A Wayward Heart Pt.1

Author : Astralite

Date sent : June 27, 2012

Rating : PG (Parental guidance suggested)

Category : Other

Description : Part one in my OC Flora's story, this takes place from when she runs away and onward, I'll some drabbles about her childhood later.

Length : Short -

Characters :
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                  PG (Parental guidance suggested)
A Wayward Heart Pt.1
By Astralite

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This fanfic was rated PG (Parental guidance suggested).


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Last comments

April 02, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Thank you very much look for part 2!

March 31, 2013
Is not currently on the site
a good story well written :)

March 23, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
In response to your comment: Any time!

March 23, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Yeah, I just didn't know what England would be referred to in the show, I apologize, if anyone knows PM me or comment and I'll fix it. Thank you. Flora is not a pirate she just lived with them until she could escape, she and Karange have a nonconsentual relationship it's not going to work out for them. And of course there will be more in time thank you so much for comments and advice I will let you guys know when I have more.

March 23, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
I thought I'd add: I just checked out your character page for Flora and she's from England, huh? No offense but I'm not really sure if this would work in the Talespin setting. At least from everything that's been implied on the show, Talespin takes place in an alternate universe with countries that are only SIMILAR to our own. It just irks me a little whenever I read a talespin fanfiction and get confused because the author added in real-world places which may not necessarily belong.

Oh well, regardless, I can't tell you how to write, and I hope you don't think I'm flaming. I left a comment on your profile today so I hope we can possibly be friends and that you can get back to me soon. Thanks!!

March 23, 2013
Usa Is not currently on the site
Hmm, nice story so far but if I may i'd like to add some constructive criticism: But before I go on, first and foremost: Will there be more to the story? If yes, please keep me in the know, I would love to see more to it!

But anyway.... I'm just going to say: I've seen several Karnage-in-love stories, and I'm just going to warn you, his love interest has ALWAYS either became a pirate, or already is one at the start of the story. I'm not necessarily saying Flora's a bad character, I like her from what I've seen so far; but if she's going to be a pirate make sure has more things in common with Karnage other than the obvious and superficial (assuming of course their relationship works out :P). Plus, I'd also like to point out: So Flora's 19.

No offense intended, but that just makes her relationship with Karnage seem a little bit creepy since he's what, in his 30's? *shrug* Well, regardless, you DO have some potential for a story here and I patiently wait for more :)

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