Bagheera and the other Jungle Book characters?

Date : July 11, 2017

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TaleSpin contains only three characters from the Jungle Book; Baloo, Shere Khan and Louie. Where are the other characters? Where's Bagheera? I know that all of Shere Khan's pilots are black panthers and any one of them could be Bagheera,  but we never hear Baloo walking up to a panther and greeting him like an old friend; "Hey-hey, Baggy! How's it going?"

Was it because you couldn't find a spot in the show for him, or was it because you could only get the rights for only three characters?

What about the other guys from the Jungle Book? What about the Wolf pack, the Elephant troops, the three vultures or Kaa? How come they never made it into the show?

Granted, I can only think of two roles for Kaa, he'd be a one-shot character, could be a villian or a predator either one. His main target for his hynosis powers would be Kit, as he is a kind of stand-in character for Mowgli.

As a villian, Kaa could brainwash Kit into commiting crimes for him, mostly sneaky thefts and pickpocketing, and Baloo and the others has to find a way to break Kaa's spell over Kit and then prove Kit's innocence. For comic relief, it should be Wildcat and his accident proneness that broke Kaa's spell after all the efforts Baloo and others did to break it, maybe tripping over his own feet and sent a wrench flying out of his hand and bonking Kaa in the head.

As a predator, Kaa could brainwash Kit into being his willing lunch and walk into Kaa's mouth, only to be yanked away and snapped out of it in the nick of time by Baloo. In that case, Kaa could be one of the traps guarding a treasure lol

Anyway, back to my question; WHERE ARE BAGHEERA AND THE OTHERS?! 


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