What is Shere Khan's role anyway?

Date : January 14, 2010

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Hey, gang, thanks for setting up the Q&A. More than that, thanks for rocking 90's with your awesome Disney SatAm toons.

Been watching Talespin for quite some time. Personally, I'm confused with Shere Khan's role in TS. Was he meant to be a villain? If he was, what's he plotting? Up until when Shere Khan join forces with Don Karnage and the pirates, there's no telling nor even a hint whether he's actually plotting any Xanatos Gambit (damn you, TVTropes!) or not against Cap Suzette.

There has been Panda invasions, and robot uprisings over Cape Suzette, if he's a very cunning manipulative villain, he would take advantage of these events against the Cape.

So what is Shere Khan's role anyway? What is he actually plotting this whole time til he team up with the pirates?

Speaking of robots, in Bullethead Baloo, if Shere Khan *IS* the villain, when he's about to throw Dr Axelotter off the plane, he would've made a better offer to Axelotter to build the robots secretly for his corporation rather than just throw him overboard. Would it or not improve the overall story of Bullethead Baloo?


Thanks. Keep kicking ass.

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January 19, 2017
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He is written that way and made into a neutral character or anti hero. They made Karny the main bad guy for some reason though I don't believe it was intentional. I believe Karnage was suppose to be anti- hero or red herring or the pasty scapegoat instead of the real bad guy. OR, the writers mess up.

August 08, 2010
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Khan, to me, is pure business. Is that evil? Well, judging from the global financial mess, I would say YES, he's evil. But not Throw-you-out-the-window evil. If he can profit from a situation, he will. If he can't, he will instantly walk away. No malice, no anger... just not worth his time. (I think we did that in an episode, in fact... Khan was about to take Baloo's plane or something, and Baloo convinced him he'd eventually lose money, so Khan drop the whole deal.)

And, no, I never saw him behind some huge plot to take over Cape Suzette. I think he would see that running a city was too inefficent and costly. Drop it.

January 15, 2010
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Personally, I think Shere Khan was MEANT to be a "neutral" character. He only does what is best for himself.

Here : http://www.animationsource.org [...] Jungle_Book/157.html&nump=1338
Jymn says that "he was added even later" than the other main characters. I think they had an original character and decided to replace him with Shere Khan, which may also explain why he's not as mean as he is in "The Jungle Book".

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