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nose dive, 03 Mars 2016 05h 01
I love this site and Talespin.

John, 26 Octobre 2013 20h 45
I believe that a Disney live action Tale Spin movie would be an excellent success for Disney. I also agree that Disney's policy that they won't accept independent ideas are outdated and that because of this their success is starting to subside. That is why I think that Disney should change their policy so that independent ideas like your great one for a live action Tale Spin movie can be made so that so many people can enjoy them.

DireLeon2010, 30 Mars 2013 19h 46
A question in a thread but no one answered the poster. Was The Sea-Duck at all inspired by Cutter's-Goose from Tales of the Gold Monkey? Quite a few elements of the series reminded me of that show. One of the many reasons I loved Tale-Spin. Also, a few of the adventures involving Baloo and Louie reminded me of the 'Road to' movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

OraKi, 28 Août 2012 03h 36
Awesomeness! Taldspinb's the best Disney cartoon for meh! XD

i love talespin, 10 Août 2012 05h 24
i have loved Talespin. I love don Karnage.

AprilW, 02 Avril 2012 05h 29
I have been a Talespin fan since 1990, when it first had aired as the Plunder and Lightning movie.

wuoerpto, 08 Mai 2011 10h 13
Hello! deefede interesting deefede site!

Kaykay, 14 Avril 2011 14h 54
Love this show, love this site, long live Talespin. ^^

Billy, 16 Janvier 2011 20h 28
God i love Talespin

Ishan, 11 Décembre 2010 19h 32
Watching TaleSpin in my childhood inspired me to become a Pilot,which i have achieved now..It gives me immense pleasure to thank you all for creating a wonderful character baalo..

Wildcat, 08 Novembre 2010 16h 48
What a wonderful site. Thank you!

alex.kodi, 17 Octobre 2010 14h 06
Je suis une fan grande fan de super baloo!Ce site est parfait pour moi.

Shoutbox Therapist, 15 Octobre 2010 05h 55
Thank you all for your support and grate comments about the site. Steet and I and everyone else on here are very proud of you all. One's again, thank you.

Fat Cat, 04 Février 2010 13h 18
Hey there Steet. What a fantastic looking Talespin site you have here :-) I'll think I'll join it sometime soon :-) Fat Cat

Dania, 21 Novembre 2009 03h 40
Thank You Steet! This site has brought many memories. And I love the site!

SoraWD, 19 Novembre 2009 21h 20
Great site!!! TaleSpin is great series and here i found more of it!! THX :)

pcox8600, 30 Septembre 2009 03h 44
This is an awsome website, and I was very pleased to find it when I did. Please keep it going as it is the only good Talespin site that I have found that is regularly updated. Also if possible, it would be great if some more orchestral selections from the Talespin soundtrack were added to the Music Player. Thanks.

Tom Cloudkicker, 29 Septembre 2009 20h 15
Congratulations on a great page on my favorite cartoon! I wish you and everyone here all the best.

Klaus Disney, 24 Septembre 2009 12h 33
Das Tänzchen mit Daisy Käpt'n Balu

MFS Stasi, 12 Septembre 2009 21h 52
Whut? Talespin? SWAT Kats are way better. But Talespin is a lot better, then some "modern" cartoons. YAY for Retro!!!! Viva la DDR!!!! SWAT Kats will return!!! And if you are true Talespin fans, you are almost as cool, as SWAT Kats fans! With love, from East Germany (which still exists in the Internet!)/ BTW, who is Don Karnage? Is he a wolf or a dingo?


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