"Maybe I was wrong..."

All had been quiet in the Cimarron territory; it was a beautiful, warm spring afternoon and Spirit was glad to have the warm weather back. It meant more food and water for the herd, but it also meant more danger; wolves, cougar, and snakes would also be out enjoying the weather.
The attack happened faster than Spirit had time to react, and he could only watch as Ziraya flung herself out from the bushes at Esperanza once again on her quest for revenge. But before Spirit could move, another stallion leapt in front of the attack, the cougar landing instead on his back as Esperanza reared in shock and fear.
The battle was over as quickly as it had began, and yet again Ziraya ran for cover, her ego bruised, as the stallion recovered himself, shaking out his mane. Spirit realized with shock that it was the son he had disowned, Freiheit, because of his love for the two-leggeds. Esperanza whinnied in welcome, nuzzling her grandson she hadn't seen in years. Spirit could only stand in shock, thinking to himself that maybe he was wrong about his son's loyalty to the herd. After all, he too had once lived among two-leggeds, and he still cared for his herd.


Renders (c) XBox-DS-Gameboy on DA

Freiheit/Ziraya (c) Lucky (MYSELF)

Esperanza/Spirit (c) Dreamworks

Background (c) Lionlover22

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