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My idea for a possible spinoff series starring Rebecca

In case you haven't checked my fanart submissions, I have an idea for a possible animated series on Disney Channel starring Talespin's own Rebecca Cunningham! I've typed up a basic concept of the show and I would like the Talespin community to give me your opinions and suggest changes if needed.

Now, there's a chance this might never make it as a legitimate TV series, but it's a long shot. However, it could be the genesis of future fan-fiction stories using this as a rough guide. I hope you like the idea. Why not post your ideas for a Becky spinoff here?

Disney Becky

Becky is a Disney animated television series with characters adapted from previous Disney series including Talespin, Gummi Bears, as well as other past and present Disney franchises. This show would air on Disney Channel or Disney XD.


Becky is somewhat of a double spin-off loosely based on two classic Disney animated series: Talespin and The Adventures of The Gummi Bears. The show stars Talespin's Rebecca Cunningham, a petite Alaskan Brown Bear who reprises her role as a self-established Businesswoman in the big city. Unlike Talespin which was set in a 1930s-esque period in a tropical metropolis known as Cape Suzette, in which Rebecca runs a small air cargo service, Becky places the character in the present-day in an American city in the North Pacific, where Rebecca is now one of the richest bears in the world. While Talespin focused on “High-Flying Adventures” filled with Danger and Excitement, Becky is an Animated Comedy filled with Pop Culture references, parodies, and crossover gags from other Disney characters and franchises. The show incorporates characters from other animated Disney shows such as Chip'N Dale Rescue Rangers and Gummi Bears. The show features elements from numerous TV sitcoms from the 70's to 90's (particularly the ones created by Norman Lear) as well as Disney's TV legacy from the Michael Eisner era.

Numerous characters appear in Becky, from previously established Disney products including The Lion King, The Rescuers, to original characters inspired from the Disney Afternoon in the 1990s. Despite it's strong likeliness and re-use of characters from Talespin, Becky is not exactly a spin-off, but rather a mashup of Disney franchises like Raw Toonage and House of Mouse.


Becky is set in Port Largo, an cross between Seattle and Vancouver, Canada that is based on Talespin's Cape Suzette except that it's in the North and has snowy winters. Port Largo is said to be the only place in America where native Gummi Berries grow and is the headquarters of Rebecca Cunningham's Arcee Enterprises which owns a chain of Gummiberry Juice bars similar to Pinkberry and Orange Julius. Miss Cunningham lives in a lavish condo complex built around a waterfall near the river with her teenage daughter Molly who tags along with “Mama Bear” for her adventures.

While a modern day Mama Bear raising a single daughter, Becky has two nephews from Canada: The Courtnall Cubs, Jack & Joey, who frequently visit Aunt Becky's penthouse hoping to “Score” on her Hockey team she owns. The cubs are sons of Sylvia Courtnall, a Bear married to a Hockey Player turned Forest Ranger who is Human, to the envy of Miss Cunningham. Other relatives drop in on occasion including her long lost cousin, (You're not gonna believe this,...) Humphrey from Brownstone Park!

Outside her home, Molly goes to High School where J. Audubon Woodlore is the principal. Like most teen girls portrayed in other Disney shows, Molly has her own BFFs, including a Panda girl named Wanda Li-Chen whose family runs a Chinatown restaurant called Panda-La Palace. As a rich and powerful tycoon, Miss Cunningham funds Molly's school and sponsors the its Soccer team in which Molly is its most talented player.

Every hero or heroine in a show like this has their arch nemeses. In Rebecca's case, it's Port Largo's most ruthless businessman, known only as Mr. Downs, a mysterious figure whose face is never seen by the audience, and the ever-wicked fashion mistress Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians). These two greedy corporate rogues often give Becky a good run for her moolah, but unlike them, Arcee Enterprises observes a strict “Fair Play” code of ethics and respects her customers with confidence and satisfaction.

With great power comes great responsibility, and for the head of Arcee Enterprises, she strongly believes in the axiom: “Picking on someone your own size.” While many large corporations like Downs Industries have a reputation of being “Predators” on smaller, struggling businesses, Rebecca's operations have one quality that most super conglomerates don't: Heart. Miss Cunningham isn't afraid to lend a helping paw to a local business in need, like Timon “Tim” Berkowitz's drugstore, Gateway Drugs.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, homemaker, and mother, Rebecca Cunningham is also on a personal quest to rebuild her family by finding a new lover— that is if her daughter doesn't get to him first. The Mother-Daughter team of Becky and Molly provide most of the show's drama the way Hannah Montana built relationships between parent and child.


  • Rebecca Romaine “Becky” Cunningham, A petite Brown Bear with long Brunette hair who usually wears a Purple & White Curling jacket, purple pants, and a white turtleneck sweater. Building her success from Higher For Hire Air Delivery Service, which she inherited from her father Reggie Cunningham in her hometown of Nipselat, a small town on the island of Ursalia in Southeast Alaska, Ms. Cunningham struck it rich when tracing her family roots to the village of Dunwyn, UK where the legendary Gummi Berries grow. Suffering from Jet-lag, one of the locals offered her a drink of Gummi Berry Juice. Taking one gulp, she soon began bouncing here, there, and everywhere, making her a true Gummi descendant according to its legend. As an ordained Gummi, she gained access to the secret family recipe for Gummi Berry Juice and made a deal with the village to market Gummi Berry Juice in North America, promising that the recipe will remain a family secret as she received a Gummi Medallion. Returning to America, she settled in the city of Port Largo, a large city-state in the Pacific Northwest with the largest crop of Gummi Berries in the United States. As the president of Arcee, Miss Cunningham oversees a number of business ventures including her own line of homemade designer fashion accessories, and has stakes in the Frosty Pep Ice Cream Company and the Port Largo Flyers hockey team. With all this work for Becky, she still manages to find time for her daughter by incorporating her in Arcee's ventures, knowing one day she will have to fill her shoes— even though Bears don't normally wear shoes. Becky unwinds after a hard day's work by practicing Buddhism; burning incense, perform Yoga, and even fire up the old Bong. Rebecca retains most of the qualities from Talespin, but is now portrayed as a Hard-Snouted Liberal who uses her fortune to give back to her family and her hometown in Alaska. Simply put, she's Oprah with fur.

  • Molly Elizabeth Cunningham, Becky's 16-year-old daughter with Golden fur, Blonde hair who usually wears a pink Polo shirt and blue jeans. A bratty teen who resembles her renegade mother, Molly is the heir to her Mom's corporate empire. Like in Talespin, Molly has a fixation for Frosty Pep Gelato, and is die-hard for her favourite Manga comic book heroine, Danger Woman. Molly is also a gifted athlete, as Captain of her High School Soccer team, she follows in her mother's paw-prints as an honour roll student in the making. Like her mom, Molly is always hunting boyfriends— unfortunately, so is Becky, and most of the time it's the same guy. Like in Talespin, Molly is a plucky young girl who tags along with Mama Bear in most of her adventures.
  • Wanda Li-Chen, Molly's Panda friend. Works for a family-owned Chinese restaurant called Panda-La Palace. Her family came to America from Red China to find spiritual freedom. Unlike Talespin's portrayal of the Panda race in one particular episode, the Panda family are peaceful Buddhists and are good friends of the Cunninghams. The Pandas reflect Port Largo's ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Principal J. Audubon Woodlore, Previously known as the Ranger of Brownstone Park in the classic Disney cartoon shorts, the stubby antagonist of Humphrey Bear is reincarnated as the Principal of Dunwyn High School.
  • Humphrey, Becky's cousin, believe it or not. The famous Grizzly from the Disney shorts returns as a distant relative of Miss Cunningham, a family tie she wishes to forget.
  • Sylvia Courtnall, Becky's Canadian Sister. Modelled after Oscar Vandersnoot's Mom in the Talespin episode “Captain's Outrageous”. Wife of a Human former Hockey player turned Forest Ranger and Mother of twin Bear cubs Jack and Joey. An established Canadian, Sylvia has some border issues with the United States. While not as wealthy as Rebecca, Sylvia's marriage to a Hockey player makes her a little jealous sometimes.
  • The Courtnall Cubs, Jack & Joey, Becky's Canadian Nephews and Sons of Sylvia Courtnall. The twin cubs are modelled after SCTV characters Bob & Doug McKenzie. They wear Toques and Hockey Jerseys, and enjoy Fried Baloney and Root Beer. They visit Aunt Becky often, hoping to make it on the Rosebuds and possibly in the big leagues like their father.
  • Timon “Tim” Berkowitz, Jewish Meerkat owner of Gateway Drugs, a local Port Largo pharmacy where Rebecca buys her Medicinal Herbs. A family-owned business for over a century, Berkowitz's Drugstore was saved by Miss Cunningham's keen business tactics that helped him turn his store around in the face of competition from Downs Industries' own pharmaceutical division.
  • Cruella de Vil, owner of her own designer fashion line and corporate rival of Becky's Arcee Enterprises.
  • Mr. Downs, Mysterious president of Downs Industries and the corporate rival of Becky's Arcee Enterprises whose face is never shown to the audience. His character is based on that of Shere Kahn in Talespin, but is human.
  • Gadget Hawkwrench, Micro-inventor, one of Becky's colleagues.
  • Gigi Hawkwrench, Gadget's teen daughter and one of Molly's friends.
  • Miss Bianca, Micro-diplomat, joins Becky on Goodwill missions.
  • Toadie, Ogre who lives under Drekmore Bridge.
  • Reggie Cunningham, Becky's father and owner of Cunningham's Air Delivery Service in Alaska who is one of the richest bears in Nipselat. A narrow-minded, lycanthropic bear bigot who sees his clientele as food rather than customers. A cross between Archie Bunker and The Godfather.
  • Rouge Cunningham, Becky's mother. Based on Edith Bunker.
  • Larry Bruinstein, Becky's ex-husband. Based on Mike Stivic.

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Where do Kit, Karnage and Baloo fit in?

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This is the wiki. It's not something you'd find on Wikipedia because this is just a concept; not a real show.

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This sounds very interesting! I must know, is the 'wiki' up, or is it going to be posted? Either way, I really like the concept so I hope to be hearing more of this soon. ;)

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As you said, I think your best bet is to write fanfics. ;)

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Disney would censor certain things out, no doubt. I wonder how they would censor out the drug references. I'm thinking it might likely have something to do with her taking up art or writing as a hobby, but that's just my guess.

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I wish I could, but no one would take me seriously.

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Pretty cool idea. You ought to share it with Disney.

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i like the idea :)

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