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TaleSpin characters

Baloo Bear is a bush pilot; he used to own an air cargo business ("Baloo's Air Service") and a plane (the "Sea Duck") but lost everything when he was not able to pay the loan for his plane.

Now he works for Rebecca, in order to repay his debts and get back his plane.

He also stumbled upon a young orphan (Kit), who (due to a few events) consider him almost like a father.

His two other friends are Wildcat (the mechanic) and Louie, the bartender of the place where Baloo is spending most of his time...

Also called :

"Poppa Bear" (Kit)
"Cuz'" (Louie)
"Fly-boy" (Rebecca)
"Mr. Baloo" (other characters)

From the outside :
* Overweight, lazy, allergic to work, rude, slob, careless, irresponsible, sloppy, unreliable.

* Messes up everything Rebecca asks him to do (even mailing a letter!!)

* Gets very easily attracted to fame and has a very big ego

From the inside :

* Excellent pilot, never hesitates to save anyone in trouble, golden heart, always finds a way to correct his mistakes.

In-depth :

* Torn between being a father for Kit, and being his best friend

* Torn between liking Rebecca, and wanting to quit his job / buy back the Sea Duck

* Torn between having fun, and doing his job correctly

Voice actor : Ed Gilbert

Rebecca Cunningham is a small brown bear, with the 1930's-40's hair style.  She is a shrewed business woman.

With an MBA ( Master of Buisness Administration), she bought out Baloo's air service. This happened in result from Baloo not paying his bank loan.

She is bright, ambitious, and unassumingly attractive. She is known to be tempermental, jealous, stuborn, competitive, and romantic. She lives with her daughter Molly in an apartment in Cape Suzette.

Also called :

"Beckers", "Becky", "Beck", "BC" (Baloo)

"Miss Cunningham" (Kit, Wildcat, ...)

From the outside :

* Only cares about money. Always find crazy schemes to bring more...

* Gets angry very easily.

From the inside :

* Her attraction for money is justified by getting a good future for Molly.

* Although she would never admit it, Baloo & Kit are very important to her. She wants to run a business as a "family", even if they aren't officially one.

* She looks for romance...something which, apparently, Baloo is impervious to.

In-depth :

* Rebecca is torn between loving Baloo, and wanting to fire/strangle him

* Torn between being a good mother for Molly, and running her business efficiently

* Torn between trusting Baloo and following her own ideas.

Voice actor : Sally Struthers

Kit Cloudkicker is a young orphan with a mysterious past.

In Talespin's pilot episode, Kit stumbled upon Baloo, who immediately "adopted" him. Little did Baloo know that Kit was a member of the air pirates...

Kit is determined, courageous and has a very fond respect for the adults - especially Baloo (refered by him as "Papa Bear"), Rebecca and Molly, who he considers as his new parents and family. (unofficially of course)

Of the three main cast characters, Kit is probably the most reasonable character...even though he's a child.

Kit may be seen as a replacement for Mowgli at first sight, although Kit is more mature and has more depth as a character in the series.

Also called :

"Little britches" (Baloo)

From the outside :

* 12 years old, rebellious orphan

* Likes doing "cloud surfing" with a metal foil wing

From the inside :

* Intelligent, with good common sense, honest and hard working

* Wishes to have a true family - something he found at Higher for higher

* Wishes to become an ace pilot, can't wait to fly his own plane

In-depth :

* Torn between being independant and between letting himself be taken care of

* Torn between trusting Baloo and trusting "Miss Cunningham"...

Voice actor : R.J. Williams, Alan Roberts

Molly is a 6 years old female bear, and is the child of Rebecca Cunningham.
Her father is a mystery, as he is never mentioned in the series.
Just like her mother, Molly has a very strong temperament, and is not afraid to kick some "bad guy ass", especially when she wears her "Danger Woman" suits (her favorite radio show!)

On the other side, this is a very tender soul, who of course is very close to her mother but who also considers Baloo as father and Kit as brother.

She is also very close to Wildcat, who is often the only one willing to spend time for playing with her and the only one to truly understand her feelings.

Voice actor : Janna Michaels

Wildcat is the mechanic of Higher for Hire. Actually, he is a genius when it comes to fixing something, as long as he has the material for it!

He's very innocent, kind-hearted, and wouldn't hurt a fly. He would do anything to protect the ones he like - including wild animals!

Even though he seems dumb and the other characters often suggest him to get therapy, he may actually be the most reasonable of them all...

Voice actor : Pat Fraley

Louie is the bartender of a famous place of the same name. "Louie's" is the place where all the pilots gather to party and to get refreshments, as well as filling their gas tanks.

He runs his business with the company of a few other monkey employees (a reference to him being the King of monkeys in Jungle Book)

He's Baloo's oldest friend, the two having a particular relationship as they both think they're better than the other and will do anything to prove it, especially when it comes to girls; yet they will always help each other. They both are also "party animals", the only difference being that he considers his job more seriously than Baloo does.

Unlike Baloo, Louie shows some attraction to "Becky Baby", even though it's probable that he considers all the girls the same way and he's far from being the romantic type.

Among the things he fears the most, the top two is : his aunt Louise Lamour, and anchovies...

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Don Karnage is the captain of the air pirates, who has a very unique mix of english-french-spanish (?) accent.

As the leader, he has great responsabilities over the big "family" of pirates. He and the air pirates live in a gigantic ship named the "Iron Vulture". His main desire is to plunder the city of Cape Suzette, a task far from being easy as there are many obstacles to overcome (the cliff gunners, the air force, and sometimes a foolish pilot, his former pirate navigator and his very annoying boss lady)

He's full of himself, actually he *loves* himself (probably even more than he loves acting piratish)

Oh, and beware : he hates being called "crazy". Even if he is. (arrrrgh, no, I didn't mean it...helllllllp!)

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Mad Dog is a member of the air pirates. He's the one that Don Karnage sends when there's something to do - whatever it is.

He's not clever (but still a little bit more than the other air pirates) He's almost always seen together with Dumptruck, the two forming the most-known couple of air pirates in Talespin.

Voice actor : Charlie Adler

Dumptruck is another member of the air pirates, who's often seen in the company of Mad Dog. He's a very tall and muscular guy, though as expected he's also a dumb kind.

Don karnage uses him when Mad dog is not available or when he needs some brute force. He's also seen commanding the air pirates in one episode, due to the absence of "Captain Karnage" who named him temporarily for that leader position.

Voice actor : Chuck McCann

Gibber is Don Karnage's first mate. He is always seen in his company, and is the official adviser.

He has the particularity of never talking loudly, but instead whispers what he has to say in Karnage's ear. Although, he hasn't got a higher intellect than the other air pirates, which makes one wonder how he got that position...Default choice due to the lack of competence from all the air pirates?...

Voice actor : Chuck McCann

Ratchet is a member of the air pirates and a skilled mechanic. His greatest creation was a lightning gun which required a crystal to charge it up. With this weapon he managed to destroy parts of Cape Suzette once.

Due to his duties as a mechanic he hasn't been assigned to many missions with other pirates outside the iron vulture.

Voice actor : Rob Paulsen

Hacksaw is the big yellowish colored dingo pirate, who wears his ears up through a small golden ring with the green gem and wears himself with blue waistcoat, sports leather armbands loaded with sticks of TNT and dark green scrachted pants.

He appears visually in "It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck" episode, but he speaks few times in "A Bad Reflection on You, Part 2" with a whining, Australian accent. Hacksaw's described by capitain Don Karnage as person with "the brains of a duck" because of his insane - looking blue eyes and quirky, in few moments also goofy, behaviour.

Voice actor : Charlie Adler

Shere Khan is the head of a multi-billion worth company named "Khan Industries". In the series, he's almost always represented behind his desk, at the very top of the Khan Industries building.

He appears as a very cold person, always serious and with no sense of humor. (well, like most company heads, not very surprising...) Even though he's obviously interested in making money (and he's shown interests in buying Higher for Hire, at least in the comics, as well as Louie's bar), it seems he has other secret interests.

He reckons Baloo as a great pilot, even though he don't always remember his name.

Contrary to its Jungle book character, Shere Khan here isn't a villain but acts more like a neutral character - in the series, he helps anyone who can make things more profitable for him, even if it sometimes comes to dealing with air pirates.


Voice actor : Tony Jay

(description will be added later)

Voice actor : Jim Cummings

Col. Ivanod Spigot, as you can see, is incredibly short Thembrian boar, who commands his "Glorious People's" Air Force. 

He has got Napoleon complex and prominent lisp, which makes his popular quote: "Perhaps you've heard of me?" more characteristical. 

Not being experienced in flying didn't disturbed him in creating the idea to shoot every C.O. in Thembria who failed an current flight exam. 

It's known that his grandmother was probably killed and eaten by polar bears, but whether was the accident or not, it will be always the unsolved mystery.

Voice actor : Michael Gough

Sgt. Dunder is faithful Spigot's second-in-command, who often takes the blame for many of his boss's plural breakdowns (this behaviour shows him as devoted soldier). He is convivial (that's why he's the best friend of both Baloo and Kit) and sometimes crass like the Higher for Hire mechanic, Wildcat, but nowhere as self - seeking and implicit as Spigot is. 

Voice actor : Lorenzo Music

Muffy Vandeschmere, like her husband, Buffy, appears in episode "A Touch of Glass"

She is dressed in a blue dress and wide-brimmed hat, a pearl necklace, bangles on her ankles and has blond hair (that turns out to be a wig, unfortunately :( ).

The both foxes are imitating Bostonian blueblood accents.

Muffy and Buffy were trying to cheat Higher for Hire company with the help of posing the couple of snobbish and extremely rich clients by them and their "jewels", which they had be transported to Hyenasport (they were really a piece of glass). 

Voice actor : Linda Gary

Buffy Vanderschmere, like his wife, Muffy, appears in episode called "A Touch of Glass".

Buffy is dressed like a golfer.

The both foxes are imitating Bostonian blueblood accents, but sometimes he sounds a bit like Thurston Howell, III.

Muffy and Buffy were trying to cheat Higher for Hire company with the help of posing the couple of snobbish and extremely rich clients by them and their "jewels", which they had be transported to Hyenasport (they were really a piece of glass). 

(description will be added later)

Voice actor : Ellen Gerstell

Myra is the state archaeologist and the minister of culture in Aridia. She works as a curator after Baloo and Wildcat helped her to unearth the ancient pyramid and eradicate the curse of the mummy. When there's something to analyze she does it immediately and precisely, as being a passionate archaeologist.

Despite having a calm nature she can act loudly when trying to convince somebody.

Voice actor : Liz Georges

Lotta Lamour  is the vixen crown princess of the Kingdom of Macadamia and she appeared in episode "The Road to Macadamia". 

She's known in this kingdom for her smartness, beauty and high power, but her monarch rabbit father King Amuck is, unfortunately, extremely naive, weak and idiotic.

Lotta became not only the target for Baloo and Louie's affections during a cargo pick-up to the country, but also of the power-hungry buzzard Chancellor Trample (he wanted to marry her in order to rule the kingdom and hold stolen tax money, but he was stoped by her, Baloo and Louie). Although she liked both of them, she didn''t fall for either one of them but was grateful for restoring her and her father's kingdom back to the justifiable rulers.

Voice actor : Kath Soucie

Kitten's highly seductive blond Starrywood starlet with a husky Lauren Bacall-like voice. Kiki (her nickname given by underspelled Baloo) appeared in episode "A Star Is Torn". 

She acts like a femme fatale, that means she can manipulate any hapless male under her spell - that's why Baloo, who saved earlier feline actress's life during making a street scene and was later hired to be a stunt for her following picture, and Rebecca didn't get on well with each other. 

Becky found out later that Kiki frequently sabotaged that movie in order to increase her falling fame and cheesy acting skills. She discovered herself during the unsuccessful plane "accident" she made for the enchanted Baloo and was finally taken in by the police.

Voice actor : Tress MacNeille

(description will be added later)

Voice actor : Kath Soucie

Daring Dan Dawson, a ferret wearing an old fashioned aviator's cap and goggles, appeared once in episode called "Stormy Weather". He was a paltry owner and lead performer of his “Daring Dan’s Dazzling Circus of the Air.” He almost destroyed the father/son relationship between Kit and Baloo (who tried to ground his young navigator's dreams about being a famous and rich ace of the sky) throughout wirepulling and falsehood, briefly convincing Kit to run away from Papa Bear and join his circus as “Kit Cloudkicker: Ace of Skies."

Voice actor : Cam Clarke

Ace London is one of Baloo's greatest rivals. Because of his expert flying skills he works as a test pilot. His ego is huge and often behaves cockily as he speaks of himself as the 'bravest, fastest, handsomest airman that ever streaked across mother nature's blue roof'. He's always admired by the public and usually responds that they 'got that right'. Though he's not infallible as he has a problem remembering things.

Ace London shows no fear. He doesn't even hesitate to take back secret testing objects by using force on civilians. Being delegated to lower tasks weakens his confidence drastically.

Voice actor : Phil Hartman

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