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Of all countries, kingdoms, and civilizations in the world, the frozen nation of Thembria is one of the most notable and also one of the most peculiar. Throughout its long history, Thembria has been a major influence in world events and politics, however backwards many of its own political and social systems are. Having once commanded a measure of respect during the Great War, Thembria now draws nothing but snide comments from the rest of the world for its repressive government and inept foreign relations.


To its credit, Thembria does have a strong military force. One of the largest operational postwar armies in the world, the Glorious People's Army and Air Force serve to protect the "Motherland" and enforce Thembrian ventures abroad. What the Thembrian military lacks in refined tactics and sophisticated equipment it makes up for in brute strength and resilience.

Once a wartime ally of Usland — now averse to the "capitalist swine" from Cape Suzette — Thembria is a key player in the delicate balance of international politics.


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