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Rapunzel is a young princess, Kidnapped and barely remembering his family of origin. The reason for this? Her magic hair, 20 m long, can not be cut. Indeed, her dying mother, when she was wearing it, had to drink a remedy, Which is the basis of a flower born of a sunshine, and the girl having hesitated, Of his gifts makes it possible to rejuvenate those who chant the cast increa? To cure them, or even to clarify them!

She finds herself cloistered in her tower, and spends her days, Reading, drawing, playing with Pascal, his faithful companion, and, Other activities such as cleaning, cooking or pottery ... But his biggest achievement is to get out of his stone prison, and to discover these strange light In the sky; Each of her birthdays ... That's why she takes her chance in hand when Flynn Rider ventures in his tower unfortunately. Gothel refused to answer positively, Her request, she then asks the thief to serve as a guide to him to realize his recollection, in exchange of what it will return to him his stolen loot.

Precision, Precision & All to get what holds him; Heart, it will succeed; To live this magic moment of which she recited so much, but much more: she will recall the importance of the recreation; Brigands, will charm and calm a furious horse, fall in love, and find his true family!

The Stabbington brothers are associate thieves, Flynn. Together, they defeat the crown, but Flynn quickly plays with them and escapes alone with the precious booty. They're both brutes. They do not flinch and run into the pile nicely, making it easy to manipulate for someone else who is more experienced. Like Msgr. Gothel. They find themselves losing all along the line, and locked up behind the bars ... While using them, Gothel was able to find Rapunzel by sending Flynn & The death ...

What differs from his brother is his hidden eye, Is blind.

Flynn Rider is the most wanted bandit, of the Kingdom. Associated At the Stabbington Brothers, he deconstructed the royal court, Heiress, and disintegrates to keep it alone. However, he does not choose the right hiding place and falls on ... or rather, Rapunzel falls on him, armed with a poetic, ligature and embarks in his adventure, without Could not ask for anything. Extremely sought after, it is difficult for him, especially as his traveling companion turns out to be a girl full of Stockholm Syndrome!

Flynn will not succeed, however, in his personality and sinfulness. To charm her with her usual tricks ... On the contrary, it is he who will fall under the spell of the girl and realize the sensitivity that he is!

Finally, he will entrust a young orphan named Eugene Fitzherbert, and Flynn Rider is only a chosen pseudonym, Of a book he read to the youngest of the orphanage: the adventures of Finagan Rider! Adventurer however rich, who has hardly need to fly like him ...

However, Its differences with the & quot; toad & quot; Of Rapunzel and Maximus, the horse, Of the Royal Guard, Flynn will eventually be appreciated, & Quot; Its true worth, and rescued by the bandits who once wished to deceive it ...

Pascal is the camera that accompanies Rapunzel in everything she undertakes. It is always present, on or off the shoulder. He loves to make sure that Rapunzel is safe, and that is why he did not see much Flynn at the beginning of the film. Malicious, drunk and full of life, it is the ideal gaming companion, whether it is for chess or to play the doll rehearsal (what patience!). True, he tries to best advise Rapunzel and support it in his choices; She often talks to him!

Pascal is small, but Ocirc; How courageous, His fear of Gothel, he did not hesitate; Tackle When it undermines freedom, Of Rapunzel. He is a curious little fellow, who, however, blushes quickly; The sight of a kiss that is looming not far away! He has a great power of persuasion and his gaze can very quickly disrupt greater than him ... And it is besides very gifted, To reach Its purposes, such as, for example, to check Flynn after it has been detected,

Finally, this fascinating ball of sequels seems to be forgotten by its size and by its silence, but it is a key figure, And always ready to help Rapunzel in his choices and adventure.

Maximus is the horse of the chief of the guard. He considers himself as such for the horses, and will end up being chief of the guard of the humans too! Very sophisticated, it will be necessary to know to take it with sticks ... What do I say, have it with apples!

This horse is fully equipped, Both the noble and fast steed, but also the hunter of bandits and thieves, of hunting dogs and of private detectives. Polivalent for a horse!

Having a well tempered character, Max does not shrink from anything, and would do anything to get in the way. Flynn Rider and retrieve the decked sprocket. He knows how to fight a duel; The e & perfection! And is really tenacious when it has a goal. Very destructive, having to re - enact the law, he mistrusted Flynn and took a long time; The apple. It is, moreover, grace, The intervention of Rapunzel and Pascal that he will eventually calm down ... Although in their back, he will continue; Tap on the ugly thief!

But Maximus is far from being a heartless horse. When he realizes that Rapunzel and Flynn fall in love with one another, and that Rapunzel is in danger, he will brave his former camp of justice to allow the thief to have his life saved and to bring back the princess At her place. Without it, in the end, things would have gone off!

Mrs. Gothel is an avid, unscrupulous old woman. She knows no limit to possessively keep the flower allowing her to remain young. Indeed, it does not hesitate a second time; To infiltrate the royal palace and finally to kidnap the future heiress in his parents' room.

Some might think that it has been attached Rapunzel with time, but this does not prevent her from being monstrous to her: her "teasing" Sound false, and it does not hate; To draw Rapunzel into a trap door when the trap threatens to escape, and mimic; Kill the one she loves before her eyes! Cloistering the girl in her tower of which she blocked, The issues, Gothel makes him believe horrible things about the outside world.

Manipulator, she plays round & Turn with the different characters. First of Rapunzel, She pretends to be a protective and caring man, then to the Brothers Stabbington, promising them a revenge on Flynn Rider and something far more interesting than a crown ... However, she will end By turning against them and sending them to jail, proof that it plays only in its own interests ...

However, Her cunning and her technique of attracting Rapunzel to her; Again, she will not be lucid enough to see her own loss ...

The cold hand appears to be the chief of the brigands (although it is not official). Army Of a crochet, it seems formidable and heartless at first, but Rapiponce watches in him his recreation: become a great pianist!

It is ultimately through this, That Rapunzel and Flynn will succeed; Come out of the inn of the lame duck at the moment The guard arrives, called a little earlier when they had discovered the identity, Of the coveted thief. It is also he and his band who will come to the rescue of Flynn when he is condemned. & Quot; Death ...

The lover is the second brigand, Sing his presentation. He is completely romantic and receptive to finding love in spite of himself, His unattractive physique (6 toes on the foot, his infected wound, his goiter and his big nose). Cautious, nice, he is anything but a brigand, as he himself asserts: "I am the lover, not the brigand". He / Venice, in a gondola, and find love; The end of the film, The cold hand that will send her hook in the helmet, which will fall on a pretty young girl!

The king is the father of Rapunzel. He is a silent character in the film. He does not speak; No time, yet, it is one of those most touching the viewer; Cause of the motion that it leaves transparent on its face. Very attached, & Quot; His daughter, he cries for more than a decade later, and his emotion is great when he finds her again. The poor man had almost lost his wife when she was pregnant ... And after the miracle of life, he is deprived of his progression!

He and his wife then throw lanterns. Each anniversary of Rapunzel, in memory and homage of their daughter, and in the hope that it will return someday ...

The queen is the madre of Rapunzel. She is also a silent character who only reveals her emotions by gestures and her breath. At the beginning of the film, she dies and is saved by the creative remake, & Quot; Base of the flower born of a sunshine. Thus saved, it gives birth to Rapunzel, which harnesses the magical powers of the flower.

She is touched by the sadness of her husband, That they do not acknowledge the least word, the spectator can feel the bond that binds them together. Together, they acquire a lantern, Each anniversary of Rapunzel, in the hope of finding her.

Rapunzel looks like trait for trait His mate.

The Stabbington brothers are associate thieves, Flynn. Together, they defeat the crown, but Flynn quickly plays with them and escapes alone with the precious booty. They're both brutes. They do not flinch and run into the pile nicely, making it easy to manipulate for someone else who is more experienced. Like Msgr. Gothel. They find themselves losing all along the line, and locked up behind the bars ... While using them, Gothel was able to find Rapunzel by sending Flynn & The death ...

This captain makes every effort to wed Flynn and regenerate the crown. He only wants to fight against him and finish with him - which is why he is so satisfied to corner him in front of the dam. But he is finally beaten by the poet who is right about him. It is, however, he who announces to the thief his sentence, proof that he is not dead when the barrage has collapsed. Maximus belongs to him, and he knows how to understand his horse and trust him, for the latter, although an eccentric suspicion, proves to be more successful, That his subordinates by covering the secret passage ...!

The satyr is a drunken old man who is dressed up as a " Of a layer would appear, and whose red nose and betrayed the level of alcohol in the blood. Coiffure Of a pair of wings, he plays the reputation of Cupid, Several times in the film: during the song, The lover makes him fly in the room by making us uncover a hidden wink, & Quot; Pinocchio, and & The end, He wants us a kiss little envi ...

He has a very poor approach of women, and tries, Gothel seduced with his gentle reply: "Bring me a vase, because I have just found a beautiful flower, a beautiful plant!", But the latter quickly returns the knife to him Throat ... Euuh, on the nose, to subtract information ... An age, seduction becomes dangerous!

Vladimir is a pure brute. It is implicitly compared, & Quot; A ball that takes three guards! But at the bottom of it, His unsympathetic pace and his need for money, he knows how to be sweet, because he collects little unicorns, rather unlikely given his size "monumentesque"!

It is better to be an ally, An enemy, because of his power, his opponents are not long ...

When her hair is cut, they lose their power and become brown. This is why, The end of the film, Flynn sacrifices herself by cutting them off ... But the magic persists in her and she succeeds; save him. Her hair is brown and short.

A silent character, Ulf le mime, as his name suggests, mimics every message he wants to convey. It is part of the brigand band that comes to the rescue of Flynn, and allows to arrest its pursuers by making them perplexed vis-a-vis the invisible wall that it tate.

He is visibly happy, in any case, he never said the contrary to Flynn!

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