The Fall of an Angel

The Fall of an Angel

The black stallion galloped through the canyons; a storm was coming and his sire was still missing after his battle to protect the herd. It had been hours since he'd been seen, and the loyal son wanted to ensure his sire was okay.
As lightening split the sky, the black stallion heard a cry of pain followed by a loud thud and raced towards the sound.
*Sixx!! No!* The stallion cried, skidding to a halt beside his sire. The overo's injuries were severe, and all aimed at vital areas. The marks of a killer. Another stallion who couldn't live and let live. The old stallion lifted his head slightly to look at his son.
*'s up to you now. You're the only son left in this herd who can lead it. My time is now; it's been a long time coming.* He whispers as his vision begins to fade. Bird collapses beside Sixx, crying.
*Please...don't leave me, father. I'm not ready. I can't.* He whispers. Sixx tugs on his son's mane playfully, like he used to do when Bird was a colt.
*You've always been ready. I'll always be with you. Carry on the legacy of the Fallen Angels; YOU are its' leader now. We will meet again, son. Until that day arrives, goodbye...* And with a last, although very faint, smile, the old stallion laid his head down and breathed his last.
Guys, I'm crying writing this. Ohmygods. TTnTT I decided Sixx has had his legacy; it's time for him to pass the torch on to the next stallion. And with Coffin gone rogue and KP in the lakota village, Bird is the only eligible stallion for the job.

Renders (c) Arukias
Background (c) BHB
Characters (c) Lucky (MYSELF)

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January 19, 2014
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Omg this is so sad poor sixx:(I widh bird the best of luck!!

January 19, 2014
Is not currently on the site
Nooo!! Sixx noo! :cry: :cry:

January 19, 2014
Is not currently on the site
No! Not Sixx! What about Mocha?

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