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The Quality of a Disney Serial,

I, like many people my age, loved to watch Disney cartoons when I was little. And I suppose I took it for granted that animation would always be with us, waiting to be watched on Saturday mornings on the Disney Channel. Now that I've grown up, I've learned that you cannot take ANYTHING for granted. I did feel, however, that animation was meant only for kids--specifically, TV animation.

I am very glad that Steet made this Source, because it helped to prove me wrong. Granted, the animation is not incredibly well-done, but it's far better than some other TV show animation I've seen. And the voice acting is top-notch, and most of the episodes are not only action-packed, but have their sense of hilarity as well.

All in all, TaleSpin is fastlly cathing my interest once more. Great show!

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March 08, 2011
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Good review.

I have to admit, looking back at one of the episodes today, the animation wasn't that top notch, but was still worth watching because of the story, characters, voice acting, etc.

I have to admit that when I was a kid (around 3/4 years old), the quality looked like a Care Bears rip off (I kinda feel that way a bit, lol). But now that I'm older, and have greater perspective, the characters, stories, voice acting are 10x better than the Care Bears and has more variety; the stories can be for kids, for teens, and for adults.

I'm thankful for the team of cast and crew that helped this show have a legacy that will never be forgotten.

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