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Created by : valleygirf

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

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Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

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Detail Valerian

Name: Valerian 

Goes by: Captain Valerian 

Age: Three years

Gender: Doe

Species: Rabbit

Breed: Rhinelander, but most likely not purebred

Appearence: She's mainly white, but also has grey and brown coloring. She's scarred across her face, eye and lip. Her left ear is almost completely torn off, and her right ear sags and has only a few nicks in it.

Voice: Dolores O'Riordan


Likes: General Saxifrage (c) Bogart {Chaos}, Zornroo (c) Feathervenom, Sycamore (c) Bogart {Chaos}, fighting

Dislikes: Ivy (c) Wild Wind, betrayal, cowardice


Personality: Valerian is an unstable, violent, and reckless induvidual. She often goes out of her way to prove that she fears nothing, such as attacking elil, or running in front of hrududil. She's very skilled in combat, and almost always aims to kill her opponent. Even when practing with another owsla member she gets far too carried away, and often seriously injures the other rabbit. She's like this because violence and brutality is all she knows due to being raised in Darkhaven. She absolutly hates losing.

 If another induvidual below her dares disrespect her regardless of who they are, she'll show no restraint to let them know their place. Due to this, she is feared by every prisoner, and hated by most of Nahvlao's owsla. However, Sycamore sees her as a good rabbit and she is quite close with Zornroo...To those she respects as well as those who respect her, she's very loyal to. 


Birth Warren: Darkhaven

Birth Rank: She went through many ranks, but she stayed chief rabbit for the longest.

Current Warren: Nahlvao

Current Rank: Owsla Captain



Valerian was born to in Darkhaven. She was a runt, so her father, believing that she was useless, tried to kill her. He was unsucessful, and only managed to tear off a good portion of her right ear. This left an internal scar on Valerian, and once she learned what happened to her ear, she vowed to kill her father one day.

She often fought with the other kits in Darkhaven, and almost always won. The Darkhaven rabbits that observed this were rather impressed. They knew that she would be a fantastic warrior one day.

She eventually took the vow she made as a kit into consideration, and the following day, she killed her father. She took his rank, and many more soon after. Eventually she gained the title of chief rabbit. 

Many rabbits challenged her to become chief, but none of them won. So she kept her rank for a long time. She loved fighting, and the idea of being stronger than all the others made her feel whole. Eventually her rule came to an end, because one day a rabbit called Granite challenged her to a fight, and won. This was the first time she'd ever lost in a long time, and she hated the feeling. Valerian felt she was a disgrace to Darkhaven, and that night, she left.

After leaving Darkhaven she lived on her own in a secluded burrow for a while. She improved upon her combat skills by fighting elil, and other wild rabbits, hoping that she would never loose again. Eventually, she was found by Nahlvao's wide patrol, and when they tried to take her prisoner, she fought back. A captain on the patrol by the name of Sycamore complimented her fighting skills, and told her that those kinds of skills could be used in Nahlvao.

After showing the chief, General Saxifrage her skills, she became an owsla officer, and eventually became a captain. She felt that her destiny was fufilled in this place, and couldn't be more pleased.


Canon: TV Series

Relation to WsD: Was born in Darkhaven, was beaten by Granite, and is a captain in a warren established in Efrafra's remains.


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