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Verbena (U-Hain)

Verbena (U-Hain)


Created by : Windhowler

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Verbena (U-Hain)

Verbena (real/birth name); U-hain (nickname)

Based on
WSD TV Series

Etymology/Name Meaning
U-Hain (nickname) - Lapine* ('U' means The, 'Hain' means Song, thus ''The Song''); Verbena (real name) - genus in plant family Verbenaceae

Also Known As/Called
Verbena, Verb, Verby, Beani, Hain, Song


Older than General Woundwort

Type/Breed of Rabbit
Old World Rabbit

Wild or Tame?




Appearance and Build
Is not heavily built like her brother Woundwort (not only due to being female, but because those on her mother's side were quite cobby); yet she is not very slender either; Verbena is small and sturdy in conformation; has normal-length fur except on chest where it grows thick; her face is quite round, and her nose bridge broad; eyes are large and slightly almond; tail is big and fluffy; when older, she has a cut in either ear, as well as a serious 'fray' on her left one, and hones some bent whiskers.

Fur Colours
Shades of liver brown, beige

Eye Colour
Russet red

Distinct Physical Points
As noted above, the 'frayed' edge of her left ear.
Also wears: a robin feather as a warrior of Darkhaven, and a small posy of flowers as an Efrafan.



U-Hain is a quiet, sweet and loving doe, innocent especially in her kithood; however, under her soft exterior lies a strongly opinionated core that only sometimes shows, usually in excitement, but never in anger.

Being a mother and raising kits; spending time with her mate, offspring and her brother Woundwort;
looking after young rabbits; peaceful grazing

War for war's sake; being made to 'be like bucks'; crowds (unless they are family crowds!)



Hemlock (father), Laurel (mother), Colonel Knapweed (mate), Bryony, Thorn (sons), General Woundwort (younger brother), many daughters and siblings, Rrifra (aunt)

Various does of the old Darkhaven and of Efrafa, her family, rabbits from her old hlessil group, Spartina (old friend who was a young kit at the time)

Elil (particularly pine martens), her aunt Rrifra

Relation to the WSD Universe

Is an elder sister of General Woundwort, ex-member of the old Darkhaven warren, member of Efrafa until its destruction.




Verbena, or U-Hain as she was more commonly known (because of her sweet tone of voice), was born in the warren of old Darkhaven, a few years before it was destroyed by man and became a tyre yard. She was the daughter of Hemlock, the chief rabbit, and his mate Laurel.


Born the eldest of a large litter, U-Hain was always sweet and caring. She enjoyed tagging after her littermates, keeping an eye them, eldest that she was. Later, U-Hain never liked having to separate from any of her younger siblings, even when she was tired after a long day and her mother, Laurel, insisted she rest. Until she learned to act more maturely, there were times when U-Hain would get all tearful about not being with her brothers and sisters. As she aged, she started looking after youngsters outside the family, including a little grey doe called Spartina; she happily dreamed of having her own brood one day.

As the years went by, Darkhaven - a once normal, quiet, friendly warren - was altering. The rabbits had been changing their ways since before U-Hain was born, but she had never really noticed anything. However, by the time she reached the older, wiser, and more calculating years of her adolescence, she was shocked at how vile her home was becoming. U-Hain suspected the ugly influence of a rabbit who had joined Darkhaven long ago - her aunt Rrifra, sister of her father. Rrifra seemed to have gradually turned the rabbits against the judgement of their own leader, Hemlock, with her crazy ideas of darkness - war, power and violence; simple life with simple pleasures was to be no more. As soon as she was old enough, U-Hain was pushed into the ranks of Darkhaven, made to 'be like a buck', decked for fighting with a robin feather which would soon to be one of many, depending on how many battles she won. All thought of being a mother were dashed from U-Hain's hopes.

She had to leave.

Urged by their parents, U-Hain and her siblings fled Darkhaven. Her father Hemlock was fighting to sort matters with his rabbits, and was slowly succeeding, but wanted to see all his offspring (those that were old enough) safely out of the madness of Darkhaven for the time being.

Becoming hlessil*, U-Hain, her brothers and sisters resided in the northern country for a number of months. Despite initial plans to stay together, and go back to Darkhaven one day (to take off the war feathers they had vowed to wear until they returned), many of the siblings settled down in various warrens. U-Hain herself did not feel the urge to find a new home. All alone in time, U-Hain found herself heading back south towards Darkhaven, to find out what had happened to her birthplace.

Darkhaven, however, was by then long gone, destroyed by humans nearly a year previously. Her people had either been killed or driven out. U-Hain met some of the survivors wandering around the abolished warren - they told her that Hemlock had been shot, and her mother Laurel had been killed by a weasel while escaping the warren's destruction. Rrifra ended up a poacher's meal.

U-Hain did not hang around and mourn. From the Darkhaven survivors, she heard talk of a certain ''Dark One'', said to be Woundwort her younger brother, who had got away from Darkhaven's end.

At this news, U-Hain was suddenly compelled to go and find her missing brother. She traversed a great distance over strange country, still wearing her robin feather . . .

Weeks later, she was
captured by a body of rabbits, part of a warren called Efrafa, who took her to their leader. The chief rabbit turned out to be none other than U-Hain's younger brother Woundwort. The siblings had only met once before, but recognized each other immediately.

Woundwort made sure U-Hain was well settled in Efrafa. She finally discarded the robin feather, her horrible memoir, and replaced it with a small posy of flowers. And in a warren again at last, she became a mother, her dearest dream. With an Owlsa Captain called Knapweed, she bore many kits, quite happy . . .

U-Hain lived in Efrafa until it was defeated by the Watership Down rabbits . . .

More to Come . . .


Asterisks in Etymology/History:

* Lapine (Richard Adams' fictional language)
*hlessil - Lapine word for rabbits who live out of a warren; wandering rabbits.


Copyrights Note

U-Hain, Bryony, Rrifra, Knapweed, artwork and U-Hain's profile (based on the universe of the Watership Down TV Series, itself based on the book by Richard Adams) (c) W.H.Marbles (Blogger) aka Windhowler (Animation Source) | Thorn (c) The Little Blue (Blogger) aka Pawface (Animation Source) | Woundwort, Hemlock, Laurel, the warrens Darkhaven, Watership Down and Efrafa and Watership Down TV series/Book (c) Richard Adams and Alltime Entertainment and Decode Entertainment


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