TV Series plays a much larger and more dramatic role. He is loyal to Woundwort, but betrays Efrafa to save the Watership Down rabbits. In the end he sacrifices himself to save Woundwort. Surviving the tragic event, Campion is touched by the Black Rabbit of Inlé and is tasked with stopping Woundwort. He has a romantic relationship with Blackberry and in the end he settles with her on Watership Down.

Book Inspiration - In the book, Campion becomes Chief Rabbit of Efrafa after Woundwort's disappearance and he makes peace with Watership Down.



(Campion in the TV Miniseries)

Voice actor : Nigel Hawthorne; Rob Rackstraw


Primrose represents Hyzenthlay from the book and movie; however, the name 'Hyzenthlay' was too difficult to pronounce, so was changed to 'Primrose'. She bears a great hate for Vervain, who constantly bullied her when she was a prisoner of Efrafa.

Name - Primrose

Gender - Female

Age - Depicted as an adult in the TV Series

Species - Rabbit


Strong-minded, clever Primrose can sometimes rush into things when led by her emotions. A loyal mate to Hazel and, later, a loving mother to their kits, she believes in fighting for freedom . . .


Known Likes - Freedom, her old home Redstone, Watership Down

Known Dislikes -  Vervain, tyranny, Efrafa



Primrose lives a at Redstone Warren until she is captured by and imprisoned by General Woundwort's Efrafans. She strives to escape Efrafa, and finally succeeds with help from the Watership Down rabbits. Primrose becomes Hazel's mate and later the mother of his kits.


Voice actor : Kate Ashfield

He is the mate of Marigold and one of the rabbits that were liberated from Cowslip's warren. He and several other rabbits discovered Redstone Warren where Hickory became a Chief Rabbit. Woundwort get into Redstone warren in disguise and tricked the rabbits to stay while they home was destroyed by humans, but thanks to Hazel and his group, Hickory and the other Redstone rabbits got saved in time.

He now lives with Marigold in Watership Down.

Voice actor : Kiefer Sutherland; Rob Rackstraw

Moss is a loyal member of Efrafan Owsla. He is promoted to the rank of Captain after Campion's supposed death, but he leads a rebelion agains Woundwort and escapes with many of Efrafa survivors and joins Watership Down.

His role in season 3 is similar to that of Campion in the books. Moss leads surviving Efrafans back to their old warren and becomes a new Chief Rabbit. He is the mate of Heather.

Voice actor : Tom Eastwood

Vervain is a high ranking member of the Efrafan Owsla and the most hated rabbit next to Woundwort. He is deadly loyal to his Chief Rabbit and is known for threatening and bullying the weaker. At the end of the book he is killed by the labrador Bob after Woundwort is gone.

In the TV series he is more sly and cowardly. After Efrafa's destruction he tries to live on his own, but appears to be too weak to survive by himself. He continues to serve Woundwort after the old Efrafan leader saved him from a weasel. At the end of the series he runs away when the Black Rabbit of Inlé appears, and his further fate is unknown.

Voice actor : Derek Griffiths; David Holt

Heather is the doe from Efrafa that appears only in season 3. She helps Moss escape with the survivors from Efrafa. In Watership Down, two bucks, Hawkbit and Dandelion are fighting over her, but she eventually becomes Moss' mate and leaves with him to a new warren.

Voice actor : N/A

Name - Spartina
Gender - Female
Species - Rabbit

Spartina is a hard, cunning and skillful warrior. Dutiful to Woundwort and her warren at first, she soon softens to help the Watership Down rabbits.

Spartina is a doe warrior from Darkhaven. She is used by Woundwort to spy on the Watership Down rabbits,  however during her mission at their warren, she decides to help them, and soon confesses everything to Hazel and his followers.

Returning as planned to Darkhaven, Spartina is taken prisoner, along with Blackberry and Campion after her friednship with the Watership Down rabbits is discovered. However the three manage to escape. Spartina aids the Watership Down rabbits in the battle against Woundwort. She assumedly settles down with Bigwig after the battle.

Voice actor : N/A

Granite was the Chief Rabbit of Darkhaven Warren until Campion challenged him to a fight and won. Later when General Woundwort became Chief Rabbit, Vervain gave Granite his place without a fight as he was afraid of him.

Granite later flees from the last battle at Watership Down, avoiding being taken away by Black Rabbit of Inle.

Voice actor : Rob Rackstraw

Strawberry was a member of The Warren Of Snares, but he left the warren after his mate was killed in a snare. Along with other survivors from Warren Of Snares he joins Watership Down.

In season 3 of the TV series he has a bigger role as he becomes a member of the Owsla.

Voice actor : Robert Harper, Paul Panting

She is the mate of Hickory and one of the rabbits that were liberated from Cowslip's warren. She and several other rabbits discovered Redstone Warren where her mate Hickory became a Chief Rabbit. Marigold was the first rabbit to see though General Woundwort's disguise and because of this she had to fake her death to escape from Woundwort. She arrives in Watership down to inform the rabbits about Woundwort's return and to get help from Redstone warren.

Shee now lives with Hickory in Watership Down.

Voice actor : Stephanie Morgenstern


Name - Buttercup

Gender - Female

Age - Depicted as an adult in Series

Species - Rabbit


Buttercup is a friendly, giving doe, and as leader of a warren, responsible too.

Known Likes - The humans on whose land she lives, sharing food

Known Dislikes -  Predators


Buttercup is a character who appears only in two Special episodes of the Watership Down TV Series (Season Two: Winter on Watership Down Parts 1 and 2). She allows Hazel and his friends to stay in her warren when they are lost while looking for food.

Even though her warren placed is right near humans, it seems to be safe . . .

Voice actor : Dawn French

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