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The TaleSpin world is filled with aircraft of every kind. Air freight and shipping is the lifeblood of commerce and industry, and cargo planes of every kind sail the affluent skies, from the outdated but well-beloved Conwing L-16 to huge super-transports carrying several tons of cargo.

The safety of the skies is equally important. Air pirates lurk the shipping lanes aboard huge airships, pouncing on unwary merchant planes in their fast, deadly fighter craft. In response, coast guard forces and the military are equipped with the swiftest of modern fighters to curtail the pirate threat. Khan Industries leads the world in shipping and exports due primarily to its vast fleet of cargo transports, and employs the most advanced fighter craft to protect company interests.

Listed below are some of the more well-known types of planes in TaleSpin. Although the variety of aircraft is too vast to be fully explored, the following examples are presented in some detail.

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