Talespin Revamped!

Talespin Revamped!

Thoughts on a revamped Talespin.

     There is a new poll on the website that asks which Talespin character would be best suited to staring in their own series. In theory let's say that in a perfect world Disney would finally wake up and realize what a gem they have in Talespin. (I can dream can't I?) Instead of continuing the original Talespin they decide to try and resell it from one of the other main character's perspective. I tried to envision what that would be like if Wildcat, Kit or Don Karnage were the stars of a new show in the Talespin universe. This is my imagination and my whimsical thoughts only.






     The theme song would intro with a Charlie Chapman musical number and then play into a circus type theme. Wildcat would bumble and bump his way through chaotic sleuth adventures and mysteries that Molly would take him on when he babysat her. Through some odd stroke of luck they would always pull through and solve the problem. Every show would end with Molly saying, "Wildcat you saved the day!" Wildcat's reply, "I did?"

 Kit Cloudkicker:

     Kit's series would be four years into the future. We could follow him and the Jungle Aces lives through their first jobs and the awkward teenage moments. Can you envision Ernie on his first date or Kit receiving his pilot’s license? Comic relief!

     The group would work as extras down on the docks constantly over hearing or bumping into danger. Possible scenarios would include Don Karnage's men, gangsters, Trader Moe, or Shere Khan's pilots. Molly could join up with them part-time or have resources that the Jungle Aces do not have access to. (In the series Molly would have a knack for dead languages and interpret maps and hieroglyphics?) They would save Cape Suzette a few times. The Jungle Aces would mostly be trying to dance around danger from being in the wrong place at the wrong time with an occasional treasure hunt.

 Don Karnage:

     There are quite a few fans of the Plundering Wonder out there. I am afraid that my idea for his show does not do him justice and is pretty lame. He is such a comical character that I could see him and his crew doing some slapstick routines. They are constantly failing at their plundering expeditions. You hate to see the hero of the show keep loosing so may be every once in a while Don Karnage could taste sweet victory. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day!

     Now I want to know what you think. I posted a new topic called Talespin Revamped! under the Talespin Series forum. Please post your comments there. What character would you revamp and what would be the context of the series? So take the poll and make some comments in the forum. I am looking forward to your ideas!




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April 05, 2016
Is not currently on the site
People have mention the Karnage show before and the Becky show sounds like a good idea. Karnage needs a girlfriend though in his show or some what to make it romantic.

April 07, 2012
Canada Is not currently on the site
But, this show will have little connection to Talespin, but there will be characters from the Disney Afternoon and other Disney props. And since it's Portland (or a fictional rendering of it), it will have humans. Rebecca might search for a new husband so she can rebuild her family, even if he's outside her species.

April 07, 2012
Fan News Editor Is not currently on the site
GBear => Yeah, your idea is good! ^^ though if there was a spin off like that, i'd miss seeing baloo, karnage and the other regulars.

April 07, 2012
Canada Is not currently on the site
What about my idea for the Becky show?

It would retain most of Rebecca's persona and background, but with a different set of circumstances. For instance, Rebecca would have her own corporate empire based out of Portland. If you seen my gallery, you can see a fact sheet on the New Becky.

http://www.animationsource.org [...] 9.html&numart=22141&display=18

It would probably center on Becky and her teen daughter, Molly; like Miley Stewart and her Dad in a way. The show would have appearances from different past and present Disney characters. Perhaps Cruella De Vil would be her corporate rival instead of Shere Kahn. Banzai and Dunder would be the "Cheech & Chong" of the show. Timon would be a Used Car Sales-Meerkat- in a city dominated by bicycles, scooters, and hybrid/electric vehicles.

Does anyone out there have ideas for the Becky show?

November 27, 2011
Webmaster France Male Is not currently on the site
AS leader
Maybe Baloo inherited it. One of the mysteries surrounding Talespin.

November 27, 2011
Is not currently on the site
I just saw Puss N Boots (the cat from Shrek) and as a spin off it was great since there was no connection to Shrek at all in this movie.

I think the same could be done with Talespin and really almost any character could have their own spin off. But I like the idea of Kit having his own show set in the future as a teenager. Perhaps in the spin off some of the questions of his past would be answered (who was his parents, how did he become an orphan, etc.)

Baloo could have his own spin off showing how he acquired the air cargo business. But in reality how could a lazy bear purchase such a fancy plane? Maybe that would be part of the series...

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