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Disney comes back with hand-drawn 2D game!

Written by steet :


 Disney is currently making a sequel to the Wii game "Epic Mickey", which was a very good and creative game! It will be released on Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, scheduled for fall 2012, and this news alone is already a very good one!

But the best news, is that there will be an entirely different version on the Nintendo 3DS, which will be a coming back to the 2D, hand-drawn style!!!


This game will be part of the old "Illusion" series of games ("Castle of Illusion", "World of Illusion"...), the last one being my favorite Disney game ever (I still play it with my niece in co-op, I know it literally by heart!)

The name is "Epic Mickey 2 : Power of Illusion", and it looks GREAT!!!

In the game, we will travel through several Disney films (from the screens : Beauty & The Beast, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid) and encounter a lot of characters, such as Scrooge McDuck, who you'll be able to add into your fortress! 




 With that and Kingdom Hearts : Dream Drop Distance, Disney is on a roll on the 3DS, and I hope it's only the beginning!
I've been waiting 15 years for Disney to make a new, good 2D platformer (since "Hercules" actually) so I'll definitely jump on this, no matter the price or length!

(though that means that until fall 2012, I have to buy a Nintendo 3DS, and Epic Mickey 2 on Wii, Xbox and 3DS! good thing I have some savings!)


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April 06, 2012
Fan News Editor Is not currently on the site
Ya, i've heard about that game, can't wait either! ^^
It's great to see Disney return to their roots, it's one of the reasons i'm making this talespin fan game - to show them what they should do!
Who knows, maybe they will make a new official talespin game one day? ^^

April 06, 2012
Is not currently on the site
I read stuff about epic mickey to the wii and i want that game so bad since it looks so epic XD!(If i ever played it i think it would be my favorite game ^^).

April 06, 2012
Usa Male Is not currently on the site
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Wow, that's awesome! I'm getting a 3DS when Pokemon Black and White 2 come out, so this will be another game that I'll definitely save up for! (Played a demo of the first Epic Mickey when it first came out and loved it SOOOOO much!)

And I agree, there SHOULD be more 2D games out there. Most that are there are....dumb. Hey, if this is successful, maybe companies will begin making more 2D video games!

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