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General TaleSpin Sites

TaleSpin: High Flight

Baloo9's Home Page

The TaleSpin Headquarters

TaleSpin Fanfic Central

TaleSpin Collectibles

TaleSpin Webring

She-Wolf's TaleSpin Page

Persian Phoenix's TaleSpin HQ

TaleSpin: The Card Game

The TaleSpin Shrine

TaleSpin Stories

Baloo Lagoon

Molly's Suite

TaleSpin Wings: Disneyania International

VoiceChasers: TaleSpin Page

Fuzzy Voices for TaleSpin

Cartoon Resource Homepage: TaleSpin

Coda's TaleSpin Page

Ralph's TaleSpin Page

Shawn's TaleSpin Page

Super Baloo Poland

Don Karnage Fan Sites

The Don Karnage Shrine

The Iron Vulture (I)

The Iron Vulture (II)

Pirate Island

Pirate Cove

Don Karnage: Mystery and Intrigue

Don Karnage's Air Pirates Club

Kit Cloudkicker Fan Sites

The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage

Kit Cloudkicker Fan Club

Cloudkicker's LiveJournal

Message Boards

TaleSpin: High Flight Comment Board

TaleSpin LiveJournal

Images and Artwork

TaleSpin Conspect Screen Grabs

Katarina's TaleSpin Art Resources

TaleSpin Russian Comic Page

Disney Afternoon Sites

DAFT Hatchlings

DAFT Archive

Disney Afternoon Webring

Disney Afternoon Characters at Disneyland

Disney HooZoo

Juan F. Lara's Homepage


Miscellaneous Sites

Disneyania International

Ultimate Disney DVD Reviews

Internet Movie Database: TaleSpin

Epinions: TaleSpin

TVTome: TaleSpin TaleSpin

1990-1991 Emmy Awards Info

Jymn Magon EMUCK Chat Transcript

Christopher L. Stone Interview

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