The Sixteen Non-Kit Episodes

The Sixteen Non-Kit Episodes

An Article underlining the episodes in which Kit was absent, followed by a series of What If summaries.

As some of us know, Kit Cloudkicker was a big impact on many who seen him on TV or DVDs/VHS's. He is still, even now, requested to appear as a greeting character at Disney World/Land and is also asked about by many fans.

But despite all of this, Kit was mysteriously absented in a total of sixteen episodes. Here, I include a list of episodes and a summary of suggestions of what his role would be if he was included in those episodes. Kit_Lee came up with the list and suggestive summaries.

1. Balooest of the Blue Bloods- Instead of Rebecca, it would be Kit finding out the plot of the maid and butler, though he would be spotted by both, he wouldn't get caught and nearly cooked like Rebecca was, he'd escape before that happen.

2. Spy in the Ointment - Kit would've stopped Rebecca from thinking Jack was a spy.

3. Touch of Glass - Kit would be asked by Baloo to spy on Muffy and Buffy as he got suspicious when Muffy threw her fake diamonds overboard. (He would fight Buffy off the flight controls or catch the bag of fake diamonds with a little cloudsurfing. We've always enjoyed watching Kit cloudsurf very much.) Also helping Louie and Baloo in discovering that they were crooks.

4. Stuck On You - Kit would've made sure Baloo was okay and would've tried to help Baloo and Karnage separate.

5. Flying Dupes - Spigot gets Kit as a fellow flight student of Baloo's, since Kit has been begging Baloo for months to at least teach him the basics of flying, even if he has to sit on Papa Bear's lap. (He'd be the one to pull Spigot out of those near-crashes).

6 & 7. For Whom the Bell Klangs- Kit could've been used as a backup partner here.

8. The Road to Macadamia - Could've been there for comedy relief.

9. Her Chance to Dream - Kit would be at Louie's party, continuously warning Baloo again and again that they needed to get the cargoes to Higher for Hire. Rebecca still doesn't believe in ghosts, even when Kit tells her about their encounter with one at Louie's. And he stays to babysit Molly while Rebecca goes off to see this ghost for herself.

10. Bygones - Kit would've met Rick Sky when Baloo brought him home and before Baloo wakes up in the morning, Kit sneaks onto the Sea Duck as Rick took off and overhears him vowing to his men that he'd return for them. Kit would also stand up for Rick when an angry Baloo turns up later and calms Papa Bear down.

11. Mach One for the Gipper - Kit would've been with Baloo and makes sure the cargoes weren't switched, but they got switched anyway as he and Baloo left for a little lunch at the local bar, thanks to dumb Ace London. (Wildcat was asleep through all of this.) Kit figures out the engine controls after Wildcat said "How do I do that?" but Wildcat still finds and undo the knot in the fuel line.

Kit would've been very excited about being the first kid on the first plane to break the sound barrier...

12. In Search of Ancient Blunders - Kit would've been a supportive character here, a helper if you will.

13. Jumping the Guns - Kit could've been helping Louie make the sandwiches. And he yells "Baloo, Sea Duck is being stolen!" when the pirates took it. Baloo and Louie left Kit on the island for two different reasons. 1. Baloo says it's too dangerous. 2. Louie says he needs someone to run the bar while he was gone.

14. The Ransom of Red Chimp - Kit would've been a great comic relief on this one. Example:

Upon meeting Aunt Louise, Kit had his cheeks pinched by her while she exclaimed: "Oh what a cute little boy you are!"

Also helping rescue her from the pirates... very reluctantly.

"Psst, Kit," Baloo whispered, as they made their bargain with Karnage, "Get her ta get off of Karnage and come back with us."

"What? Why me?!" Kit protested.

Louie chuckles. "Because, Cuz, she likes you and would do anything to pinch those cheeks o' yours."

"Gee, don't remind me..." Kit grumbled, rubbing his cheek. "Okay, I'll do it, but I want a year's worth of free sundaes in return."

Louie went pale and sweated for a moment before he reluctantly agreed.

"Hurry up and get her off of my wonderful self! I'll pay you!" Karnage cried desperately, still trying to fight Aunt Louise off.

"Oh Aunt Louise...." Kit said in a sing-song voice. "Come with us and I'll give you a big hug."

"And let me kiss those cheeks of yours?" Aunt Louise asked hopefully.

Kit mentally gagged before saying brightly. "Yeah, now come on, let's go home." then he turned to Baloo and Louie, who were snickering behind their hands. "You didn't say I had to let her kiss me!"

Louie laughed. "Sorry, Short Stuff, but you want that year's worth of free sundaes, right?"

And so, to Kit's dismay, he had to sit in Aunt Louise's lap and have both his cheeks kissed by her all the way back to Louie's Place.

And he hides in a barrel outside Louie's front door as Aunt Louise says her goodbyes, expressing that she'd like to hug and kiss Kit one last time.

15. The Sound and the Furry - Kit would be the first to get suspicious of Crazy Eddie and guards the Sea Duck. He'd also be the one to discover the Furries and shows them to Wildcat.

We can imagine Kit saying. "Can I keep one of them, please Papa Bear, please?"

16. Flight of the Snow Duck Kit could have stayed with Baloo to get the Sea Duck back after it was taken. But there both sent to prison and see Wildcat and Molly Kit helps comforts Molly. His line would be "Take it easy, Papa Bear, she's just a kid." when Baloo snaps and yells at Molly, while Wildcat stated: "Yeah, that wasn't very nice." and both Kit and Wildcat goes after Molly.

As Wildcat tries to encourage Molly to use her imagination again.

Kit would suggest Molly's idea of the Snow Duck. Molly and Kit would take turns asking the guard for water. The episode follows the same as before but with Kit helping. Kind of a support main character.


On the whole, I personally feel it was a mistake to exclude the Cloudsurfing Wonder in a total of--count 'em--sixteen episodes... Kit was the orignal star of the series, if it wasn't for Kit meeting Baloo at Louie's Place after living with the Air Pirates for a year, would there be a TaleSpin at all? Kit started the TaleSpin series when he stumbled into Baloo and so he deserved to have been in every episode just like Baloo was.

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April 28, 2016
Canada Is not currently on the site
Also to further expand my point about Kit being voiced by a real child: R.J. Williams was also moonlighting as Cavin for Gummi Bears at this point too. So that also factored into the decision there.

Also; someone forgot to mention that Paradise Lost is a Kit-less episode too. It is supposed to be a pre-Plunder and Lightning episode; but Baloo mentions Rebecca here; so it's considered post even though Rebecca never appears on the show. They should have redubbed that line to something less direct.

June 06, 2015
Canada Is not currently on the site
Anyhow; concerning A Touch Of Glass, I would book Kit as the navigator and Baloo would tell him to stay in the plane to make sure nothing happens to it. Then nightfall occurs and Muffy comes out to sabotage the engine which wakes up Kit. Kit notices something is amiss and then we go off-screen to show Buffy coming up from behind (all in shadows mind you.) to whack Kit in the back of the head with a wrench to knock him out. Then they tie him up and gag him into the back where he's not found until Louie and Rebecca enter the stolen plane. Also; at the end when Buffy gets thrown into the back, we hear a loud punch sound (this would be after Rebecca punches Muffy's lights out) and Kit comes out feeling his hand as he knocked Buffy out to get his revenge for knocking him out with the wrench earlier. Also would have been a great lead in to The Idol Rich in fact.

June 02, 2015
Canada Is not currently on the site
There's another problem with this: At least seven of those episode are written in such a way that they could take place before Baloo meets Kit. Also; Kit is voiced by a real child, so you are just putting a bigger burden on them. I did hear that Kit was supposed to be in A Spy In The Ointment for the beginning of the episode (this is where I speculated that the guy who crashed Miss Cunningham's car was in fact Kit trying to drive the car like an airplane. A scene today's execs would have approved without a second thought.)

That said; if you are going to show a poster with Kit on it in a Touch Of Glass; then he should be in the episode. I should have the updated version of A Touch Of Glass up soon because I have a way to book this.

March 14, 2012
Usa Is not currently on the site
I liked your little scenario with Kit and Aunt Louise. Very funny and very believable. But I need to point out one thing. Kit couldn't have been in "Jumping the Guns" or "Road to Macadamia", because it seems that they were set before P&L.

March 14, 2012
Is not currently on the site
for one kit is not a brat or a yes man to anyone he is baloo's sonand if you mr E-122-p cant figure out that truth your not a true fan kit is a good boy and does his best for his family.

October 11, 2010
Is not currently on the site
I have to agree with Steet. It is usually logical for only pivotal characters to the story to be used otherwise they run the risk of some cast members cluttering the story or becoming 'dead weight'. Kit I think already suffered this problem in episodes with many characters, especially since most of the cast had more defining flaws than him (eg. if Molly was in an episode Kit couldn't act childish or bratty because that was her trait, same for Baloo's brashness or rogueish qualities or Rebecca's vanity) thus he often ended up as a somewhat bland straight man or 'yes man' to Baloo. Most of the best episodes with Kit were those with a limited use of the rest of the cast that allowed more focus on his personality (eg. the first part of Plunder and Lightning, Stormy Weather, Flight School Confidential). I think the brattier more cocky Kit used in these instances had more star appeal.

Kit did seem to appear a lot less in later episodes, Rebecca and Molly as well, they seemed to be focusing less on Higher For Hire and more on Baloo's adventuring, though the less prominant Wildcat and Louie did get more spotlight at this point and a bit of fleshing out (as well as a bit of development with Baloo and Karnage's rivalry), as said, giving certain characters a break at times allows others to shine.

March 27, 2010
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
I kinda disagree : to make varied scenarios, and avoid getting repetitive, excluding some of the main characters for some episodes is a good thing. Most series do this (and excluding Baloo for some could have been good, too)

Still, good ideas :) It would be nice to see these episodes again with additional/changed scenes.

And good article BTW!

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