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Cape Suzette

The harbor city of Cape Suzette is the most famous and heavily-populated trade center of the civilized world. Located at the northern edge of Usland, Cape Suzette has grown from a simple shipping port to a teeming metropolis, responsible for the livelihood of tens of thousands of people. Ruled as much by its own industries as by the city administration, Cape Suzette is home to a number of shipping companies, businesses, and corporations. Today Cape Suzette basks in the admiration and respect (and indeed, envy) of the entire world.

Cape Suzette

However, there is a price for fame. Cape Suzette has become the target of various unsavory criminals and pirates scheming to plunder its riches. For this reason, Cape Suzette has a unique defense network based around its natural barrier, the cliffs which encompass the city's harbor.

From Cape Suzette are conducted the affairs of an entire civilization. Pilots, sailors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, shipping magnates, corporate executives, and the odd adventurer or two — every person from every walk of life can be found roaming the busy streets of Cape Suzette.


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