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Florinda Skyrunner

Florinda Skyrunner


Created by : Astralite

Main type : Fan character

Realistic? : Realistic

Used in a fan creation? : Used in a fan creation

Permission to use : Protected

Gender : Female

Character details : Many details

Main color : Brown

Specific type : ---------


Detail Florinda Skyrunner

Name: Florinda Olivia Skyrunner

Nickname: Flora, Flo or Sky

Age: 21

Breed: wolfdog

Gender: female

Eyes: dark green pupils, light green irises

Fur: brown and white

Hair: dark brown

From: England (yeah she has an accent,  deal with it:)

Resides in: Cape Suzette

Parents: Jenna, Mako

Siblings: Lani (3 yrs. older), Talula (3 yrs. younger)

Crush: Shere Khan (though she'd never admit it)

Crushers: Shere Khan, Don Karnage

Boyfriend: Don Karnage (her Ex, it was forced)

Husband: none

Children: Angelita

Personality: Flora is a typical tough girl, she's witty, street smart, strong willed, she has a big heart however, IF you can gain her trust, she'd be loyal and somewhat respectful to you, as long as you do the same. She's reckless and more often than not leaps into a situation before she looks.

History: Flora was a very difficult little girl from the start, her mother tried to control her and make her a proper young lady, Flora faught her mother's ways andran away at 16, it was very difficult because she was very close to her sisters and father. She lived on the streets until she was 18 when she met Don Karnage and the air pirates. She hated Karnage from the get go, but Karnage had grown fond of her, and he would take her to his quartersand talk, he was usually only soft to her when they were alone (he has an image to keep after all) but it never did stop her from hating him, she escaped ath morning aafter her 19th birthday and went into hiding. Odly enough she opened a quite successful cargo business "Skyrunner Heights" with her new roommates Thorn and Bloom.  Higher for Hire is her rival in Cape Suzette, but they're all really good friends despite the common business. However it didn't stay pleasant long, Flora found herself pregnant with Karnage's baby, she considered abortion, but decided it wasn't the baby's fault, she gave birth to abeautiful baby girl with rusty brown/red and white fur with dark auburn hair and lovely pale blue-green eyes. Flora swore she was perfect in every single way and decided she was content to raise her daughter with the help of their godmothers.  Shere Khan quickly turned his attention to her and tried to buy her business, but she wouldn't sell, they often squabbled and Khan found himself growing fond of the spunky pilot, but even though she feels the same, she refuses him because she doesn't trust men. Karnage found out about Angelita and decided to pay a "visit" to his "girlfriend" Flora tried to defend herself, but Karnage was too strong, lucky for her Shere Khan decided to drop a surprise visit and he turned out to be her saving grace. She looked up to Shere Khan alot more after that and the two slowly started to build a relationship.

I don't the original lines(c) xXAkilaX



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She is too pretty for Don Karnage;)~

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Love her!

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