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Briar (kiwiant)

Briar (kiwiant)


Created by : kiwiant0192

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : NOT used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Public

Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

Main color : Light grey

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Detail Briar (kiwiant)

Name: Briar

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Buck/ Male


Sire: Bigwig

Dam: Spartina

Full Siblings: Deceased

Half Siblings: None


Friends: Shadow, Melon, Ice, Snowdrop, Ash, Thistle, Storm

Foes: None


Warren: Watership Down

Chief: Hazel

Captain of Owsla: Bigwig


Likes: Joking, Playing pranks, fooling others, hanging with his friends, his parents

Dislikes: Obeying orders from his father, Elil, stories of El-Ahrairah

Personality: He is a pranker, and likes to fool other rabbits in his warren. He is a rule breaker, and hates obeying his father, Bigwig, though he hopes to be chief of oswla one day.

Dreams: To be in the Owsla

Fears: To meet the Black Rabbit of Inle


Mate: None

Kittens: None



Briar was born on Watership Down, to his parents Bigwig and Spartina. Unfortunately, Briar was the only kitten out of the litter to survive birth. Thus, Briar was the only kitten of Bigwig and Spartina. Briar was a tough kitten, always beating the other kittens in games. As he got older he befriended Shadow, the son of Campion and Blackberry, Melon, the son of Hawkbit and Clover, Snowdrop, the daughter of Hazel and Primrose, then last of all Ice, the son of Strawberry, and a doe, whom is unknown.

Briar was the second youngest of the group, and the most daring. He would always convince the other rabbits to prank the older ones.

One day, Dandelion told a story of himself, and seven of the warren’s rabbits going to a ‘big water’ and about Keehar, their old gull friend. Briar was fascinated by this story, and wanted to go see the ‘big water’ too. So, Briar set off without the others noticing to Nuthanger farm. He wanted to see if the man in the hurududu would take him to the big water. Soon, Briar was a long way from home, he was scared. He had never even been to Nuthanger farm before, let alone even seen a farm before. He was unaware that elil were prowling around a farm.

Sooner Briar was heading in an unknown direction, in which he hoped was toward home. Lucky he was hiding well in the grass, but he was tired. He heard a rustling in the grass. He froze. He hoped it wasn’t elil. He backed away from the noise. “Um, hello? Who’s there?” He heard a voice say. Then a head poked through a break in the grass. It was a rabbit he had never seen before. “Oh! Hello there!” The rabbit exclaimed, giggling. The rabbit looked a lot older than Briar. “So, um, who are you?” The young rabbit asked. Briar was scared of this rabbit, but swallowed hard. “My name is Briar…” Briar replied, shivering. The other rabbit raised an eyebrow. “Oh!! My name is Ash!! Where did you come from, Briar?” Ash asked, he had fully come out of the grass. He was a brown rabbit, with creamy markings on his cheeks, and one creamed colour bit on one of his hind feet. “I come from Watership Down, I ran off and got lost.” Briar said, he wanted to cry but couldn’t in front of the unfamiliar rabbit. “Really? I know where it is!! I can take you there!!” Ash hopped over to Briar, looking at him with his bold grey eyes. “Come on! Do ya wanna go home or what, Briar?” He exclaimed, sitting on his hind legs. Briar smiled. “You’ll really take me to my warren? What about your warren?” Briar asked. Ash’s ears drooped. “I… uh, my warren was destroyed in a fire. I am a loner with my two friends, they’ll come too, if that’s okay?” Briar nodded. “Of course, my chief might even let you join our warren.” Briar said. Ash’s expression lightened. “Really?! We’ll take you back to Watership Down, my boy!”


Briar quickly became good friends with Ash and the other two rabbits of whom were named Thistle and Storm. It was obvious who led the group, and the leader was Thistle, who was the oldest. They were all rabbits from a warren of which was burned by man. It had been a long while, maybe a few days with rests in between to get there. “Are we nearly at Watership Down, Thistle?” Briar asked, tired, and yawned. “We’ll stop here, lads. We are nearly there.” Thistle replied, hopping over to a rock of which looked like a small cave. “We’ll rest in this cave. I’ll be on watch duty.” He offered. The other three rabbits lay down in the rock cave. Suddenly they heard a shout. “Oi!! You there!!” Thistle backed away from the rabbits of whom were coming closer. “Who are you, trespassers?” The big one said. “Get off the downs at once or we’ll get the chief Hazel onto ya.” Another rabbit said. Thistle nodded. “I am sorry to trespass, we were getting a friend back home to Watership Down.” Thistle bowed in respects and headed toward the other three rabbits. Briar had heard the other rabbits, and decided to see who they were. “Briar?” One of the rabbits questioned. Briar stopped in his tracks. “Dad?”


After Briar returned to Watership Down, Thistle, Ash and Storm decided to head off and start their own warren. Briar was saddened to see his friends go, so he joined them. As well as Snowdrop, Melon, Ice, Shadow and Gilia.





Design © Cloudstar

Render, Story © Mine

Original Images, Background © Creators of Watership Down movie


Relation to Watership Down: Bigwig and Spartina’s son


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