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Gender : Male

Character details : Many details

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Detail Bash

Name:  Bash

Meaning: Afrikaans name meaning “forerunner”

Goes by: Bash, Corporal Bash

Age: Campion’s generation

Gender: Buck

Species: Rabbit

Breed: Wild rabbit

Appearence: Similar body type to Clover, but a bit slimmer. Has a somewhat feminine appearance and build and because of this is often mistaken for a doe. He does not take offense to this.

Theme Song: Skyline Pigeon by Elton John


Likes: exploring, being free

Dislikes: eventually grew to dislike Efrafra, being in one place for too long/feeling trapped

Personality: Bash is a calm, well-mannered rabbit. One might believe a buck who is often mistaken for a doe would take offense to such a sentiment, but he doesn't really care and instead politely corrects others. He is incredibly obediant to his superiors and does everything he's asked to do. He'll apologize even when things aren't his fault. 

Most of his negative traits are internal. He cannot stay in one place and though he liked Efrafra at first he came to hate it partially because of that reason. He has a fascination with the world around him and needs to explore. 


General Woundwort- Though not really a friend Woundwort took an interest in Bash considering he evaded capture for so long. He was appalled by the stories Bash told of Buttercup's Warren and vowed to teach Bash how to be a "true" rabbit.  

Campion- Campion likes Bash well enough. He admires his intellegence and stealthiness. Bash meanwhile admires Campion's leadership skills.

Red- Before his passing Red and Bash were very close, like soulmates in everything but name. They would hang around eachother to silflay and talk strategy. Bash however, as much as he loved Red never opened up about his inner turmoil with the owsla as Red was undyingly loyal to Efrafra. When Red was caught in a shining wire Bash was in a depressive state for quite some time. 

Moss- Though he did not interact with Bash very much before the attack on Efrafra or outside of their owsla duties, Moss has always respected Bash, and this respect was mutual. 


Heather- Bash would not personally consider Heather an enemy but it's worth mentioning that she hated him for quite a long time for capturing her and bringing her back to Efrafra.

Birth Warren: Buttercup’s Warren

Birth Rank: None

Current Warren: None

Current Rank: None



Bash was born in Buttercup’s Warren. He was born a wanderer, often straying away from his burrow as a kit. As he grew older he began to explore the mansion surrounding the warren, enjoying strolls through the maze. Eventually he began to stray beyond the mansion, though he always came back. His mother took note of this and took him aside to explain that the world outside their warren wasn’t as safe and that they were especially lucky to be born in such a place. Despite this warning, Bash wanted to leave to see the rest of the world, and by adulthood he did.

Bash did not completely disregard his mother’s warning. He took caution in navigating the world and became exceptionally skilled in hiding, running, and stealth over time. His quiet nature was also helpful. Eventually he came upon a place that he came to know as Efrafra.

He spent a bit of time on the outskirts of Efrafra. He observed the owsla patrols all while managing to evade capture. This frustrated the officers, particularly one called Vervain. Bash finally chose to show himself the day an Efrafran prisoner, Heather, attempted escape. Despite observing the officers for several days he wasn’t sure about absolutely everything concerning Efrafra, but from the way the officers spoke of her, he believed she’d done something wrong. He ran ahead of them and found a doe who he believed might be Heather and held her down. To his luck, it was, and the Efrafran owsla eventually came upon the scene. After taking hold of Heather, Vervain ordered two officers to restrain Bash. This angered another captain, Campion. “Is that any way to treat the doe who helped us capture Heather?” He then turned to Bash. “What’s your name wanderer?” “I’m not a doe sir,” replied Bash, “and I’m called Bash.”

Campion brought Bash to Woundwort, who already knew of him, as Vervain gave various reports of a wandering rabbit that evaded owsla capture. He questioned Bash and so he told him about the warren he came from. Woundwort was disgusted by what he told him about his warren yet impressed that he was able to keep his natural instincts and even perfect on them, as well as evade capture for as long as he did. After giving some thought on the matter Woundwort invited Bash to join his owsla, stating, “A position in my owsla might bring out some more of the rabbit in you that was lost in that pathetic excuse of a warren you came from.”

Bash was excellent in the Efrafran owsla. He was best known for his ability to keep an eye on the prisoners and prevent escape. He also made a friend in Red, a fellow owsla officer and the two became very close. Though Bash was not often sent on patrols when he was he almost alwyas went with Red, as the two worked well as a pair. As time passed Bash began to question what he was doing. He realized that Efrafra’s laws were pointlessly militaristic and not there to keep rabbits happy, merely to keep them in. At first he was angry about it and had the attitude of “well if I can’t leave the prisoners can’t either”. He soon softened up and realized his anger was misdirected. He thought about Heather. He wanted to apologize for bringing her back to this place. He got his chance the night Efrafra was attacked by Watership Down.

Bash ran into Moss when he was freeing the prisoners. He convinced Moss that he was on his side, which was hesitant at first to believe so before Heather stepped in and said she believed him. When they were a safe distance from Efrafra Bash apologized to Heather. She said she could not forgive him, to which he understood.

Since then, Bash has been a hlessil. He didn’t go to Watership Down with the rest of Efrafra. He had been trapped in Efrafra for too long and wanted to see all of the world he could.


 Canon: TV Series


Relation to WsD: Was born in Buttercup’s warren and was an officer in the Efrafran Owsla



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