"Come on, babe!"

Blizzard was spending time with her good friend, who was once her foalhood 'rival.' She knew the stallion had a crush on her, and she knew he had come over to cheer her up after she had left Darkness. Blizzard was hurt and this stallion knew it. With a playful nudge, he pranced ahead and reared.

*Come on, babe! Try and get me; we used to race all the time as foals! Bet you STILL can't beat me!* He teased, winking. Blizzard smirked, racing ahead of him.

*Never underestimate me, sweetheart. You should have learned that by now!*


This boy... TTnTT Gah. He WILL be made into a character, I just HAD to upload him to show him off. cx My first palamino...I think I got the colors spot-on! :D

Render/Character (c) Lucky (MYSELF)

Background (c) Lionlover22

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