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Faith , 29 Septembre 2015 09h 33
Loved" this movie I hope they make a sequel someday 😃

Cheyenne wilde, 26 Juillet 2015 20h 28
i love the movie spirit it is my favorite movie

*gallopgirl*, 26 Août 2013 18h 04
*I've always loved Spirit. I may be older now but my love for that film will never die.*

Lardon, 06 Août 2013 15h 14
Hey, I'm an eighteen year old boy and I really love the movie! I grew up with this movie!!! It's also my father's favourite movie!

Maddie, 30 Juillet 2013 05h 18
I love Spirit! I just finished watching it for like, the hundredth time! I love horses!!!

jade, 09 Juin 2013 21h 34
i love this game

Delena, 02 Juin 2013 05h 17
This site is great! And the RPers are awesome! Everyone is friendly.

Used to be Demi..., 18 Mars 2013 03h 09
This site has come to pieces. I used to love Spirit Source, but now its all about snapping, and being rude to each other...

Guest, 02 Mars 2013 04h 47
I love this website!!!!!!!

Madster30, 18 Janvier 2013 17h 40
Never before have I been able to have so much fun making characters and images all to do with spirit! Spirit forever!

Sam-Bloom, 27 Septembre 2012 21h 07
I love spirit,I love Rain. I love all character!!!!

moonwater, 05 Septembre 2012 05h 44
HEYA HO.... Great site....glad u've made it for us....THE FANS!!!

Amare, 23 Août 2012 22h 18
I love Spirit Source so much! As a little girl, I would watch spirit 24/7, hes my forever hero!

Maria, 21 Juillet 2012 17h 39
Heeey. i can help with voices if u want :3 cos i really like Spirit and its a part of my childhood. Its the best movie ive ever seen in my whole life n.n xoxo

white stallion :), 08 Juin 2012 08h 27
i love this game and sometimes when i watch the movie i usally sing with the songs then they get stuck in my head i just love the movie

Claire, 21 Mai 2012 18h 38
Spirit is soooo awesome! I really hopr they make a senond movie!!

Kassie, 15 Mai 2012 23h 11
For 3years, I sang songs form the sound track in my schools talent show! I live off of the first movie!!!!!!!!!!

Elexa, 17 Avril 2012 01h 20
horses are my life, and the movie Spirit focused my obsession on mustang horses ^^

rain365, 08 Mars 2012 20h 31

Mustang, 04 Janvier 2012 23h 22
Spirit rocks!!! I love spirit! he is my favorite character!


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