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- Kit, the Magician , by KitCloudkicker52885
Upon meeting his brother, Chris Cloudkicker and getting
together with their new cousin, Jeffery Cunningham, Kit
Cloudkicker discovers his talents as m...

- Karnage's Revenge, by Ann29
As preparations are made for Higher for Hire's one year
anniversary celebration, Don Karnage makes his own plans to
plunder Cape Suzette and to get ev...

- Baloo's Clues, by Ann29
An old sketchbook that Baloo picks up at a flea market
becomes a prized possession after discovering that it's a
treasure map.

- The Necklace of Two Worlds Ch. 1, by Mutitoon90
Two friends enter a new world by means of a magical
necklace. Now, they must make new friends, steal a map, and
find a treasure before it\'s too late...

- Hopes & Schemes, by Ann29
A prequel to TaleSpin's awesome movie "Plunder and

- It's Dough Contest, by Ann29
To win big bucks, the Higher for Hire gang enters a contest.
There's only one catch: they have to convince a judge that
they're a family. Can they p...

- Up, Up, Away in My Beautiful Baloo-n, by Ann29
In an attempt to restore peace at Higher for Hire, Kit sets
an unsuspecting Baloo and Rebecca up on a date that turns
dangerous when Karnage drops in....

- The Misdirection Game, by w-goldwing
Higher for Hire business is better than ever! New cargo
contracts and lots of deliveries, but the timing could not
be worse as Don Karnage and his Air...

- Cataclysm, by Sprinkle
On Bedeviled Island Maximum Security Prison, one prisoner
understands the punishment of the sun. Thembrian's POV.

Last fanfics sent :

- The Misdirection Game, by w-goldwing
- The Dogfather, by Grace Kane-Karnage
- to many ghost, by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Ghost files 3, by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Ghost files (part2), by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Ghost files (part1), by ShadeWolfenHunter
- signs of war, by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Pilots and separation, by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Fey dart, by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Little lost Molly, by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Shade, by ShadeWolfenHunter
- Spurts and Sputters, by Short Raccoon

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