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Watership Down characters

Hazel is the main character of Watership Down. After catastrophical visions of his brother, Fiver, he gathers a few other rabbits from Sandleford Warren and leads them out to seach for a new land. After many adventures they set up in Watership Down where he becomes a loved and respected Chief Rabbit.



(Hazel in the miniseries)

Voice actor : John Hurt, Ian Shaw

Fiver is the main character of Watership Down. He was born in Sandleford Warren, but after having terryfying visions of his home being destroyed, he convinved his brother Hazel to gather some other rabbits and escape. Physicaly weak, he has an ability of foreseeing upcoming events by mysterious visions. Other rabbits may think he's crazy, but he was never proved wrong in his predictions.



(Fiver in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Richard Briers; Andrew Falvey

This is a profile for original male Blackberry from books and the movie.

Blackberry is a fast and cunning rabbit, he often comes up with smart ideas. He was one of the first rabbits to join Hazel in Sandleford Warren.



(Blackberry in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Simon Cadell

Bigwig is a brave and stubborn rabbit. He was a part of Sandleford Owsla, but he left with Hazel, Fiver and several other rabbits to seach for a new home. He proved to be a very valuable member of the team. Bigwig becomes Hazel's right-hand and Captain of the Wadership Down Owsla.



(Bigwig in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Michael Graham Cox; Stephen Mangan

He was an officer of Sandleford Owsla and a freidn to Bigwig and Holly. Other rabbits made fun of him that he's an Owsla officer only because he's Chief Rabbit's nephew, however, Silver is a very strong and loyal warrior.

He plays a minor role in the movie and he does not appear in TV series.

Voice actor : Terence Rigby

He was a captain of of the Sandleford Owsla. He wanted to arrest Hazel and his group when they were trying to escape, but after they threatened to kill him, he let them go.

Holly was later seen joining Hazel's group after he escaped from destroyed warren.



(Holly in the miniseries)

Voice actor : John Bennett

Pipkin is small, chubby and rather cowardly rabbit from Sandleford Warren. He escapes with Hazel and his group, but he doesn't play a big role as he's afraid of danger.

While in the book and the movie Pipkin is an adolescent, but a runt, in the TV series he appears to be still a young rabbit and he plays much bigger role there, for example helping Campion to heal or being a captain of Junior Owsla in season 3.

Voice actor : Roy Kinnear; Elliot Henderson-Boyle

Dandelion is one of the survivors form Sandleford Warren. He's a joker and storyteller and is the fastest runner next to blackberry.



(Dandelion  in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Richard O'Callaghan; Phill Jupitus

Cowslip is a member of the Warren of Snares, and though he claims that his warren has no Chief Rabbit, he seems to have the biggest authority there. His warren is big with plenty of food from the humans and the rabbits refuse the classic way of living. He keeps their semi-domestication as a secret to Hazel and his group.

in the TV series the waren is named Shining Wires and cowslip is an actual Chief Rabbit. He becomes angered by Hazel's group when they help some of his rabbits escape. He even helps Woundwort to get his revenge on Watership Down.

Voice actor : Denholm Elliott; Stephen Fry; Anthony Jackson

Keehar is a seagull that was found injured near Watership warren. The rabbits took care of him and he befriended Bigwig. Keehar helped rabbits to look for does for their warren and then helped Bigwig escape with the does from Efrafa.

After this Keehar set off to the big water, promising he'll come back at winter.



(Keehar in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Zero Mostel; Rik Mayall; Anthony Jackson

A large, cruel rabbit who is the Chief Rabbit of Efrafa. He took his leadership over his warren by killing the past Chief Rabbit and all the rivals. Woundwort applies a strict military system on overcrowded Efrafa. After Bigwig liberates many does from from Efrara, Woundwort sworn a reverge against Wathership rabbit. He is never found after Battle of Watership Down, assuming he was killed by the farm guard dog, Bob.

Nobody knows if he survived, and it's said that does use Woundwort legend to scare their disobedient kittens, saying that if they won't be good, General Woundwort will come for them.

In TV series he survives destroying of Efrafa and later he claims leadership over his past home - Darkhaven. In the end he leads his army against Watership Down, but is taken by the Black Rabbit of Inle summoned by Silverweed.



( in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Harry Andrews; John Hurt

She is a smart Efrafan doe that tried leave the warren before. She befriends Bigwig when he comes to Efrafa to liberate the does and helps him organize the escape. She later helps Hazel to lead the labrador Bob to kill Efrafan rabbits during the battle of Watership Down.

She becomes Hazel's mate and Watership co-Chief Rabbit. She appears only in the books and in TV series her character is replaced by Primrose.


(in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Hannah Gordon

Blackavar is described as the black-fured rabbit from Efrafa. He tried to escape Efrafa, but was caught by Campion, his ears were torn and Blackavar was used as an example for every traitor that would try to excape. He is later liberated by Bigwig, and becomes a respected rabbit in Watership Down.

Unlike the movie, he does not die in a book and TV series.



(Blackavar in the miniseries)

Voice actor : Clifton Jones; Stephen Gately

El-Ahrairah is the klegendary king of all rabbits. His name is Lapine for "Prince with a Thousand Enemies".

When El-Ahrairah's people began to reproduce rapidly and El-Ahrairah refused to control them, Lord Frith gave a gift to every animal in the forest, making them rabbit-hunting predators. Eventually El-ahrairah and his people recieved a gift as well. Frith gave them speed, cunning, digging, and a good sense of hearing.

It is said that El-Ahrairah takes dead Chief Rabbits to his Owsla, as he did with Hazel.

Voice actor : N/A

Black Rabbit of Inlé is a being that takes away souls of dead rabbits. It's the grim reaper of rabbit world.

Voice actor : Joss Ackland

Tab is a cat that lives in Nuthanger Farm. He chases away Hzael and Pipkin when they first appear in the farm then he nearly kills Hazen after he releases guard dog.

In TV series Tab is replaced by female cat named Tabitha.

Voice actor : Lynn Farleigh

Bob is a labrador that lives in Nuthanger Farm. He is present both times the rabbits come to Nuthanger Farm and caught humans attention when they tried to liberate farm rabbits.

Later in the movie he was freed by Hazel and led to Watership down during General's Woundwort's siege. He killed Efrafan rabbits, but Woundwort's body was never found. After this Bob returned to Nuthanger Farm with minor injuries.



(Bob in the miniseries)

Voice actor : N/A

Vervain is a high ranking member of the Efrafan Owsla and the most hated rabbit next to Woundwort. He is deadly loyal to his Chief Rabbit and is known for threatening and bullying the weaker. At the end of the book he is killed by the labrador Bob after Woundwort is gone.

In the TV series he is more sly and cowardly. After Efrafa's destruction he tries to live on his own, but appears to be too weak to survive by himself. He continues to serve Woundwort after the old Efrafan leader saved him from a weasel. At the end of the series he runs away when the Black Rabbit of Inlé appears, and his further fate is unknown.

Voice actor : Derek Griffiths; David Holt

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