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After rigorous shifts of hauling air cargo, most pilots need a chance to relax and unwind before embarking on their next delivery run. Yet a nice doze in a comfortable hammock or a leisurely weekend fishing trip doesn't always satisfy your average cargo pilot. He wants to go somewhere fun and exciting, a place that caters to the thrill-seeking side of his nature and proves there’s more to life than deadlines and deliveries.

The "garden spot of the South Seas," Louie’s Place invites worn-out cargo jockeys from far and wide to settle down at quaint plank-and-barrel tables and enjoy a cold glass of fruit juice after work hours (sometimes during them!). Offering wild entertainment, welcome accomodations, delightful refreshments, and first-rate refueling and repair service, Louie’s Place is a pilot’s paradise.


TaleSpin, Copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company. Material used without permission for non-profit purposes only.