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Date : August 26, 2017

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I'm watching TaleSpin on my DVDs. In the episode Whistlestop Jackson, Legend, Jackson said something about getting used to a new plane, to which Baloo responded: "New? The Sea Duck's 20 years old."

When I heard that, I was like: "Really?!" If assuming TaleSpin's timeline is in the late 1930's, that would mean the Sea Duck was built in 1917 or 1918, Did they really make that good of a cargo plane in that era?. I wouldn't thiink plane designers would know how to make a plane like the Sea Duck during that time. How many planes before 1920 had loading bay doors at the back of the plane, or the twin boom tail (like the P-38  Lightning.)

I know this is a cartoon, and TaleSpin have a different history than ours, but I'm having trouble believing a plane as good as the Sea Duck was built 20 years prior to the show's time. Since it was late in the 30's, I'd thought the Sea Duck was built 5 to 10 years prior, but 20? I have difficulty swallowing that.

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August 26, 2017
Fan News Editor Usa Is not currently on the site
I wish to add, that before 1920, there was a total of 14 different planes (maybe a few more) with a twin-boom tail, but they were mostly biplanes and float-planes, nothing like a boat-car-plane combo like the Sea Duck The Sea Duck is only plane I know that has something like car doors to the cockpit.

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