This Idea is a start back on for like Kit's 13th Birth, and no big change at all much. But for next is titles for Episodes Based is on Kit so he can try to get the slowly pick up so time with Molly, so Kit can get more better how to get along with Molly. And but the learning is so often at when help need or any breaks to stay home proving on Molly as Sister she is to be known by by Kit once he starts too learn how to take care of her an get along. Now I would say Kit still will start to move around after a help about somthing needed and he would try to tell another character that can help Baloo or Rebacca with what is need for fix or Wild Cat the fixing the Sea Duck, so the moving around that Kit will do all so is report the Trouble to who can help with that type of case that matter. And 27 episodes at least for base on Kit's stories for season 4 to be done. 

Now the last part to talk about is making episodes based on Molly for a season 5 to be done. So we going back over Molly and drop Kit into some of them, and others Molly start too prove her 7th Birth, and prove her help with Rebacca in the office for cleaning, and add tell Wild Cat what can be helped with but she will learn what Wild Cat can't do and what he can do too help with. And so Rebecca will speak around Molly that is part of the New learning for Molly. Next Molly will learn from the other 4 Characters that walks all around her. Now back to other main learning is Kit and Molly that gets called off from Rebecca want her to learn better instead her just running around to much with out any word to accept go lose. So Molly and Kit have to learn how too get along with no trouble. But some episodes can do with Molly having a hard time to tell Kit what it is that she wants to do that can do with playing somthing, and playing based in a Corner of the office. and they can play like Marbles. 

Now for final stories have to do most with Wild Cat and him as fixing things still for Baloo on the Sea Duck. All so he will try to fix some other newer things like cleaning up over Big Boxs to get moved out of the office, and cleaning after the Marble. And end up trim done bushs and get a prize of Baloo show up flip over the Sea Duck fly down past him and the Bushs so Wild Cat would duck down his head as Baloo flys bye that close to the bushs. One more thing is Wild Cat help do just a little more things so some more he does more the other chacters can pick up still more to catch what more of a member Wild Cat gets to be an still be his self and help more then he wasn't accepted  to help too do so this is his goal and part of Baloo partly. Because get more help on more what he needs to do also. Last part of the Finals is Rebecca changes around what she thinks about what kind of work Breaks, and less work on Baloo. And that is because she starts to pick up all about how well Molly, Kit, Wild Cat, Baloo have proved their work on all of these goals, and how well the get along with Kit and Molly have change to get along better for to help each other and Rebacca all so to say an Baloo. So they all start to feel like a Familey and Life Member count in as Wild Cat is but familey Friend.

Last thing is that I say is Make the Final Season Break up into two more seasons. As Final Season 6 Part 1, Final Season 6 Part 2.

And throw in some episodes with a little that should tell why Air Pirates give up. Even what ever is the story tell why there is a give up that the Air Pirates do for any thing in the Final Season for end of All be THE END. any way Familey Adventures with ending the Air Pirates.  We will have 25 on Final season Part1, and Final season Part2 should have 20 episodes.


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