Talking It Out

Talking It Out

Beau had seen his sire arguing with another stallion, a roan a bit younger than himself. Though he kept his distance, Beau waited until after the fight ended to approach the stallion.
*Hey, are you alright?* Beau asked gently. The stallion sighed and walked alongside Beau, keeping his pace.
*I'm fine...just sick of Granite pushing me around.* He said, his voice showing that this was not the first disagreement the pair had had.
Beau nods in silence, keeping his pace beside the younger stallion as they exchanged stories about Granite and their problems.
Really wanted to do an image of these two. c: I LOVE how this came out!

Beau/Render (c) Lucky (MYSELF)
Fire (c) AppaloosaPalooza
Background (c) Lionlover22

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March 14, 2014
Usa Is not currently on the site
yay. I love this. Beau looks so sad for him,..

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