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Created by : valleygirf

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

Specific type : ---------


Detail Lupin

Name:  Lupin

Goes by: Lupin

Age: Nine Months

Gender: Doe

Species: Rabbit

Breed: English Lop

Appearence: She's mostly a light, bluish-gray color. She's got white patches on her feet, chest, and one above her nose. He tail is an unatural black due to being cursed by the Black Rabbit of Inle. Her ears are very large as most English Lops' are, and torn.

Voice: Mia Farrow


Likes: Fiver, Silverweed, Watership Down, Adoxa and her adopted siblings (c) Wild Wind 

Dislikes: Nightmares, Being Afraid


Personality: Lupin is timid and shy. She oftens gets this way around strangers, and when she does, she'll hide behind her large ears. It takes bit for her to warm up to others and when she does you'll either see her as a loyal friend or completely crazy. She is tramutized by her experience with the Black Rabbit, obsessed with it if you will. 

She's got a very loving and motherly side to her too and wlll often play with the kits on the down. 


Birth Warren: Hutch

Birth Rank: Show Rabbit 

Current Warren: Watership Down

Current Rank: None



Lupin was born to be a show rabbit. She was in a few shows, and did very well indeed. She was timid, but didn't mind man much. Life was good for her, but then it all changed

One night, she was being transported in a hrududu to another show. It crashed and her cage busted open. In confusion, and fear she bolted when she saw an opening. She'd never been in the wild, and was terrified. Eventually, a weasel caught her scent and attacked her. Captain Campion, currently on Efrafra's wide patrol, rescued her, but the other owsla members thought she was dead.

Lupin had seen a dark figure, whom she later found out was the Black Rabbit of Inle. He touched her tail and cursed her. She had a life to live, and refused to let her go to the Shadowlands just yet. He gave her another chance at life. 

When she woke up she met Adoxa and all her children. They adopted her as one of her own, as Adoxa saw she needed help. Eventually, when the Efrafrans moved over to Watership Down, they decided not to leave, as one of her adopted siblings fell for Dandelion. 


 Canon: TV Series

Relation to WsD: Was rescued by Campion and lives on Watership Down.



                                                                              Render by Wild Wind


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