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The Air Pirates

Air Pirates

Since the dawn of sea travel and international trade, piracy has been a serious problem for merchants and travelers. Armed with powerful cannons, flying the fearsome skull-and-crossbones banner above their sleek vessels, ancient sea pirates wreaked havoc upon overseas shipping for hundreds of years. Legendary buccaneers such as Captain Juan Tumannie amassed untold fortunes raiding treasure ships and cargo convoys, until the rise of modern warships and conventional artillery during the Great War era made such daring enterprises far too dangerous.

The Air Pirates

Today, sea buccaneering has given way to a whole new form of piracy spurred on by another of the Great War's important developments: air travel. "Sky pirates," or "air pirates," terrorize the skies as the modern-day heirs of centuries-old pirate tradition. Airships and machine guns replacing clippers and deck cannons, bands of aerial marauders attack and plunder cargo planes over international waters. To suppress these rampant crimes, air police devote their efforts to arresting pirates and discovering their secret bases, while coastal cities such as Cape Suzette defend themselves with anti-aircraft guns and defense fighters.

Swift and elusive as the winds that sweep the seven seas, air pirates plague the commercial air industry, not to mention the world of aviation in general. One of the better-known groups — the infamous Air Pirates of Don Karnage — has gained particular notoriety among pilots and law enforcement members alike. Roaming the clouds in their flagship, the monstrous Iron Vulture, Don Karnage's Air Pirates serve as an excellent example of modern skyway piracy.

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Contributed by Steven Ganske ("Starkweather")

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