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Animal life is abundant in every environment, whether urban or undeveloped; jungle or desert; on land, sea, and even in the sky. Creatures come in all different shapes and sizes — some more different than others — and have special characteristics or qualities that make them unique.

While "regular" animals like horses and camels are common anywhere, certain unique creatures belong only to the TaleSpin world.


Like characters, creatures have basic attributes like Dexterity, Perception, and Strength. Unlike characters, they have no special traits, knowledge, or mechanical/ technical skills.

A creature may not be able to parry attacks, but its dexterity and strength are used in conjunction when attacking (in place of "brawling"), and when it tries to perform some physical feat that it could fail, such as jumping or climbing.

A creature’s strength is also used to resist damage to itself. The strength code can be used as the creature’s damage code when it attacks, but usually the creature will have a special weapon or method of attack that will require a specific damage code.

A creature’s ability to notice something depends on its Perception code. The higher the code, the more intelligent the creature is.

Creatures which can be used as mounts have orneriness codes which determine how difficult it is to ride them. Characters’ skill in riding these creatures depends on their "beast riding" skill rating.

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