Animation Source newsDecember 16, 2009
Opening of Spirit Source! / Death of Roy Disney...


The site is opened since two days nows, but better late than never : Spirit Source (english) is now officially opened!

Spirit fansite

That makes the third site in (almost) one week!! Yes, that's madness, I admit. At the same time, they were ready, so I didn't want to make any of you waiting...

I already know that Spirit Source and All Dogs Go To Heaven Source will be the two most popular sites here after Balto Source. Which is logical, these sites are made for attracting the current visitors while the others are there for "enlarging" the members base.

In any [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 15, 2009
*UPDATE* Princess & The Frog box office opening


* UPDATED * See below!

The Princess And The Frog is now available widely (in the US!) and here's its first week end box office :


Disappointing Box office

My analysis? Disappointing. VERY disappointing.

This is below the expectations, below any 3D animated film being released over the past years. UP made 3 times that, other lesser efforts such as Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball or Disney's A Christmas Carol made much better.
Enchanted, a film with similar aspects but limited target, made 35M$. Heck, even Curious George, a 2D animated film that no one talked about when it was released in 2006 and [...]

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TaleSpin Source newsDecember 11, 2009
New Irish Jungle Book TV series


There is a new The Jungle Book TV series to be broadcast soon, and this one is made in CGI.

3D Jungle Book series

It isn't from Disney, obviously. Although, I have to admit that it looks very nice (and that's a lot, coming from someone like me who dislikes almost anything CGI)!

Actually this looks very close to the Disney version, except for...


A serious Baloo with glasses?? *GASP*

Maybe they wanted to avoid getting sued by Disney Disney

To see more, check the official website and this Youtube video.

I still think that making a new Talespin series in CGI would be a bad idea. (no-no)


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Animation Source newsDecember 11, 2009
The Princess & The Frog opens today!


In case you didn't already know...

The Princess & The Frog is opening today in theaters, in the USA!

Time magazine : Top Princess & The Frog

So if you live there, well...what are you waiting in front of your computer??? Get out and see it! Now! It's an order! The 

More seriously : for now the film has grossed $2,410,820 in only two theaters. (pre-release) which is an impressive amount (but was expected!) We should receive the "real" figures in a few days with its first wide-release week end.

Will it make an honest effort (10-20 M$) or become the highest-grossing 2D animated film of all time? (> 50 M$) We'll [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 09, 2009
Opening of All Dogs go to Heaven Source!


They're on fire! The Yes, the Source websites are multiplying at light speed.

Today, I present you with a site dedicated to this film that, I'm pretty sure, everyone here already knows : All Dogs Go To Heaven, including information on the sequel, the series and the Christmas Carol.

This site has been one of the most requested during the lifetime of Balto Source, so I hope you'll be satisfied!

EDIT : Sorry about that, I'm very impolite. You can thank Silver Deni (graphics) and Mohammad891 (content/info) for all their work on the site!

All Dogs Go To Heaven Source

This [...]

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TaleSpin Source newsDecember 07, 2009
New Talespin comics


Extract from TaleSpin Comic

I have posted a bunch of some short Talespin comics :

UsualA Piece O' Da action

Girl Little Plane of Horrors

Posted Congratulations, You have just won...

Pango The Girl from Pango-Pango

As usual, they're available for download on the .

There is more to be posted, but for now, enjoy :)


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Animation Source newsDecember 05, 2009
Opening of Princess & The Frog Source!


Princess And The Frog Source

Yes, there is a new Source site! Maybe not the one you expected (don't worry, the english version of Spirit Source is still on its way)
Nonetheless, this is an important one.

Why is Princess & The Frog important?

The main reason is simple : this upcoming film is Disney's comeback to traditional animation!

Let's remember : in 2003, Disney closed down their 2D animation department, deciding to stop making more "line drawn" animated films like their past glories from the 90's : The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast... That [...]

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Animation Source newsDecember 04, 2009
Webranking changes, and sharing


I have performed a lot of changes on the sites recently, in order to solve some trouble with webranking.

Especially, the forums URL have changed : but don't worry, if you bookmarked some pages, you will be redirected to the right page.

I have done some testing, but if you see experience some bugs, please report them!

Also, I have added some neat "Share" buttons on most site pages, so that you can now easily share your creations, the interesting articles you find, etc...on Facebook, Twitter and others!


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Animation Source newsNovember 21, 2009
News display changes


I have done a little change on the way news are displayed.

In particular, the Animation Source news will appear on all the sites, so that everyone knows when I make changes that affect all the sites.

Also, only a part of the news will be displayed on the front page, in order to show more than a single news. The aim is to write news more often, so that you'll get updates more regularly! (instead of one big news every month or so, like I used to do)


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TaleSpin Source newsNovember 19, 2009
Little Big Talespin


I have posted an article about a Talespin level created for the game LittleBigPlanet (PS3).

If you own that game, I highly suggest you to try it!

Also, if you didn't notice already, recently. Be sure to check his answers, they're a gold mine!

Finally, I have added a new poll, concerning the Talespin Virtual Season. And if you still don't know what it is, check the Talespin VS section on the forums!


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TaleSpin Source newsOctober 11, 2009
Talespin Virtual Season, and more comics


If you visited the forums recently, you probably know that a few of us Talespin fans have started working on a "Virtual Season" project.

The aim is to create a new season of Talespin. Of course, not a "whole videos" one like the real series, but a "Virtual Season" can take many forms, the most simple being fanfics.

At the current state, we're working on the preliminaries : brainstorming in order to get some plots, drawing character sheets, etc...

We are looking for fans who would be glad to dedicate some of their time on this project. So if you can draw, if you have story ideas, or even [...]

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TaleSpin Source newsSeptember 11, 2009
Animation Source opened!


As you may know, Talespin Source is my most recent site, but not the only one. (and there may be more in the future!)

In order to "connect" all the animation fansites that I manage, I have created a "hub" page/site which is called "Animation Source", and which allows to navigate between the sites. Just click on the logo that appeared in the top-left side of the site!

See below for more news!

 Site changes log :

TheChanged the default WYSIWYG text editor to FCK editor, which is much better than the previous one I used. Also, uploading images and files is now possible with FCK.
CharacterAdded a [...]

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TaleSpin Source newsAugust 05, 2009
Questions anyone?


It appears that I hadn't written any news about this, even though it's probably one of the most important things that could happen on this site :

Jymn Magon, co-creator of Talespin, answers your questions on the site!

He offered to answer the questions when he gets the time, so !

Also, Jymn worked on most of the Disney afternoon series, and since for now it's my only site related to these, you can also ask questions about Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Chip & Dale!

Site changes log :

QuestionsAdded a special section to !
SeriesAdded all the
JymnAdded a new
BearsOpened the french version : it is called
GummiAdded the


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TaleSpin Source newsJune 28, 2009
Gamebooks, projects, comics, etc...


Well, here's the time for a first news update!

A lot of Talespin fan creations have already been sent, including fanarts, fanfics, articles, videos etc...Thank you! Keep them coming ;)
I will soon add a "What's new?" part on the main page to show them (basically the same part that is on Balto Source but re-created better)

I have also made a lot of changes on the site myself, some of which were necessary to be able to update the other Animation Source site to the same "engine".
This includes the Fan Gamebooks section. If you don't know what gamebooks are, they're some "interactive fanfics" where [...]

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TaleSpin Source newsJune 06, 2009
Say "Hello" to TaleSpin Source!

  After 4 years of Balto Source and Lion King Source, I have officially opened a new site!

This site is dedicated to the TaleSpin Disney TV series, which is - in my opinion - one of the best animated series and surely the best Disney series I have ever seen.

It's clearly a series that I have always overlooked, just like all the TV series from that period. (I didn't watch that much the TV cartoons when it used to air, back in 1991 - I was more into the Disney comics books...)
I also had a wrong image of Disney series as a general way, thinking they were kiddy and sub-par compared to their animated [...]

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