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Main type : Fan character

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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : White

Specific type : ---------


Detail Cyphel

Name:  Cyphel

Goes by: Captain Cyphel

Age: Four Years

Gender: Buck

Species: Rabbit

Breed: Holland Lop

Appearence: He's generally white, but has a few black patches on him. He's rather plump, and doesn't reflect the height of a wild rabbit all that much. His whiskers are also very droopy. 

Voice: Ian Mckellen


Likes: General Woundwart, Efrafra, being in control, the owsla

Dislikes: Blackavar, traitors, disorder


Personality: Cyphel is incredibly stern to the point of being snobbish. He takes his position in Erafra's owsla very seriously. He speaks clearly so that he doesn't have to repeat himself. His loyalty to Efrafra and General Woundwart is almost blind, considering how he'll go to every extent to prove himself that Efrafra isn't all bad. Adaptable among all else, he managed to turn his situation around. His intellegence and understanding of battle tactic got him a position in the owsla, a position that means everything to him.

Another thing he has a knack for is organization. If there's a riot occuring in any of the marks, and if no one else is there to do anything, he'll take complete control of the situation to make sure the rabbits all get back in line. Having control over himself and others makes him feel whole. Besides that, he is entitled, and refuses to speak to any prisoners unless he is giving them an order. 

He wasn't always like that though. In fact, back when he was a prisoner he was a bit friendlier, a lot more timid. He considered Blackavar a friend. However, Cyphel puts on a facade as a way to hide his former self. He doesn't want to be the same frightened rabbit he was when he first arrived in Efrafra.


Birth Warren: None

Birth Rank: None

Current Warren: Efrafra

Current Rank: Owsla Captain



Cyphel was dumped in the wild by his owners when they were "unable to care for him". He stood where they left him, petrified with fear, something the wild rabbits would call tharn. He was picked up by an Efrafran patrol, and taken back to their warren as a prisoner.

 For a while, Cyphel truely couldn't comprehend his change of scenery. It felt like a bad dream.  The owsla captains harassed for both his size and looks. Because of the abuse, another rabbit came to his comfort, Blackavar. However, confiding in another rabbit wasn't enough. Cyphel remained terrified; desperate for control of his situation. Everything seemed right back when he was just a pet.  

After lots of thought, Cyphel decided he wanted in the owsla. If he was on the same level as his captors he'd have a sense of control again. He tried to get a position, and was merely laughed at. A rabbit of his size would simply never make it into the owsla under General Woundwort, so, Cyphel tried to reason. He'd use his entire body weight and speed to his advantage.  No, that wasn't enough. He then told General Woundwart that he'd prove himself. He'd fight one of his captains. Woundwart agreed and sent in Chervil. His victory against Chervil was blind luck. He  jumped atop Chervil, and dug his teeth into his neck, hard. He wasn't letting go. Woundwart called off the fight, and told Cyphel that perhaps owsalfa could find some use for him.

When he got the position he wanted, Cyphel was no longer the frightened prisoner, but a fierce, respectable captain. He became stern, serious, feeling this was the only way he'd survive in Efrafra. The prisoners didn't know what to expect from him, as he was the smallest rabbit in the Efrafran owsla, and followed his orders without question. His friendship with Blackavar was no more, especially after the rabbit tried to escape. He made sure that he'd be the one to kill Blackavar should he ever run again. Everything changed once a rabbit called Bigwig came to Efrafra...

Eventually, he and the rest of Efrafra's owsla had caught up to them at Watership Down. He dug up the burrows with the rest of the owsla, hoping to find Blackavar in there and kill him. Eventually, a dog was led up to the down, and it was at that moment, that Cyphel heard the call of The Black Rabbit of Inle.


 Canon: Book/movie

Relation to WsD: An Efrafran officer and an ex-friend of Blackavar's.



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March 29, 2015
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
Dude, this guy is intense.

March 08, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
@Rachel He's from the movie, though, I'm considering making a series version of him as well.

March 07, 2015
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Is he from the movie, or TV series?:icon310:

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