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Created by : valleygirf

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Unrealistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Dark red

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Detail Forget-me-not

Name: Forget-me-not

Goes by: Father Forget-me-not

Age: Five Years

Gender: Buck

Species: Rabbit

Breed: Wild Rabbit

Appearence: Forget-me-not is mainly a dark red, with black forearms and back legs. He's rather scruffy in some places, particularly in the facial and chest area. His whiskers are curled at the ends.

Voice: Jeremy Irons


Likes: His followers, Twisted Meadow, peace

Dislikes: Purslane  (c) Bogart {Chaos} , General Woundwart


Personality: Forget-me-not is like a father figure to all the rabbits in Twsited Meadow. He affectionatly refers to them as 'his children' and claims he will do anything for them. He's kind, resourceful, but often thinks too much into things, and worries too much about his image.

He's also quite the avocator for peace ever since he left the Warren of No Past. He believes war is never the answer and that mercy is one's greatest virtue. He's almost completely fearless, but there is one that still haunts him greatly, and that's loosing his warren, and his followers.


Birth Warren: Unknown

Birth Rank: Uknown

Current Warren: Twisted Meadow

Current Rank: Chief



He doesn't remember much before he came to Efrafra. All he remembers is being a young kit, lost in the cold, with rain pouring down on him. He was found by the Wide Patrol, and taken in by General Woundwart, since he saw great potential in him.

Forget-me-not rose through the ranks of the owsla, just as Woundwart had predicted. He was to be the one to lead Efrafra when Woundwart dies. It was all well and good until Efrafra went to war against Watership Down. He was believed to have died when the caverns collapsed, only that wasn't the case, he managed to survive.

Thinking that Woundwart was disappointed in him, he was taken in by the Warren of No Past, and given the name Weld. There, he forgot all about his troubles back in Efrafra. He, like in Efrafra, rose through the owsla ranks, and eventually became Captain of Owsla for quite some while. After some reflection, he began to see the true horror Efrafra really was, as well as his current warren. He escaped, but before he left, he told the chief Purslane : "This place is sick. You're sick. I don't want to be Captain of Owsla here anymore. My name is Forget-me-not, not Weld, it took me awhile to realize that."

After that, he rescued a group of hlessil  from a fox. They vowed to respect and follow him for saving their lives. Forget-me-not and the group wandered about and eventually found an abandoned man place (an amusement park) and dug their warren and claimed it as their home. Forget-me-not named this place Twisted Meadow.

It wasn't all peace after the warren was formed. While he gained more and more followers, Purslane eventually caught up with him, and thus, a war between the two warrens began, as much as he protested against that kind of behavior.


Twisted Meadow Customs

*There is no owsla, instead, all the rabbits in the warren are considered warriors.

*Mercy is the warren's greatest virtue, you must only kill another if it's absolutly nessesary. 

* Here, one must put themselves last in priority. 

* All food found must go to the kits first.

* If one rabbit dies, they are to be remembered and honored. 



Canon: TV series

Relation to WsD: Was a Captain in Efrafra's owsla, and almost like a son to  General Woundwart.



                      Render by Bogart {Chaos} and the original image was done by Hope30789 on DeviantArt


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Love this guy! Very nice bio and image ya got here Toasty!

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